EOS Introduces Innovative Lip Balm

For smooth, beautiful and invitingly kissable lips, try the new Chrystal EOS Lip Balm. This new innovation for lips is getting rave reviews from excited consumers. EOS has changed the packaging of the product, so it does not look like the old spherical tube that people have been accustomed to for many years. The new look give it a jewel like appearance, click here. EOS contains essential oils which include coconut, shae and avocado. All of the ingredients are natural and wax free. No more stickiness and greasy wax residue. EOS is fast becoming the best friend of everyone. It is not a gender specific product, and is used by men as well as women. EOS lip balm is currently available in two flavors, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. These fragrances will add a very distinctive aroma to to any place where it is kept. Consumers are devising many extended uses for the product and the jewel like container after it is empty. See usmagazine.com to read more beauty updates.

EOS lip balm, with its silky, smooth feel works as well or better than the original lip balm in the cylindrical tube. It gives lip a glossy shine while healing rough, chapped lips. The new vegan ingredients hydrate the lips so that they remain looking flawless, see allure.com. It will keep your lips are moisturized and they will always look chic. This remarkable new innovation has become a favorite and is already providing people with ideas from gift giving to brilliant ways to use the containers for crafts. This will become the most favorite way to pamper the lips, from the pleasing aromatic fragrance to the delightful jewel like container, it makes keeping the lips looking great a joy. Try both flavors, once you do it will be difficult to choose just one. EOS Chrystal Lip Balm will be a necessity for any cosmetic case.

View this amazing video and know more about EOS products, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRY7C3LEFeM.


Why Sheldon Lavin Took the OSI Group to Invest in China

The OSI Group is one of Chicago’s leading meat products supplier company. 2016 was a fantastic year for the global food supplier and distributor. In June that year, the company finally ironed out the fine details to enable it to acquire Tyson Foods Inc. Kevin Scott, the Senior VP at OSI was very excited when announcing the successful deal with Tyson Foods. The executive mentioned the facts that Tyson Foods had a 200K square foot manufacturing warehouse in near to the existing facilities of OSI Group.

The exact details of the transaction were not immediately divulged by either of the food supply companies. The Chicago plant had been closed down a few backs gone by Tyson’s bosses citing liquidity concerns. The staff who used to work there had to be transferred to other branches of Tyson Foods.

OSI Group Fact Sheet

OSI Group occupies slot number 58 on the Forbes List of America’s Largest Private Firms. The Group currently employs a staff of over 20,000 experts coming from a plethora of niches. In Dec 31, 2016, OSI Group reported sales of $6.1B. It’s based in Aurora, Illinois and the CEO and Chairman is Mr. Sheldon Lavin. The grand expansion project launched by OSI in the nineties has propelled the Chicago firm to new dizzying heights. It now operates in close to 20 nations, with a strong presence in China. This award-winning food sales giant sells fish, hot dogs, meat patties, bacon, fresh vegetables, and pizzas.

OSI Group in China

The bold move by the reputed meat supplier, OSI Group to venture into the Chinese market paid off beautifully for the owners and investors. China, for starters, had a burgeoned population, hence there was always going to be a high demand for the poultry products provided by the OSI Group. Today, the group has successfully built and opened eight manufacturing facilities in China. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO, made it succinctly clear that they planned to become the nation’s leading poultry producer by 2020.

One of the firm’s major investment can be found in Henan Province, China. OSI Group is quite optimistic in landing tenders in the future to supply chicken products from American franchises like McDonald, Burger King, Sub Way, Papa John’s and Starbucks. The Group also announced the official ground breaking to plants specializing in freezing beef products and food mills. In Shandong Province, OSI has built a multi-million dollar, state-of-the art processing complex with the capacity to process up to 600,000 metric tons of beef.

OSI Group Info: www.forbes.com/companies/osi-group/

Avaaz Examined

Avaaz is essentially an Civic Organization that first came into existance in late 2007. This organization promotes activism as well as human rights and climate change. In addition, the leaders of Avaaz also focus on Corruption and Poverty. Avaaz is considered a very influential and powerful on line network.

The members of Avaaz have tried various ways to capture public interest and bring about change. Avaaz members have organized very public demonstrations and have created petitions in hopes of correcting many of the obvious injustices that exist in the world today. Avvaz believes that voices must be heard sometimes many times over before anyone begins to listen. Once others become interested and involved you have a better chance of positive changes occurring.

