Cancer Treatment Centers of America Starts a New Cancer Care Program

At the beginning of the year, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America  partnered with NantHealth and Allscripts to establish Clinical Pathways program, a custom and comprehensive oncology treatment platform. The Clinical Pathway will assist oncologists to identify the evidence-based treatment regimen through the integration of Allscripts Sunrise electronic health records and eviti platform, NantHealth’s clinical decision support.

With the integration of eviti, the program will be able to inform oncologists the cancer treatment process without interrupting their clinical workflow. The integration will also allow medical practitioners to retrieve data from the unbiased, evidence-based medical library which contains more than 2,700 most appropriate treatment regimens for all cancers, cancer subtypes, as well as all modalities.

The program’s direct interface, NantOS, holds a comprehensive compilation of evolving cancer care data as it was built with the data input sourced from hundreds of oncologists in the country. The Clinical Pathway Program avails all the appropriate treatment options. The program is useful as it helps eliminate possible guesswork by medical practitioners usually inundated with new oncology research. The three institutions formed an ecosystem of standard treatment options for patients to analyse and choose the option that is safe and efficient.

The clinical pathway program avails the latest treatment regimens, complementary therapies, and latest oncology research into the Allscripts Sunrise Electronic Health Records, thus enabling the oncologist to create a curated list of care procedures at the point of care. The three institutions started planning the project since 2016. This program is a game changer for cancer treatment and care. It is available in all the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a profit based national network of five hospitals that offers cancer treatment in the United States. The headquarters are situated in Boca Raton, Florida. Richard J. Stephenson founded Cancer Treatment Centers of America after his mother succumbed to cancer. The organization provides an integrative approach to cancer care, which combines advancements in genomic testing followed by precise cancer treatment, radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy.

The five hospitals are based in Chicago, Tulsa, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Philadelphia. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is continuously rated among the United States Hospitals that offer quality patients care and experience.

NuoDB-Giving You What You Want

NuoDB is an SQL database that will reduce time to market by helping to leverage any application code already in place and will keep data management logic within the database where it belongs. NuoDB will also lower costs substantially because high availability, disaster recovery, and scale are built right into NuoDB. NuoDb will even deliver better performance, new features at a faster speed, and offer better availability in order to differentiate your application.

NuoDB has advanced architecture that makes it possible to make optimizations around redundancy, storage, replication, and more without having to deal with any limitations. You can run NuoDB in the environment of your choosing and maximize your recourses. Its in-memory caches will automatically adjust for the best workload performance possible and you can add and remove compute power without disrupting database services. NuoDB is able to withstand failure at every level without bringing down your application and you can migrate existing applications to NuoDB’s cloud database easily. NuoDB gives you the flexibility, availability, and elasticity that you deserve and need without having to sacrifice anything. Tat’s the way it should be and that’s the way it is when your use NuoDB. So why settle for anything less?

Cameron Clokie: Toronto Based Surgical Pioneer

Cameron Clokie is the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc., a company dedicated to discovering innovative solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction. Clokie began his practice by working with academic dentistry and clinical practices for three decades, receiving his Doctor of Dental surgery in 1985, completing specialty training in 1990, and receiving a PhD in bone regeneration in relation to dental implants from McGill University in 1992.

Before retiring from academics in 2017, Cameron Clokie was named as Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in 1998 and as Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. Clokie holds an impressive 25 US and international existing/pending patents, some of which are related to bone healing, a progressively enticing field of research and medicine. Clokie has published numerous scientific articles regarding regenerative medicine, and shares his extensive experience in speaking lectures around the world.

Clokie has established himself as a leading expert on the subject of facial reconstruction and bone regeneration. Clokie’s position has allowed him to perform reconstructive surgery on individuals whose musculoskeletal form have suffered as a result of either disease or injury. Beginning with mostly aesthetic reformations on, Clokie’s research and work would potentially serve to benefit revolutionary practical purposes. Elderly individuals suffering from bone deterioration would benefit from Clokie’s extensive work, effectively returning to a younger age and form. Despite its relatively pricey costs, reconstructive jaw surgery could prove to become much more cheaper as research derived from Clokie would allow for the mass production of a protein necessary for musculoskeletal reconstruction.

Clokie’s professional work ultimately serves to benefit mankind. The extensive research, hypotheticals and real life work all serves to push the boundaries of science and medicine. Individuals who are fortunate to have benefited from Clokie’s precision surgery are just the first patients of a new era of regenerative medicine pioneered by Clokie.

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White Shark Media Helps Drive Sales With Honesty


One of the common sayings when it comes to business is that honesty is the best policy. For one thing, when a company is honest, it is more likely to keep loyal customers. After all, the customer returns to the business because he likes it. The company does not try to hide or misrepresent itself. If a company resorts to false advertising, then it is likely to fall flat on its face. However, one of the main challenges that a company is faced with is attracting customers. There is an ethical way to bring in the customers so that they will continue shopping at the company for a long time.


White Shark Media is very helpful in this respect. They can use the truth of the company as is in order to bring in a lot of traffic with high conversion rates. The professionals of the company take the time to learn all there is about the company so that they can figure out the strengths and the weaknesses of the company. However, one thing that is not going to be very effective is listing all of the strengths of the company in an ad.


A better thing to do would be to present enough information about a company, product or service in order to get the customer interested in learning more. If a customer is told everything about the product, then he will be less likely to want to learn more about the product from the company website. He also may be less likely to buy the product. This is why White Shark Media is able to bring in high conversions. They reveal enough to the customer so that they will want to visit the site and then buy the item. White Shark Media is able to help its clients bring in more sales for their company.