Paul Mampilly, The Best There is!!

Paul Mampilly is an investor and has invested heavily in the United States of America. His investments have made him really famous in America because Paul invests in places where he is assured of profit. Paul is also a fund manager who controls all the funds of his real estate business and has won the Templeton Foundation investment challenge. This award is really prestigious because not all entrepreneurs are capable of winning such honorable awards. Paul Mampilly is mostly seen being featured on CNBC, Fox Business News, and even the Bloomberg TV. This is because of his achievements that he is interviewed usually by these major news channels.

Profits Unlimited is the most popular investment newsletter in the United States of America. This newsletter company is also founded by Paul Mampilly. Paul has mentioned a lot of business skills in his newsletter. Paul describes his skills, knowledge, and experience in this newsletter. He describes his skills to his subscribers who are over 60,000. His followers learn a lot from his newsletters. These newsletters are mostly about Paul when he was a Wall Street insider. Click here to know more.

Paul was born in India and then migrated to the United States of America when he was very young. The first thing that Paul did was join the Wall Street. Paul worked there to gain experience in this business. After 25 years of experience in the investment business, Paul started his own career as a research assistant back in 2001 at the Deutsche Bank. After gaining more experience, Paul became a fund manager of clients with multimillion dollar accounts. Paul was always trusted because he showed honesty, skills, and passion in his work and later on started to manage the funk of the Royal Bank of Scotland and also of a private Swiss Bank. Paul has achieved success everywhere and has never faced failure in the investment business.


USHealth Group Puts the Customer First for Products and Service

USHEALTH Group has led the insurance industry as America’s most- trusted choice, for their health care needs, and that is something which takes a great amount of commitment and innovation. It is not an easy task to accomplish, especially during economic times Americans continue to face every day.

However, time and again, USHEALTH Group accepts each challenge as an opportunity to deliver better products and achieve above-average service to their members nationwide. USHEALTH Group has continued to take an approach towards offering products that meet varying needs and incorporate them along with traditional products to give members a wide-range choice. For 50 years, the Fort Worth, Texas Company has decided that the customer will be their focal point, and the position on that goal has not wavered.

Whether it is a member who has isolated insurance needs such as a critical illness, specified disease, or disability, USHEALTH Group finds a way to innovate a product to meet that need. The company has chosen to put the customer first.

In an industry where putting the customer first can seem like a slogan, USHEALTH Group backs it up with the best service possible. They’ve considered those members living on a limited budget and have limited resources; meeting them every step of the way by creating innovative products unlike any other product within the marketplace. Those members who need to tailor insurance coverage can depend upon USHEALTH Group to offer a product that not only has the specific benefits needed, but the service to back it up.

In 2013, USHEALTH Group was named as one of the Top 50 call centers across North America. In order to receive such a high honor, USHEALTH Group needed to be the best above and beyond customer expectations. The company not only exceeded expectations, they solidified the reason, for why they’re continually chosen; customers simply trust the company. Being an award-winning company, for customer service, is another way USHEALTH Group creates stability within the industry and why other companies look to them as the example.

USHEALTH Group has well-over 15 million members nationwide and the numbers continue to grow, right along with the company.

Lori Senecal Is Interviewed On Inspirey

Inspirery inquired how Lori Senecal managed to get her first customer in the advertising industry. She answered that in a way her first marketing customer actually found her instead of vice versa. Lori explained that she developed a name for herself where she was known to make the most of opportunities and be able to overcome challenges. She was also known for knowing her own strengths and working based on those strengths to deliver a quality service. Info sourced from Adweek article.

Furthermore, Lori Senecal says that getting to the position of president of a major advertising agency such as McCann Erickson helped her further develop her strengths and gain confidence that is needed to find customers in advertising. Being relentlessness in business also helped her secure her first customer. She then added that she excels at creating and improving ad campaigns as a marketer.

Inspirey then asked Lori Senecal what is an advertising technique besides referrals that she utilizes that has helped her gain new clients. Lori responded by saying that knowing the ins and outs of a business can greatly improve the chances of landing that business as a client. When you know how a business operates it allows you to create unique and powerful advertising should you land that client.

Next Inspirey asked what was one tough decision that she had to make in the past couple of months. Her response was that the advertisement business experiences difficult decisions on an almost daily basis. Senecal said that she regularly experiences tough choices and makes at least one a day if not more. An example that she gave of a tough decision during her line of work was when she has to tell a business colleague that their work is not up to par. As a compassionate person, Lori Senecal says that this is difficult at times for her to do.