The original co-founders of this organization are Ricken Patel and Tom Perrillo. Tom Perrillo at one time has Political ties within the state of Virginia. It is quite amazing that Avaaz only accepts contributions from individuals as well as outside organizations. Avaaz was able to raise over $10 Million dollars through their persistent efforts. Avaaz does rely heavily on advertising as means of gaining additional exposure from the public.

Avaaz has successfully managed to bring idealists from different parts of the world together. In addition, the organization has made progress in supporting various progressive related causes. Global climate change is a progressive related cause that has received a great deal of attention since 2009.

Establishing a no-fly zone over Lybia was a major change which was made possible with the help of Avaaz and its leaders. In addition, Avaaz was also successful in saving a British photographer Paul Conroy from an uncertain fate. Avaaz orchestrated Paul Conroy’s evacuation and safe return to his homeland after much protest and by seeking help from government officials.

Causes such as “Animal Rights” have received even more attention because of organizations such as Avaaz. The fact that animals can no longer be used as test subjects for cosmetics and other products is considered a major accomplishment among activists and civic organizations. The fact that animals are treated with some dignity and respect is something that had little importance thirty years ago.

There are many that do disagree with what Avaaz and similar organizations currently stand for. However, members of Avaaz do not permit opposition to deter their current as well as future plans.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/402389/?pathWildcard=402389

The Startling Siege Weapon, Trabuco

The Trabuco was one of the popular weapons that were used by the military in sieges. It not only served as a weapon of attacking the enemies but as a weapon of smashing the enemies’ walls hence gaining an easy entry to their territories. Trabuco was used in the middle ages for firing projectiles at the enemies and for smashing masonry walls. It works under the same principles as that of the catapult.

The Trabuco is also called a balancing Trabuco which differentiates it from the traction Trabuco which was created earlier than the balancing Trabuco. Trabuco is used to refer to shotguns or revolvers in Brazil. However, these weapons are of the old model and large caliber. A Trabuco was used to throw about one hundred and forty kilograms of the projectile to the enemy fortification. The projectile which flew at a very high speed could reach the enemies who were even up to eight hundred meters away according to dicio.com.br.

Trabucos were very accurate hence making them very popular among the military of those ages. In addition to throwing stones and other heavy projectiles, infected bodies were also thrown to the enemy’s fortifications. This was an attempt to use the bodies as a biological weapon where the enemy troops could be infected with the contagious diseases. Trabucos were used as biological weapons in the middle ages. They were brought to Europe in 600 AD.

According to veja.abril.com.br the mechanism involved in launching the projectiles using a Trabuco is the transformation of potential energy into kinetic energy. The mechanism was derived from use of a sling. As such, the heavier the counterweight, the stronger the projectile thrown to the enemy’s territory. With the technological advancement in the fighting techniques, new machinery was invented hence leading to reduced usage of Trabucos. However, Trabucos are still used up to date for leisure on infopedia.pt. Some of the sectors that the Trabucos are used include pumpkin throwing championships and in teaching mechanics where the minitrabucos are utilized. Moreover, one piece of the Trabuco is preserved in the museum where it is utilized in unfolding the historical processes and information concerning the past wars.

Learn more about Trabuco: http://tudo-sobre.estadao.com.br/trabuco

Facts about Dr. Imran and Horizon Internal Medicine

Dr. Imran Haque is a well-respected internist professionally offering medical care in Asheboro located in North Carolina. Imran works at the medical group known as the Horizontal Internal Medicine that is committed to the delivery of first class quality healthcare for people living in Ramseur, Asheboro and all the surrounding areas. Also, Imran is associated with various hospitals which include the Randolph Hospital and much more. Over, the years, Dr. Imran has established himself as one of the unique specialists in the field of internal medicine with fifteen years of experience in the field. The doctor can treat a wide range of illnesses and conduct physical exams, owing to his extensive years of experience. When the need is, Dr. Imran Haque refers patients to other specialists.

Dr. Imran has grown to be among the prominent internal medicine expert in North Carolina. Dr. Imran career in the medical field started after he got his degree in medical from UNIBE- Universidad Ibero Americana where he achieved honors. Later, the medical doctor went to the University of Virginia for the program of Internal medicine Roanoke-Salem. It was at his stay at that university that Dr. Imran specialized in Internal medicine. After the doctor completed his training successfully, he got a license that enabled him to conduct medicine in North Carolina. On top of that, Dr. Imran has enrolled in the maintenance of the certification program for the internal medicine.

