Neurocore company got established in 2004. It is a permanent option for depression, sleep challenges, anxiety, and ADHD for both adults and children. The Neurocore treatment centers got dedicated to providing assessment and tests on the brain, data-based valuations and teaching programs that enable improvement on affected individuals.

Neurocore is a center of brain performance. A scientific research showed that a combination of Heart Rate Variability and neurofeedback has a substantial effect on improvement of symptoms of depression And anxiety and that the cures provide a non-pharmaceutical involvement to moderate signs of depression and anxiety in both adults and children. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

The reflective research was carried out and issued a group of psychological and medical researchers headed by Elyse K. White, a Ph.D. holder from Neurocore which deals with brain study and handling. The investigation revealed that many of people with symptoms of pre-treated depression and anxiety showed positive progress in health.

Neurofeedback is a non-disturbing method in brain training that provides information to the brain concerning its activities as perceived by EEG and returned to the mind through auditory and visual signals.ISNR defines that based on the feedback, different consultant guidelines, learning ideas, and changes in brain setups are related to positive emotional, physical and emotional and mental fluctuations. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Neurofeedback Training improves quality of sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, reduce headaches and migraine frequencies, improve attention, focus, fast recovery of brain and muscles, and finally increasing energy levels. Collected proof indicates that neurofeedback apart from offering the brain modification and optimization in people with brain disabilities can as well be transformed to a form of treatment in the sector.

According to Mark Morrison, the CEO of Neurocore, HRV, and neurofeedback treatment training is a possible choice for people dealing with depression and anxiety. It got recorded that over 50% of people suffering from the condition no longer show up for diagnoses since the symptoms disappeared. The study proved that the condition got addressed by use of the brain’s natural capability to grow, learn and heal itself. It was after the 30 consecutive sessions of combined HRV and Neurofeedback treatment.

USHealth Group Puts the Customer First for Products and Service

USHEALTH Group has led the insurance industry as America’s most- trusted choice, for their health care needs, and that is something which takes a great amount of commitment and innovation. It is not an easy task to accomplish, especially during economic times Americans continue to face every day.

However, time and again, USHEALTH Group accepts each challenge as an opportunity to deliver better products and achieve above-average service to their members nationwide. USHEALTH Group has continued to take an approach towards offering products that meet varying needs and incorporate them along with traditional products to give members a wide-range choice. For 50 years, the Fort Worth, Texas Company has decided that the customer will be their focal point, and the position on that goal has not wavered.

Whether it is a member who has isolated insurance needs such as a critical illness, specified disease, or disability, USHEALTH Group finds a way to innovate a product to meet that need. The company has chosen to put the customer first.

In an industry where putting the customer first can seem like a slogan, USHEALTH Group backs it up with the best service possible. They’ve considered those members living on a limited budget and have limited resources; meeting them every step of the way by creating innovative products unlike any other product within the marketplace. Those members who need to tailor insurance coverage can depend upon USHEALTH Group to offer a product that not only has the specific benefits needed, but the service to back it up.

In 2013, USHEALTH Group was named as one of the Top 50 call centers across North America. In order to receive such a high honor, USHEALTH Group needed to be the best above and beyond customer expectations. The company not only exceeded expectations, they solidified the reason, for why they’re continually chosen; customers simply trust the company. Being an award-winning company, for customer service, is another way USHEALTH Group creates stability within the industry and why other companies look to them as the example.

USHEALTH Group has well-over 15 million members nationwide and the numbers continue to grow, right along with the company.

InnovaCare Employs New Strategies In Move To Enhance Performance And Competitiveness

The healthcare industry is one of the most competitive areas of business. However, InnovaCare Health has managed to sail through the ever-changing industry and their success can be attributed to their focus on enhancing the service delivery system to better suit the needs of their customers. As a market leader in Puerto Rico when it comes to the provision of managed healthcare services, InnovaCare Health has come up with different strategies that will see the company grow bigger in few years to come.

One of the measures they have embraced is the replacement of old systems with modern technology. This has streamlined service delivery and contributed to cost-effectiveness, a benefit that is passed on to customers through cheaper and reliable services. Due to the new provisions, InnovaCare has seen the number of Medicare members increase from mere 50,000 to over 200,000. Additionally, InnovaCare has reshuffled the executive positions and hired several highly experienced professionals who are projected to bring several changes to the management of the company.

Jonathan Meyers, the first professional whose services to the company have proved reliable, joined as the chief actuary. His past achievements working on actuarial projects offer him an edge over most professionals in the same industry. He once worked with the government through the Medicaid and Medicare program and has remained in the industry for over 20 years. The appointment of Jonathan at InnovaCare comes as a prudent move that will offer the company a better position at competition due to the great decisions that the professional will offer.