One of the last questions asked was what Lori Senecal thinks made her successful in her field. Mrs. Senecal says that she must give some credit to her parents who raised her to be a strong person. Her mentors also played a key role in teaching her to be persistent and having the will to succeed in the face of obstacles.

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Sam Boraie; One of the Greatest Men Alive

Having being born in Egypt, Sam Boraie is both a philanthropist and a real estate developer. He believes in the power of giving, and that is why he is so passionate with his humanitarian works. As a real estate developer, Sam Boraie has been able to accomplish a lot and currently sits as the Vice President of one of the best development company, Boraie Development LLC. Just like his father who is the CEO of the firm, Sam Boraie has exhibited his skills and proved that indeed, he is his father’s son. He aimed at managing his family business, and he continues showing positive results in everything he does.

Boraie Development is a company based in New Jersey, and it has played a part in transforming the New Brunswick community through its various projects. When it comes to undertaking a particular project, Boraie Development takes it upon itself to ensure the project meets the client’s specifications while still serving the intended purpose. As the VP of the firm, Sam ensures that the enterprise complies with the set deadline and the project being undertaken is done perfectly. Boraie Development has overseen countless projects in New Brunswick, and through this, the area urban development is improved. One project that has brought about change in the area it’s the Aspire apartment. The apartment consists of nearly two hundred and fifty units and is located near the New Brunswick train station. Apart from New Brunswick, Boraie Development has overseen various projects in other areas such as Atlantic City. See also.

Apart from managing the company’s operations, Sam spends some of his quality time engaging in civic activities in his community. He currently sits as a member of the Advisory Board of a charitable organization, Elijah’s Promise. Elijah Promise is a charitable organization based in New Brunswick that aims at feeding the hungry and providing employment training to the less privileged in the society. The organization’s goal is to break the cycle of poverty and eradicate it at all costs while ending hunger.

Mr. Sam is also an associate of the State Theater New Jersey Board of Trustees. In New Jersey, the State Theatre is the second largest non-profit organization that hosts family events, dance performance, and music. In some instances, the theater also offers Broadways shows where people get a chance to come and interact with each other. Boraie Development has played a part in contributing to this charitable cause through sponsoring free film screening for young children. The Firm aims at supporting the organization’s artistic and educational programs. Having being opened in 1921, the State Theatre has gradually grown and continuous to bring the community of New Jersey together.

Sam Boraie believes that through saving and helping his community, his success continues to grow. He trusts that for him to continue being successful in every venture he undertakes, he should always focus on developing his community in a positive manner. He takes pride in being referred to as a great man as he knows he has impacted people’s lives in a positive manner and thus deserve the name, Great man.

Why Beneful Prepared Meals are Delightful

Beneful prepared meals are a tasty branded kind of dog food. People can buy these in bulk on Amazon, Target, and wholefood markets such as Costco, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club. Beneful prepared meals can cost around an average between $2.00 to $18.00. These prices will vary depending on their variety of flavors and how many ounces that are packaged.

There are many places to find coupons for Beneful prepared meals. People can go online to,,, and Retailers such as Target, Petsmart, Petco, and Kmart carry great Beneful prepared meals at ideal prices for anyone who are on a budget.

Beneful prepared meals are made with real red meat. They take great care in preparation, which is great news for dog owners because their pets will receive a valuable diet. The red meat is mostly mixed with stew along with peas and carrots.

The most popular flavors of Beneful Prepared Meals are Savory Rice & Lamb Stew and Chicken Stew. Many people find these a blessing because for several days, it keeps their pets digestive track healthy. Your dogs will always keep coming back for additional servings. This is good because many dogs can be very finicky by what they eat besides eating table food.

The best flavor of Beneful prepared meals dog food is Purina Beneful Chopped Blends with Beef, Carrots, Peas & Barley. This flavor has many vitamins and minerals to help boost their health, and this food provides everything a dog needs to maintain good nutrition.

Bruce Levenson Nurturing Future Non-profit Business Leaders

Bruce Levenson, the former owner of Atlanta Hawks, sold the team in 2014 to Antony Ressler-led group at a cost of over $850M, reports After finalizing the sale, Levenson decided to get involved in the non-profit sector. The entrepreneur provided seed capital to Do Good Institute based at University of Maryland. Levenson and his wife Karen invested over $75 million in the initiative with additional funding of $20 million coming from the State of Maryland.