Dr. Imran sees his Patients who need medical attention pertaining internal medicine at the Horizontal internal medicine practice. This facility is committed to offering quality services to the people that reside in Ramseur, Asheboro and the whole North Carolina. The health facility is proud for being in the forefront in internal medicine treatment and consultancy. A lot of people keep on making Horizontal Internal Medicine and Dr. Imran as their most preferred choice.

As an expert in internal medicine, Dr. Imran is well trained to prescribe treatment and diagnose for diseases like Epilepsy, Diabetes, Pneumonia, and Glaucoma. Several services in the areas of internal medicine, cosmetic treatment and wellness are offered at Horizontal Internal Medicine.


Mike Baur Asks, Are You Ready For The Big Leagues?

An accomplished serial-entrepreneur himself, the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur is constantly encouraging newbie entrepreneurs to “get your game face on.” Known for his successful track record of starting, re-starting, and growing businesses, he’s equally skilled in several other disciplines.


Mike Baur began his career in the financial industry at UBS, one of the largest Swiss Private Banks. After leaving UBS, he spent four and a half years at Clariden Leu, serving in managerial positions. In 2015, Baur co-founded Swiss Startup in Zurich, coaching business owners with transformations, including business development, early-stage fundraising, and operational management. Among coaching and development, the Swiss Startup Factory also works as a startup accelerator. Baur says, many times good ideas become tangled in the long process of planning and development. Swiss Startup Factory helps entrepreneurs develop their ideas quickly.


“Accelerators” are considered to be crucial components to enrich the entrepreneurial culture, especially when it comes down to financial strengths. Going through this process with experienced business leaders can become an important trial run for a business model. Entrepreneurs can test whether their concept will really work, and they have help to tweak the problems areas.


Clients of the Swiss Startup Factory often say that all beginnings are difficult but the program helps you identify problems quickly, as well as move on to the next phase. Anyone you talk to agrees that this 3-month program is a game changer.


You Can Overcome Anything


According to Mike Baur, the Swiss Startup Factory shows novice entrepreneurs how to overcome anything during their 3-month intensive program. Entrepreneurs typically make numerous mistakes, but they have a higher tolerance than the average worker bee. They look at their mistakes and analyze what went wrong and how to fix it. An entrepreneur’s perspective is completely different. Undoubtedly, Baur is experienced in developing a well-rounded business. “It’s a continuous learning experience,” says the mastermind who strives for the impossible.


With 20+ years of experience, Baur is an inspiration that continues to thrive. He prides himself on leading new businesses, finding solutions, and being a skilled planner. Internationally recognized, Baur uses his gift of insight to help entrepreneurs realize their potential.


EOS Lip Balm Getting a Whole New Look

International beauty and skincare company EOS has just launched a new product in its ever-growing line of lip balms, says usmagazine.com.

The company wrote on its Instagram August 5th, “Clear as Crystal. Smooth as eos. Say hello to every girl’s NEW best friend ???? #eosCrystal #newproduct#lipbalm #waxfree #vegan#veganbeauty #vanillaorchid#thefutureiscrystalclear,” when introducing EOS new product line, named for its entirely clear appearance both in the applicator and when applied on lips.

There are a few key differences that make it different from other EOS products the brand has to offer, aside from its clear appearance. For starters, its shape has been modified from the traditional EOS sphere to be slightly more ovoid. Additionally, their Crystal flavors will be entirely wax-free, making them an officially vegan alternative to traditional lip balms, shop here! Finally, each pod will be infused with five different essential oils, ensuring your lips both look and feel great every time you apply.

So far, EOS has announced two flavors in this line: Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. They’ll sell at retail for $4.99 each, available here at allure.com. To get these and other EOS products, including their lip balms, lotions, and shave creams, visit evolutionofsmooth.com or look for them in many beauty stores worldwide.

Get more info here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0avkr4IdtM.


Kevin Seawright Has Established A Career Built On A Combination Of Skill And Honesty

When Kevin Seawright entered the world of finances he did not yet realize how successful he would become due to his leadership abilities, goals, foresight, and ability to locate opportunities.

After thirteen years and the expertise he provided to the East Coast communities it became apparent he had indeed become a financial expert. His career has been built with a foundation of his business skill, his ability to be an effective team member, his expertise in both the operations of the government and the private sector, and his willingness to work hard.

PR Newswire revealed that Kevin Seawright is currently devoting his career as the CFO of Newark Economic Development. The strategies he uses in his business dealings have greatly improved accounting and finance divisions.

