Why Sheldon Lavin Took the OSI Group to Invest in China

The OSI Group is one of Chicago’s leading meat products supplier company. 2016 was a fantastic year for the global food supplier and distributor. In June that year, the company finally ironed out the fine details to enable it to acquire Tyson Foods Inc. Kevin Scott, the Senior VP at OSI was very excited when announcing the successful deal with Tyson Foods. The executive mentioned the facts that Tyson Foods had a 200K square foot manufacturing warehouse in near to the existing facilities of OSI Group.

The exact details of the transaction were not immediately divulged by either of the food supply companies. The Chicago plant had been closed down a few backs gone by Tyson’s bosses citing liquidity concerns. The staff who used to work there had to be transferred to other branches of Tyson Foods.

OSI Group Fact Sheet

OSI Group occupies slot number 58 on the Forbes List of America’s Largest Private Firms. The Group currently employs a staff of over 20,000 experts coming from a plethora of niches. In Dec 31, 2016, OSI Group reported sales of $6.1B. It’s based in Aurora, Illinois and the CEO and Chairman is Mr. Sheldon Lavin. The grand expansion project launched by OSI in the nineties has propelled the Chicago firm to new dizzying heights. It now operates in close to 20 nations, with a strong presence in China. This award-winning food sales giant sells fish, hot dogs, meat patties, bacon, fresh vegetables, and pizzas.

OSI Group in China

The bold move by the reputed meat supplier, OSI Group to venture into the Chinese market paid off beautifully for the owners and investors. China, for starters, had a burgeoned population, hence there was always going to be a high demand for the poultry products provided by the OSI Group. Today, the group has successfully built and opened eight manufacturing facilities in China. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO, made it succinctly clear that they planned to become the nation’s leading poultry producer by 2020.

One of the firm’s major investment can be found in Henan Province, China. OSI Group is quite optimistic in landing tenders in the future to supply chicken products from American franchises like McDonald, Burger King, Sub Way, Papa John’s and Starbucks. The Group also announced the official ground breaking to plants specializing in freezing beef products and food mills. In Shandong Province, OSI has built a multi-million dollar, state-of-the art processing complex with the capacity to process up to 600,000 metric tons of beef.

OSI Group Info: www.forbes.com/companies/osi-group/


OSI Group is a global organization that supplies food companies with value added products such as beef patties, sandwiches, sausage links, and pizza. The group boasts of a vibrant network of over 50 businesses in 17 different countries, which serve renowned food dealers such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger King, Papa John’s and Yum. The company has been doing business in China for the last two decades, where it runs a fleet of eight factories.

David Mc Donald, the leader of the organization, contends that the group has made significant progress in poultry production. The steady growth of OSI group’s influence in the Chinese market has seen the company launch DaOSI in partnership with DOYOO Group.

OSI team’ s immense success is attributable to improvements in the processing and production sectors. These entail the launching of a beef processing plant in Poland, a new feeds mill in the Shandong Province and an Indian based frozen foods processing facility. Other improvements include the penetration of different markets such as Hungary and Geneva. With a particular emphasis on consumer’s taste, talent utilization and adherence to government regulations, the company has consistently provided world class products and services to its customers.

The company’s president, David McDonald, has built a vibrant global network of firms and in-house teams across the globe. He successfully ensured that every regional office’s management team has an understanding of the tastes and cultures of local customers. The move has largely contributed to the inherent high consumer satisfaction.

David McDonald is not only the CEO of OSI Group but a valuable member of the company’s board of directors. He is the chairman of the North American Meat Institute and has been serving Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as an independent director since 2008 when OSI’s Europe and Brazil plants were acquired by Margig global.

His prowess in the provision of value added protein products to clients is attributable to his degree in animal science, which he gracefully earned at the Lowa State University. David firmly believes that the delivery of high quality and quantity services and products to consumers is not only dictated by production capacity but product development.

OSI Group The Best Food Product Supplier

OSI Group began their family meat market business in Chicago in 1909, they have always been known to satisfy their customer needs with their products.They are one of the top premier global food providers out there. Many companies trust OSI Group to always deliver the best food products. They deliver high quality and have food products at affordable prices.

OSI Group is known to have a local presence all over the world, they can help businesses grow locally with their loyal following, which gives businesses that join with them many advantages. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or corporate business. OSI Group will work and help to spread the awareness of the product.
OSI Group has partners worldwide so they have a lot of experience. So they would know firsthand what your consumers would need and create a successful outcome. Working with OSI Group means financial flexibility, a business will be able to test before they try.

Regardless of their large size, they have producing centers all over the world.with producing centers all over the world– they continue to be independent, and they run like a small business. A business will understand precisely with whom they are working with and will see a guaranteed fulfillment and satisfaction.

OSI possesses the skills and experience to produce the foods that are requested. They will also create precisely just what preference a customer is starving for. Whether this is actually morning meals, lunch times, entrées, edge treats, meals or even puddings, you may rely on OSI.They have a menu of many different options of food. OSI Group has well-prepared sausage items that are created to comply with the needs of the consumers. They also have the ability to create high-quality sausage items. Below is a list of what they have to offer.

Fully Cooked Bacon
Bacon Bits
Bacon Chips

OSI possesses a comprehensive series of raw/IQF as well as completely cooked/IQF morning meal bratwurst patties and also cooked/IQF hyperlinks. They have been created from premium-quality fresh pig edgings and also a combination of spices, the bratwurst possesses the typical preference as well as appearance most clients definitely adore. Below is a list of the different sausages they offer.

Raw Breakfast Sausage Patties
Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage Patties
Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage Links, Collagen Casing or Skinless

OSI supplies a delicious series of hotdogs and also specialized bratwursts to offer the best food options. OSI’s top quality food items and constant efficiency give terrific value to the consumer. These items are actually fantastic enhancements to any type of food selection request. Below there is a list of the many different hot dogs available.

All Beef Hot Dogs
Pork and Beef Hot Dogs
Poultry Hot Dogs
Cheese Dogs
Italian Sausage

Their purpose is to actually to keep increasing awareness around the world socially, ecological as well as economical. They are constantly researching to find new ways to enhance food products and keep the world a healthy place.

Learn more about Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC here.