How Securus Technologies Avert Crime

Securus Technologies is a firm that is very effective in facilitating calls between prisoners and families members outside the corrections centers. The company was established in 1986, and it has its headquarters is in Dallas Texas. The firm is currently serving over 1.2 million prisoners in 48 states and estimates of 3,400 correctional facilities.

Securus Technologies firm has acquired the legacy of keeping a watchful eye on crime, by observing the incoming and outgoing calls, thus preventing criminal activities. The service of the firm has reduced the illegal activities in both prison and the outside locations.

Screening of the past phone calls discloses the inmate officials who are corrupt. Some of the prison staff are very corrupt to the level of promoting the rate of crime within the prison itself. This official also supports the abuse of drugs within the most cells, and therefore they enhance the development of associations that ruin the community. Securus has been able to bring down those gangs, because of the technologies of the company that progresses on a weekly basis, thus averting the crime.

The experts’ criminals in American prison systems are known to plan crime activities while they are still in jail. Since they communicate using the software of Securus, their outside deals are known in advance. Therefore, the firm employs such essential information in making arrests, thus preventing the wave of criminal activities. These have made many customers who have used the services of Securus to support the firm.

The Securus Technologies uses LBS software to prevent the organizations and gangs that handle illegal items, drugs, firearms, and money. Through the support of the LBS system, the company has been able to retrieve the items and commodities that are a threat to the state security.

Therefore it is right to say that the Securus Technologies is changing the American system by use of modern communication systems, to bring down criminal operations.



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Using Securus Technologies for Crime Prevention

Recently we had a huge increase in burglaries in our community. My job as an investigator is to get these suspects in custody as quickly as possible, but although the crimes were increasing, the leads were getting cold. With hundreds of eyes on the street, we try to find anything, but the trail is getting cold despite the suspect hiding in plain sight.


The burglaries were getting more frequent, so we decided we had to step up our investigation because my superiors were starting to get heat, so it was coming down on me. My solution was to try and see if the way these burglaries were being committed similar to any from years ago. It was here that I discovered the exact same pattern in a neighboring community from 3 years ago, but stopped when the suspect was found guilty and spent a year in jail.


Checking records of recently released inmates, it came to light that the suspect from years ago was in fact the one released, and we had out first lead. I decided to go back to the jail because Securus Technologies had recently installed a newer inmate call system and it was supposed to be far more advanced than the system I used years ago. I was quickly trained on the LBS software, and it wasn’t long before the covert alert feature tipped me off the suspect was in town.


Going back and listening to the chatter between this suspect and current inmates, it came to light that he was just warming up. The suspects plan was to reunite with his gang that was getting out this month, then go on a huge burglary spree, and then skip town for good. With the help of the Securus Technologies system, we were able to catch our suspect in the act before he was able to plan his big escape.


Securus Technologies for Video Options

A lot of individuals are slowly becoming aware of a company known as Securus. Securus is a wonderful technology that so many people are beginning to utilize in their very own lives because of the fact that it is specific to prison families all over the country. It is also a very easy system to begin using it this is something that interests you and you feel like can benefit your own life because of the fact that you have a loved one who might be behind bars and it is difficult to keep in touch with them in a normal fashion.


The multi-state campaign that Securus has recently launched is allowing more and more individuals who might have people in the prison system to become aware of the video visitation services that are available to them. It is great to know that you have a company you can totally rely on like I have in the past because of the fact that I have a loved one in prison and it was simply too difficult for me to keep in touch with them regularly because of all of the stipulations that come when visiting an actual prison.


It is amazing to know that so many people are becoming aware of this great company and are being able to use it for their own benefit like I have as well. Securus has completely changed the world of video visitation for prison families all over the country and it is why they are launching a multi-state campaign that is being able to raise awareness for individuals who may not know about this type of service but would also be able to benefit from it if they begin to use it on a more regular basis in their very own lives. View the company profile on


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GTL Press Release Inaccuracies about Securus Corrected

Global Tel Link issued a press release faulting Securus on June 7, 2016. Securus, a leading criminal and civil justice has; therefore, come forward through their press release, to correct some of the allegations that they found both inaccurate and misleading. Some of the claims made by GTL and the counter arguments issued by Securus include:

  • GTL alleges that the recent decision by the U.S Patent Trial and Appeals Board on the patent number 7,256, 816 allows GTL to move forward and seek damages and injunctions against Securus over impending infringement cases in the Federal Courts of Texas. Securus however, wishes to clarify that the case in the Texas courts has overstayed and GTL is; therefore, currently unable to move forward with their claims in a district court. Securus is moving for the rehearing of this patent and GTL will not be able to seek injunctions.
  • GTL also made an allegation that PTAB has preserved all the 55 claims of the patent, protecting GTL’s video monitoring technologies which are an essential part of every prison in the US that utilizes GTL visitation systems. Securus wishes to clarify that PTAB indeed refused to review the claims.
  • GTL argues that PTAB determined that all innovations were patentable thus allowing GTL to go back to court for protection of its technologies that enable law enforcement to monitor video visits. Securus counters this claim, stating that PTAB did not report that any of the innovations were patentable and only made a conclusion to review the request.
  • GTL claims to be only three months away from court to show how Securus infringes on the four patents that are supposed to be used for Securus IPR challenges. Securus wishes to clarify that despite GTL’s claims, the jury is unlikely to hear any evidence from either party at this time of the year.
  • GTL is seeking injunctions and damages, which if granted, would disable Securus from using GTLs patents on video visitation in the places where the violation has occurred. Securus counters the claim, stating that the company does not use GTL’s visitation patents, therefore giving no room for infringement or injunction.