GTL Press Release Inaccuracies about Securus Corrected

Global Tel Link issued a press release faulting Securus on June 7, 2016. Securus, a leading criminal and civil justice has; therefore, come forward through their press release, to correct some of the allegations that they found both inaccurate and misleading. Some of the claims made by GTL and the counter arguments issued by Securus include:

  • GTL alleges that the recent decision by the U.S Patent Trial and Appeals Board on the patent number 7,256, 816 allows GTL to move forward and seek damages and injunctions against Securus over impending infringement cases in the Federal Courts of Texas. Securus however, wishes to clarify that the case in the Texas courts has overstayed and GTL is; therefore, currently unable to move forward with their claims in a district court. Securus is moving for the rehearing of this patent and GTL will not be able to seek injunctions.
  • GTL also made an allegation that PTAB has preserved all the 55 claims of the patent, protecting GTL’s video monitoring technologies which are an essential part of every prison in the US that utilizes GTL visitation systems. Securus wishes to clarify that PTAB indeed refused to review the claims.
  • GTL argues that PTAB determined that all innovations were patentable thus allowing GTL to go back to court for protection of its technologies that enable law enforcement to monitor video visits. Securus counters this claim, stating that PTAB did not report that any of the innovations were patentable and only made a conclusion to review the request.
  • GTL claims to be only three months away from court to show how Securus infringes on the four patents that are supposed to be used for Securus IPR challenges. Securus wishes to clarify that despite GTL’s claims, the jury is unlikely to hear any evidence from either party at this time of the year.
  • GTL is seeking injunctions and damages, which if granted, would disable Securus from using GTLs patents on video visitation in the places where the violation has occurred. Securus counters the claim, stating that the company does not use GTL’s visitation patents, therefore giving no room for infringement or injunction.


Securus Technologies Releasing Documentation Highlighting Global Tel Link

Dallas-based Securus Technologies just released documentation from the Louisiana Public Service Commission proving that competitor Global Tel Link (GLS) has committed fraud and integrity breaches against its clients.

Securus has decided to release the PSC findings in weekly reports to the public. Company CEO Rick Smith says his company is putting GSL in the spotlight in an effort to clean up the industry. There has been many calls from a number of consumer groups and citizens demanding investigations into the malfeasance perpetrated by a number of providers in the industry.

Clients have reported such systematic wrongdoings as clock advancing to fraudulently produce more call time than the caller actually used, frequent double billing and add-on charges that were not authorized. “Clients want to know that they can rely on good service without having to worry about being ripped off,” said Smith.

Smith went on to say that GTL is giving the entire industry a bad name. The inmate telecom industy has already come under fire for gross overcharging. The FCC stepped in and put a rate cap on interstate and intrastate calls. “It was outrageous,” said one customer. “Some of the calls were costing upwards $15.”

Smith insists that everyone has to work above board and with integrity. He says that the weekly reports outlining bad behavior should scare them into doing the right thing.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.