Do Good Institute is a noble initiative that has had profound impact on higher education. The goal of the institute is to build a crop of non-profit business leaders who are capable of competing favorably with those in the private sector. To achieve this, the institute has designed programs that focus on equipping undergraduate students with skills on non-profit and volunteering. This ensures that each student graduating from the campus is sufficiently empowered to participate in community service and charity activities.

Since inception in 2010, the initiative has immensely succeeded in nurturing cutting-edge entrepreneurs who are positively transforming communities. Ben Simon is one of the institute’s alumni who co-founded Food Recovery Network, a movement devoted to reducing waste on campus. The former student is also the brainchild of Imperfect Produce, a project that focuses on reducing produce wastage.

In his interview with Benzinga, Levenson was optimistic that the Do Good model is attractive enough to draw the interest of other players in the higher education. The initiative is a unique education alternative that responds to changing the education landscape.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. He owns Atlanta Spirit LLC and serves as the co-founder and partner of United Communications Group (UGC). Previously, he has worked for TechTarget, Inc, Washington Star and Observer Publishing among others. He holds a J.D. from American University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University.

Mike Heiligenstein Asserts That Technology Is The Perfect Solution To Austin’s Traffic Woes

Mike Heiligenstein agrees with the Austin American Statesman that technology will help in fighting traffic congestion in Austin region. The transit expert asserted that the Central Texas regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) has been using its multiple resources to solve the traffic problems. Heiligenstein is the executive director of the Agency.

According to Mike, CTRMA has zeroed in on improving the transportation infrastructure in the region. The mobility authority has been developing smarter roads and utilizing technology to enhance traffic flow. The agency was behind the development of 183A Toll Road located in Cedar Park and Leander. This project has been beneficial to the communities living in these regions. Between Austin and Manor, CTRMA has constructed the U.S. 290. This expressway has helped to triple the capacity of roads. It has also increased the number of non-toll lanes.

Mike posited that CTRMA had embarked on a new and innovative project, MoPac Express Lanes. The entity used advanced technology to construct variable tolling that will facilitate traffic flow. Although MoPac seeks to eliminate traffic congestion, its footprint is not big enough to achieve this objective. However, Mike is confident that it will play a significant role in helping people get to their destinations quickly through reliable commute. The variable tolling system will synchronize supply and demand to enable a predictable traffic flow.

Mike is optimistic that in the near future, vehicles will be able to interact with the road infrastructure. It is for this reason that CTRMA has been using technology to enhance its projects. Mike posited that the 183 project would have embedded fiber lines between the airport and US 290.

About Mike Heiligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein is a transit expert based in Austin, Texas. The leader of the mobility authority has rendered his services as a public official for over 30 years. Mike joined CTRMA in 2003. Under his leadership, the small agency has grown to be one of the leading mobility authority in the region. In addition, Mike has attended different conferences where he has lectured on various subject matters, including transportation infrastructure. Heiligenstein holds a degree in Government from the University of Texas as well as a Masters in Government and Masters in Business Administration. The people of Williamson and Travis counties are the founders of CTRMA. The agency works has been working with renowned professionals to design innovative transport infrastructures in the region. Mike has provided the populace of the Austin with various projects, including Manor Expressway, Express Lanes and 183A project.

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Making Money With Traveling Vineyard – Build Your Business

The Traveling Vineyard is an ever changing business that has been changing the way people in the wine industry have been selling. Their direct sales component and new ways on building teams is completely different than traditional MLM companies or any other brand that works in direct sales.

Wine Guides, which is what you will be called when you start selling wine, are very well respected and are guided throughout their journey. You will have a work leader in your region to help prepare you for the future and provide you with knowledge that can transform your business for the long haul.

Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides are people like you who will help spread the word about the right wine. This company can guide you on the right path by giving you great events and wonderful leaders. Nobody can get you ready for the world of sales the same way that this company does it.

The best part is when you go out there and do your very first wine tasting event in your area. Expect an interesting turning point in your career and seeing how just the right approach can drastically improve your future in business with this vineyard brand.