His ideas in the area of revenue planning have helped companies meet and exceed their financial goals. In his career, he has increased yearly returns by 25 percent, recruited staff and improved retention for businesses, made profitable negotiations, uplifted company performance, handles millions in bond funds, and made his services invaluable.

According to Angel.co, Kevin Seawright has successfully filled numerous financial positions with prominent businesses and established a reputation as a leader in business capable of immediately bonding with his staff, management, leaders, and clients.

He has promoted efficiency, increased profits, built successful teams, made necessary changes in management structure, incorporated his strategies for the positive outcome of the business, used technological tools to strengthen the capabilities of a business, and done so with honesty and integrity. Learn more about Kelvin Seawright: http://www.njbiz.com/article/20150520/NJBIZ01/150529987/newark-economic-development-group-names-cfo

His ability to perceive challenges as opportunities have made him unique to the business world while increasing his knowledge and enhancing his capabilities.

Mr. Seawright is unique to the financial world due to his considerable range of abilities. He obtains knowledge regarding general financing on every level and applies this knowledge with precision and passion. He has the capability to be a leader for aggressive teams, maintain progress in accountability and statistics, and develop and manage all aspects of financial business.

His considerable efforts have earned him many awards for his service and dedication. He has been honored for his contributions as a professional in finances, for his responsiveness, and quick and strategic thinking when economic times were difficult.

His MBA was just the beginning of his career and he has used his education and knowledge with precision and accuracy. He has made himself accessible through Tumblr, Twitter, and LinkedIn to better serve his community.

Nathaniel Ru, Creating Formidable Brands

Nathaniel Ru ventured into the field of entrepreneurship as result of the need to provide a solution to his local community.

While as a senior year student at the Georgetown University, Washington, D.C, together with his friends, Nathaniel Ru discovered that it was challenging to locate a place where it is healthy and that has fun and easy food.

Nathaniel and his friends observed that if they established a food outlet at the M Street, they would offer services that were unique. To their surprise, the owner of the lounge they wanted to rent a space was the same of the apartment that they resided. When Nathaniel called to explain their intention, she hang up the phone. He did not get discouraged, but rather he persisted on for a month.

When she eventually picked up the phone, she agreed to have face to face conversation with three friends. According to Nathaniel, this was the first time he wore official attire for a business meeting. Armed with a well-laid plan which was hardly three pages and a single page of a financial plan, they met with the landlord. The name that they would give the establishment was Sweetgreen. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: http://www.psfk.com/2016/04/psfk-2016-how-sweetgreen-brought-healthy-and-delicious-to-the-busy-psfk-2016.html

The lounge owner saw a vision in their idea. She requested them to find an architect and a financier before come back to her with a well-developed idea. It was after three weeks that they found backers and architects.

While he was at an event Wharton Marketing Conference, Nathaniel Ru said that the landlord played a critical role in the start of their business by agreeing to offer assistance though they neither had know-how nor experience of running restaurants.

In 2007 Sweetgreen opened doors to its first customers up to now not only does it serve the residents of Georgetown University but it also serves resident of Boston, New York, Washington, and Philadelphia.

According to the Theresa Dold, the head of digital marketing of Sweetgreen, the brand is comparable to apple. She noted that initiators questioned themselves “why” previously “what”. Similar to apple company Sweetgreen want to market its products in an excellent, smart and home-grown manner.

Annually, Sweetgreen has held a music festival. During this event, they displayed their products among them was a line of juices. According to Nathaniel Ru, the best result emanates from those stores has worked together with for a long time. He and his partners are committed to giving his employees and customers a good experience.

Read more:
Nathaniel Ru | Angel.co

IncrediBitesFromBeneful Are Fabulous

When you are the owner of a smaller dog or puppy, you need to be careful what you feed them. They have to be able to chew the food up, and that is why Purina came up with the BenefulIncrediBites. They are made with the smaller breeds of dogs and puppies in mind.

The best flavor that you can get for your smaller dog with IncrediBitesis the beef flavored kind. This is also mixed with peas and carrots making it desirable by the smaller dogs. All of the ingredients are real, and the beef is raised on a farm. Inside one cup of the IncrediBites there are 27 grams of protein that will invigorate your smaller dog. It is also filled with 23 minerals and vitamins plus calcium. With all of these nutrients in one cup of the IncrediBites, your dog will be healthy and happy when you give it to them.

The price that you will pay for IncrediBites is $13.99. This is for 15 pounds of nutrient packed dog food. Look online for coupons for the IncrediBites, and make sure to shop the sales. Your dog will be happier that you bought this wonderful food for him.