Mike Sortino, who also happens to be a key professional in the executive team, joined InnovaCare Health recently after the appointments were made. He manages the accounting office as the head accountant in the company. Sortino is proud to be one of InnovaCare Health’s team member in the journey to success because he believes his ideas will transform the company into one of the most competitive entities in the country.


The management team
InnovaCare is managed by a team of professionals with many years in leadership positions. Dr. Rick Shinto, the current CEO, is known to have worked with several companies in the clinical health industry offering services that have worked to elevate the situation of healthcare provision in the country. He receives support from the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides, and their effort has led to the achievement of growth in the company. With the appointment of new executives, InnovaCare Health is projected to perform better.

About Medicare Advantage Plans with InnovaCare Health

A huge number of people in many parts of the world go through struggles to afford reliable and quality health care due to the high cost of medical services. Purchasing a health insurance cover is one of the best ways to keep tabs on your medical expenditure. However, health insurance is not that cheap, and as a result, many governments tend to step in and pay either partly or wholly for the medical covers of their citizens.

One of such governments is the US government, which devised managed insurance covers for the American citizens. These insurance covers include Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans, which InnovaCare Health offers. The US government introduced the two programs in the 1970s to help its citizens have affordable access to health care. These programs allow their beneficiaries to source medical attention from a medical service provider of their choice across the country.

Private providers of medical services receive payments from medical insurance providers, which have contracted with the federal government. In return, these insurance firms receive premiums from the government tantamount to the delivered services. With the Medicare Advantage Plans, a beneficiary can access an even broader range of medical services in comparison to the services, which the Original Medicare program covers.

Medicare Advantage Plans are divided into Parts A, B, C and D. Each section of the plans has a premium option. Premium options are there to allow patients to have access to specified medical services as listed under the Medical cover. However, the Federal government has a set limit to the amount a patient can pay as out-of-pocket when they are under the Medicare program.

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The rules are bound to vary, even for the same plans, because different health care providers also design and comply with various policies and regulations.

Any American citizen willing to join any of the Medicare Advantage Plans is free to join as long as they already have a Medicare Basic Plan B. The person will also have to be living in a region where there is a plan servicing it and should not have been diagnosed with an End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

InnovaCare Health Inc. is one of the many centers, which offer Medicare Advantage Plans. Due to its experienced and adept leadership as well as adequately trained and qualified professionals, InnovaCare provides cost-effective and reliable services, which integrates the top notch level of technology.

CEO and President Rick Shinto, M.D leads the firm in close collaboration with the Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Rick is a master’s degree holder and an experienced doctor. Penelope Kokkinides is an administration graduate with over 20 years’ experience in the medical industry.

Offering a Genuine Solution to Healthcare with Medicare Advantage Plans

Formed in the United States, Medicare Advantage is a health insurance program that acts as a substitute for “Original Medicare” that covers both parts A and B Medicare benefits. The program covers managed health care which includes the health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Part A covers payments for in-patient hospital, hospice, and skilled nursing services. Part B covers for medically necessary outpatient hospital service including the physicians, surgeons, and top-notch medical equipment and supplies.

The Medicare Advantage Plans, also referred to as Medicare Private Health Plan, integrate with the federal government and are offered a fixed amount per person to provide the numerous Medicare benefits. The most common kind of Medicare Advantage Plans includes Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, and Private Fee-For-Service.

People who use the Medicare Advantage plan still have access to Medicare which means that you still have to pay either your monthly part A premium or part B premium (whichever you have). Both part A and part B services offered under the Medicare Advantage plan of InnovaCare Health come about with different rules, restrictions and costs which can influence when and how you receive medical care. As such these differences also depend on the companies that offer them; therefore, one should directly research a plan and find out how the coverage works.

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An additional premium is often charged to the Medicare Part B premium courtesy of Medicare Advantage Plan. A copayment, which is a fixed amount, is generally charged whenever you receive any of Medicare services. Other plans might also charge a coinsurance, which is a percentage of some or all services offered.

Being a leader in the provision of managed health care services in North America, InnovaCare Health also offers Medicaid, Medicare Advantage plans and physicians practice services. Considering today’s advanced technologies, InnovaCare is unsurpassed in the provision of quality healthcare through sustainable and cost-effective plans. The two Medicare Advantage Plans provided by InnovaCare Health in Puerto Rico, including MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice, has a membership base of close to 200,000 individuals.

Dr. Rick Shinto is the current president and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare since he was appointed in 2008. He has acquired 20-years’ worth of experience in clinical and operational healthcare which makes him fit for the position. Mr. Shinto is supported by the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope joined the company in 2015, and brought in her valued expertise in government programs and managed care industry.