Anybody who is selling wine with this company will tell you that they love the rewarding career it has given them. They love the way it has changed their lives and improved their well-being in terms of developing the right skills for public speaking, talking to people, and creating an atmosphere of comfortability for their guests. Traveling Vineyard is the right group to work with if you want to grow and develop the right skills to succeed and get on the right path. They have all the right people working in play to help get you moving forward to making real sales.

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How Jeffry Schneider Helps Investors Save For Retirement

Jeffry Schneider founded Ascendant Capital, LLC, in March 2012. This Austin, Texas-based company offers alternative investing funds that are sold through the offices of registered investment advisors, family offices, brokerage firms, and private banks. The funds that Jeffry Schneider sales are packaged offerings of assets such as real estate, hedge funds, and private equity. He supports the funds with marketing, sales, operational, and educational services.

Jeffry Schneider is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Under his leadership, Ascendant Capital has grown rapidly over the past five years. Starting the company with just two employees, Mr. Schneider now employs over 30 financial professionals and staff. He has also raised over $1 billion during this time and has developed relationships with 50 broker-dealers, 250 investment advisors, and many family offices around the United States. Ascendant is now raising almost $50 million on a monthly basis.

During his years of experience in the financial industry, Jeffry Schneider has also worked at Merrill Lynch, Paradigm Global Advisors, Alex Brown, Axiom Capital Management, and Smith Barney. He developed an interest in alternative investing that would give clients a way to diversify their portfolios and achieve better returns on their investments.You can also find Jeffry on Facebook.The main activity that Jeffry Schneider engage in outside of work is fitness. In addition to eating healthy, he exercises most days of the week. He also engages in athletic competitions such as marathons, half ironmans, and full ironmans. A full ironman is one of the most grueling competitions there is as it involves a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike race, followed by a 26.22-mile marathon. The full ironman must be completed in 17 hours and each part of the race has to be completed within a strict time limit.

Jeffry Schneider also engages in philanthropy on a regular basis. He volunteers his time and money to several charitable organizations including the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries, Gods Love We Deliver, and the Cherokee Home for Children. The focus of his philanthropy is on disadvantaged children and providing them with the support and opportunities they need to achieve their full potential.

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Tracing the Entrepreneurial Journey of Mike Baur

Mike is one of the prominent names in the Swiss startup circles. This is because he is the executive chairperson and co-founder of the top startup accelerator in the country, the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). Although he has made a name for himself in the startup industry, Baur embarked on his career in the banking field where he spent nearly two decades of his life.


During his early days in the banking sector, Baur managed to climb the career ladder from a commercial apprentice working at UBS to become an executive board member of a prominent Swiss private bank, Clariden Leu. After some time, Baur quit his banking job and united with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister to form what is currently known as Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. This marked the start of his entrepreneurial journey.


Baur spends most of his time mentoring young digital entrepreneurs through the Swiss Startup Factory’s accelerator program. He also spends some time supporting the youth by devoting his time and financial resources towards youth entrepreneurship. Aside from being the executive chairman of SSUF, he was appointed to serve as the deputy managing director of CTI Invest after both firms ventured into a partnership.


Mike Baur has played a significant role in steering SSUF to its current position. He led the company through the accelerator program it had with the Goldbach Group in 2016. His leadership was also instrumental in the successful partnership between SSUF and FinTech Fusion.


Swiss Startup Factory


The Swiss Startup Factory or otherwise known as SSUF is a Zurich, Switzerland-based startup accelerator. Since its inception back in 2014, the company has become a leading autonomously and privately funded early stage ICT startup accelerator in Swiss. After identifying promising digital entrepreneurs, the Swiss Startup Factory then ensures that it provides them with exciting opportunities from the first day in a bid to propel them to successful heights. As a matter of fact, the company’s primary objective is to create worldwide companies that can disrupt the existing products, business models and norms.


Thriving digital entrepreneurs are taken through a three-month long accelerator program. During this duration, SSUF avails a platform for mentoring, coaching, services, entrepreneurial network and office space. The accelerator program also involves testing the selected startups to gauge their capability not only to create a selling idea but also to pitch it to prospective investors. Last year, the Swiss Startup Factory led by Mike Baur joined forces with the Swiss Startup Invest, formerly known as CTI Invest, to promote the Swiss Startup Ecosystem. The partnership will see both companies take part in co-organizing events like the Swiss Startup Day, launching a website and providing training for startups.