Rick Smith Profesional Achievements

Rick Smith is the chief executive officer and the chairman of Securus Company since 2008. The company is one of the best services providing business in civil and justice technology. Rick’s vast knowledge in engineering has seen him the benefit and lead numerous organizations, among them Securus company. Rick Smith acquired his skills from 3 of the leading universities in the United States, where he received a degree and masters in engineering.

The technology used at Securus aims at providing protection and investigating situations caused by inmates against the society. As a result of the service provided, 34 states correctional institutions in North America have opened their doors to Securus Technologies Company due to the telecom services offered to the inmates hence curbing crime committed to the larger society by the incarcerated inmates. The company’s projects and activities are under the management of over 1000 employees led by their chairman and have their headquarters’ in Dallas, Texas. Recently, Securus bought a JPay company that provides electronic payments, emails, entertainment and education apps in correctional institutions. As a result of the transactions of the two companies, they have been able to provide tablets to inmates, and this has led to the provision of high technology and soft wares to correctional agencies for running a modern facility.

There are specific reports about emails and blogs received that relay a string of hope, due to the satisfaction of Securus’ customers, for the services provided by the company. The letters obtained indicate that the inmates and their families are safer compared to previous years and the levels of crime have dropped drastically. The inmates can keep up with the latest development in the outside world and can adjust upon release.

Rick’s curriculum is in short words brilliant. He has been able to create a resume for himself gradually since he graduated with a degree in engineering from the state university in New York. Before becoming the chairman of Securus Company, he worked in different roles before being elected by the board. Before his chairmanship at Securus, he worked in two various companies in the capacity of a CEO, chief financial officer, and the vice president of economic management at Frontier Corp a post he held for 20 years and more