James Dondero Builds Highland Capital Management to Spur Lending

James Dondero has, over the years, risen to become one of America’s most decorated alternative lending financial consultants. James works in cahoots with syndicated bankers to issue out lucrative collateralized debt obligations (CLOs) to any interested buyers. The rationale behind the high-risk, high-yield CLOs is quite straightforward to fathom, even for complete finance newbies. As opposed to a conventional leveraged loan that has a fixed interest rate, CLO experts like James Dondero pool together hundreds of loans before subdividing them into the so-called ‘tranches’ with lower interest rates. Follow James on Linkedin.

Benefits of CLOs

The different classes of CLO holders earn huge dividends in the event that the borrowing companies default on their loan repayments. Most importantly, CLOs act to reduce the risk factor of the lending institutions, and hence, spur capital lending.

About Highland Capital Management

Issuing CLOs are one of the core financial services offered by Highland Capital Management owned and run by James Dondero. Dondero took over as the present President and co-founder of Highland in 1993. His investment partner was Mark Okada. As of 2017, Highland Capital was an SEC-accredited company that held assets estimated at $13.5B. Other vital lending services provided by James’ firm include mutual funds, separate accounts, private equity accounts, public pension plans, endowments, ETFs and investments in emerging markets.

Jim’s Career Highlights

Over the years, Highland Capital Management has upped its investments in the healthcare asset sector. Today, the outstanding firm controls healthcare assets of well over $2.3B. Jim is also in-charge of other luminary companies in the states. These include Nexpoint Capital, Nexbank, MGM Studios, Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and the American Banknote Corporation.

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Education and Certification

The brilliant investor is a business major alumnus of the University of Virginia. Dondero began his career in the mid-eighties. In 1985, Jim worked at American Express. His remarkable strategies helped American Express to earn an additional one billion dollars. James Dondero next high-profile job was as the Chief Investment Officer of GIC Protective Inc. Jim served at GIC Protective from 1989 to 1993. In those five years, Jim was able to grow that company’s revenues to a whopping $2B.

Mr. Dondero practices as both a Chief Financial Analyst and a Certified Management Accountant. Jim lives and works in Dallas, Texas. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Retired Investor, Igor Cornelsen Shares Advice On Investments A Quick Biography Of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a famous Brazilian stock market trader and investor. He now currently resides in South Florida and is semi-retired from the world of stock trading and financial investments. While he is not playing golf in South Florida, Igor spends time working at Bainbridge Investment Inc. in the Bahamas. Mr. Cornelsen also travels to his home country of Brazil to provide financial guidance, advice and consultations with regards to the financial industry and the financial side of businesses.

Igor is considered to be a pioneer for developing strategies to deal with damaged stocks due to companies facing scandal, crisis or investigation. Igor Cornelsen has also been a strong advocate for avoiding investing in companies that are permanently damaged and can never truly recover from their damages. Mr. Cornelsen is also well known for leading Brazilian banks through a time of economic recession and improving their profitability and strengthening their assets on Tumblr. He continues to travel to Brazil to advise major financial institutions through Bainbridge Investment Inc.

General Advice For Financial Investment

One word of advice from Igor Cornelsen to any investor is to diversify one’s investments. This spreads the risk of losing on an investment out and increases the likelihood that one of your investments will actually give you a return. Another tip for Cornelsen is to begin viewing the stock market with a long term perspective. You have to be truly committed to the market and your investments for the long run. Financial markets and stocks on Twitter are not for the impatient or those who believe they can get rick quick.

Tips For Those Looking To Invest Money In Brazil

If you are looking to invest in Brazil, you should pay attention to the major banking institutions found in the country. Cornelsen says that the Brazilian financial industry has 10 major players at https://bs.linkedin.com/in/igor-cornelsen-86830840. Is is worth your time to keep an eye on them. Another thing to keep an eye on is Brazil’s major trade partners. The biggest trade partner of Brazil right now is China. Keeping an eye on major trade partners such as China can help you determine whether certain industries will grow or contract.

Amazing Work of Jim Hunt


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Professional in the Investment Industry

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