Organo Gold Provide a Unique Experience for Customers and Distributors alike

Organo Gold is a company as committed to its products as it is to its OG distributors and customers. Using a not-so-secret ingredient, that has been a staple of Asian medicine for centuries, Organo Gold have imbued their beverages, drink mixes, and various array of product, with an herbal component renowned for its wellness promoting effects. Ganoderma Mushrooms, more commonly known by their Japanese misnomer, Red Reishi Mushrooms, are a special type of herb known as an Adaptogen. Adaptogens assist significantly in the mind and body’s ability to adapt to certain stressors and changes in environment. Organo Gold breaks down this unique Mushroom to a powder which not only renders their potent drink line with the Adaptogen’s inherit abilities, but with a deep, rich taste, as well. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

Ganoderma Lucidum has been proven to aid overall health with a variety of wellness boosting attributes. Used in detoxification, as well as to balance hormones, and increase the liver’s ability to function, Ganoderma allows the body to heal from a multitude of different ailments, as it promotes diversity in gut microbiota, leading to overall better health, especially in the areas of intestinal and digestive function. Organo Gold offers over twenty separate products boasting the aid of Ganoderma Lucidum’s powerful health effects, including teas, coffees, various drink mixes, and even toothpastes and soaps. With the company’s impressive line of products, it’s never been so easy as to benefit from this centuries old Adapotgen wellness agent.


With their exceptional distributor program Organo Gold promote an atmosphere of working together, and building with other OG distributor’s on their way to the top. With varying pay structures, Organo Gold allows their distributor’s to choose between the best payment options for them, and how their earnings with Organo Gold will be delivered. The company’s unique set-up, and focus on a family like relationship between distributors, allows for quicker response time for clients, and for orders to be processed and placed without delay. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.