Avaaz Examined

Avaaz is essentially an Civic Organization that first came into existance in late 2007. This organization promotes activism as well as human rights and climate change. In addition, the leaders of Avaaz also focus on Corruption and Poverty. Avaaz is considered a very influential and powerful on line network.

The members of Avaaz have tried various ways to capture public interest and bring about change. Avaaz members have organized very public demonstrations and have created petitions in hopes of correcting many of the obvious injustices that exist in the world today. Avvaz believes that voices must be heard sometimes many times over before anyone begins to listen. Once others become interested and involved you have a better chance of positive changes occurring.

The original co-founders of this organization are Ricken Patel and Tom Perrillo. Tom Perrillo at one time has Political ties within the state of Virginia. It is quite amazing that Avaaz only accepts contributions from individuals as well as outside organizations. Avaaz was able to raise over $10 Million dollars through their persistent efforts. Avaaz does rely heavily on advertising as means of gaining additional exposure from the public.

Avaaz has successfully managed to bring idealists from different parts of the world together. In addition, the organization has made progress in supporting various progressive related causes. Global climate change is a progressive related cause that has received a great deal of attention since 2009.

Establishing a no-fly zone over Lybia was a major change which was made possible with the help of Avaaz and its leaders. In addition, Avaaz was also successful in saving a British photographer Paul Conroy from an uncertain fate. Avaaz orchestrated Paul Conroy’s evacuation and safe return to his homeland after much protest and by seeking help from government officials.

Causes such as “Animal Rights” have received even more attention because of organizations such as Avaaz. The fact that animals can no longer be used as test subjects for cosmetics and other products is considered a major accomplishment among activists and civic organizations. The fact that animals are treated with some dignity and respect is something that had little importance thirty years ago.

There are many that do disagree with what Avaaz and similar organizations currently stand for. However, members of Avaaz do not permit opposition to deter their current as well as future plans.

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