Jason Hope Continues Investment Strategy

For more than ten years, the amount of people that rely on smart devices and their technology has continued to grow considerably. While the rate of people that use smart devices on a regular basis is very high, most experts believe that it will only continue to grow in the future. In fact, some believe that the majority of daily household products will soon have some Internet connectivity and each device could interact with each other for the purposes of sharing data. This prediction is generally called the Internet of Things.

One individual that has continued to be a major supporter and believer of the Internet of Things is Jason Hope. Jason Hope is a very successful business owner and private equity investor that look for ways to invest in startup technology firms. Jason Hope has continued to point out to other investors that investing in smart technology could be a great way to both earn a lot of additional money, but also support the continued development of mankind. While most smart devices today are considered luxuries and not necessary, the Internet of Things supporters believe that there will be many more valuable and practical applications of this in the future.

One of the expected ways that the Internet of Things will improve mankind is through transportation. Through the use of GPS connected devices in cars, it will be easy for a major city to determine traffic patterns. They will then have the ability to alter their traffic signals and other devices to make traffic move more smoothly. At the same time, they will also be able to alter the signals to allow for emergency vehicles to reach their destination, which could help to save lives.

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Business and Life Insights from the FlockU CEO

About FlockU.com

FlockU.com is a marketing and publisher company that unites college students with on-campus, online brands. The site is created specifically for college students to share information and college life opinions. The site concentrates on e-Commerce, marketing partnerships, and personalized content. The site was launched in April 2015 by Josh Verne. Josh Verne developed the company using his previous investments from the workpays.me financial wellness company. The headquarters of FlockU.com is located in King of Prussia, PA. It has several employees and other student contributors. FlockU has united with several large-scale brands, including Clarion, SoFi, Bed Bath and Beyond since its establishment.


FlockU was recently acknowledged as a top millennial demographic influencer on Snapchat and Instagram. Bloomberg specifically recognized the company due to its regular appearances and features on Buzzfeed, Cheddar Life, and Cheddar TV. Other board members at FlockU include Todd Sandler, Scott Thompson, Steve Bornstein, Larry Moneta, Eric Siegel, and David J. Adelman. FlockU conducted its ‘Biggest Group Date Ever’ in February this year in which the company raised multi-million dollar donations for the Ainsworth New York pediatric cancer center.


Josh Verne’s Opinions on Business and Life Success

Josh claims that business owners and individuals should focus on being a leader but not a boss. He says that leaders achieve better team success. Josh Verne also declares that folks need to have the ‘winner’ mentality to overcome every life obstacle. He proclaims that we should never consent for ‘win-lose’ transactions. Josh emphasizes that people should seek to have the succession victories for themselves, the community, the employees, and the clients. He says that there are many ways of creating success despite the prevailing bleak situations. People will always succeed in their life and businesses when they decide to give their best in what they do.


Josh says that it is better to pay attention and speak less. He adds that having the balance between listening and speaking can be crucial in attaining overall life success. He also says that it is more desirable to progress in all life perspectives including health, relationships, personal growth, and wealth. Josh further says that individuals need to identify their passions. He claims that by doing what we love, we gain work motivation. Passion is the key to a high-quality life.


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