Lori Senecal Is Interviewed On Inspirey

Inspirery inquired how Lori Senecal managed to get her first customer in the advertising industry. She answered that in a way her first marketing customer actually found her instead of vice versa. Lori explained that she developed a name for herself where she was known to make the most of opportunities and be able to overcome challenges. She was also known for knowing her own strengths and working based on those strengths to deliver a quality service. Info sourced from Adweek article.

Furthermore, Lori Senecal says that getting to the position of president of a major advertising agency such as McCann Erickson helped her further develop her strengths and gain confidence that is needed to find customers in advertising. Being relentlessness in business also helped her secure her first customer. She then added that she excels at creating and improving ad campaigns as a marketer.

Inspirey then asked Lori Senecal what is an advertising technique besides referrals that she utilizes that has helped her gain new clients. Lori responded by saying that knowing the ins and outs of a business can greatly improve the chances of landing that business as a client. When you know how a business operates it allows you to create unique and powerful advertising should you land that client.

Next Inspirey asked what was one tough decision that she had to make in the past couple of months. Her response was that the advertisement business experiences difficult decisions on an almost daily basis. Senecal said that she regularly experiences tough choices and makes at least one a day if not more. An example that she gave of a tough decision during her line of work was when she has to tell a business colleague that their work is not up to par. As a compassionate person, Lori Senecal says that this is difficult at times for her to do.

One of the last questions asked was what Lori Senecal thinks made her successful in her field. Mrs. Senecal says that she must give some credit to her parents who raised her to be a strong person. Her mentors also played a key role in teaching her to be persistent and having the will to succeed in the face of obstacles.

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