End Citizens United Supporting Non-corrupted Political Candidates

End Citizens United is an American political action committee that was formed a couple of years ago in 2015. The political group rose after the decision made by the Supreme Court called Citizens United.

Citizens United was made back in 2010. The new regulation allowed things such as funneling donations through churches as well as not tracing the money and where they come from. Another change that Citizens United introduced is that is made corporations be recognized as individuals and so a company could freely donate money to a political campaign of a candidate and change the outcome of elections and so on. One thing that the public and End Citizens United wanted to make clear is that a corporation did not equal an individual. End Citizens United arose to fight against the corruption in politics and Big Money that the decision of Citizens United allowed.

End Citizens United has Tiffany Muller as a leader. She used to be a Kansas official, and she was also the first official to openly come out as homosexual. Tiffany Muller was an active advocate for acceptance and spoke against discrimination. Her efforts inspired a wave of recognition in the community and encouraged other to come out as well.

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End Citizens United supported a number of political candidates last year as well as during the elections for Senate this year. The political action group is rather resourceful in promoting the political candidates they support as well as do fundraising for their campaigns. So far, End Citizens United has utilized just about every pipeline for marketing both digitally and on paper. The PAC has been marketing through tv ads and podcast ads, as well as through newspapers, magazines, and mailing.

Most recently, End Citizens United showed their support of Doug Jones for Senate. He has a background working in Law as a lawyer, and he has successfully proven the guilt of any criminals including KKK members. As an opponent for the Senate seat is Roy Moore whose record is far from spotless. Moore has been caught as an extremist on many occasions. He was also exposed for having directed over a million dollars to his personal bank account which were money raised for charity by a foundation last year. What is more, Roy Moore has been advocating for homophobia, and his discriminatory actions go back to his years as a judge. Moore was eventually removed from the position for targeting homosexual client and same-sex couples wanting to marry.

End Citizens United have been reminding of these illegal actions wishing to deer any more corrupted politicians from gaining power especially after the latest change of presidency. The political action group will continue to work against corruption in politics and Big Money.

How One PAC Wants To Change The Electoral Process-The Story Of End Citizens United

After the just concluded elections ended, there were countless accusations about the election results being manipulated by various groups. The Russians, for instance, were said to have had a hand in the manipulation of the results to favor one of the candidates, and a few other accusations were traded here and there. However, one of the issues that seemed most prominent in all of this was the fact that the re-entry of Super PACs to the political scenes appears to have introduced dirty money and a lot of underhand tricks into the national politics. One group which is not letting the issue of these PACs go is the End Citizens United PAC.

This political Action Committee has a number of agendas they have been thinking of. The first of these agendas is getting the Supreme Court to overturn a decision which is made in 2010, in the F.E.C against the End Citizens United Group. In the case, the large corporations and PACs were allowed to participate in the national elections and support political candidates of their choice. The spirit in which the bill was passed into law might have been confident. Unfortunately, a lot of dirty money has found its way back into the national politics, and hence the mud-slinging and all the other adverse effects being witnessed in domestic politics.

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The End Citizens United PAC has a few goals. The first is to raise enough money to support the candidate of their choice in the coming mid terms. When they started the electoral cycle in 2015, they had managed to contribute about $2 million. However, this amount went up to about $25 million. It is projected that the number will go up to $35 million by the time the midterms come around in 2018. They aim to use this money to use the political candidates who their feel supports their liberal views.

The other goal they are working on, is that of getting the supreme court to amend the constitution and overturn the decision that was made in 2010. They hope to make this happen by getting the 1 million signatures and presenting them to the Supreme Court. They have established a partnership with the group known as ‘Ready for Hillary’, to see if these people will assist them with the signatures they need. Already, they have access to the mailing list used by Ready for Hillary. Some people have reservations about the ability of the group to get the SC to amend the constitution; however, the team feels confident that they will manage to leave a mark in the society. They feel that it is their role to inform the public what they might not know about the governance and constitution.

Learn more about End Citizens United: https://actionnetwork.org/groups/end-citizens-united