Boraie Development Company Invests In The Growth Of New Jersey

Omar Boraie believes that the future has better opportunities for people living in New Jersey. When everything that a community needs is availed right at the doorstep, then it becomes possible to enhance the growth process. Currently, the working population in the region is forced to travel on a daily basis to different places to access their offices. However, Omar Boraie is working hard to ensure that the idea of commuting on a regular basis among the New Jersey inhabitants comes to an end. All the resources required in the region will be readily available hence creating a closed community.

Omar Boraie hails from New Brunswick, and his involvement in the construction process has enabled him to travel to different places as he has successfully led the company in providing quality and unbeatable services. Within New Jersey, Boraie Development is known for the unique structures that it has set up within the last decade. Omar has become successful through developing a master plan for the state of New Jersey, and then implementing it in a manner that allows him to come up with unique results.

The global economy is moving at a fast pace, and this can be attributed to the high rate of technological advancement. As more people access suitable jobs, the demand for structures that incorporates technical features continues to grow. Currently, many entrepreneurs in the construction sector are struggling to set up smart homes. Luxury comes at a cost, and since more people are willing to invest in the process of acquiring luxurious homes, the real estate market continues to grow. For more details visit Crunchbase.

At the helm of real estate development is Omar Boraie, and he has massively invested in the construction of apartments within and around New Jersey. The process has helped Boraie Development to stand out as a company that can offer its clients with the most suitable products. Omar Boraie understands the importance of incorporating technology into the structures that are developed by his company.

Structures have a lifespan, and after a certain period, buildings usually lose their attractive appearance due to the effects of weather elements. In the process, old structures become uninhabitable as their structural integrity becomes poor. Omar focused on such instances when he was starting out in the real estate market. He has ended up renovating most of the buildings in New Jersey.

According to Rutgers, construction is a business process just like any other, and Omar always tries to reinvent the construction techniques applied at Boraie Development Company. As a result, this ensures that the buildings that are constructed remain attractive since people love new structural designs. Omar puts much effort in working closely with local governments in different regions. It helps him to quickly identify structures that need to be brought down so that new apartments are established.

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Meet Flavio Maluf: the President of an Environmentally Friendly Company


Mr. Maluf is the current President of Eucatex and has had lots of experience in the commercial world. Moreover, his advanced business skills have enabled him to run the company successfully. His educational background and expertise have given him a distinct advantage to dominate the business world. Flavio Maluf has been a successful president of both Eucatex and GrandFood companies.


He has developed an online website that provides business advice to many entrepreneurs in the corporate world. The site offers tips for succeeding in a job interview and how to perform a job efficiently.


Maluf is focused on the future of Brazil’s industries. Apart from dealing with responsibilities within the company, he also offers charitable works to help the local communities and non-profit institutions.


About Eucatex and its products


Eucatex is an innovative industry that uses unique materials to create new products. For example, they use Eucalyptus wood to produce sheets and panels. They make different products such as tiles and various types of paints. The firm specializes in home products and a few industrial equipment. They have served customers for over five decades, and have successfully met their needs. Most countries have benefited from Eucatex since the company exports environmentally friendly products. Flavio Maluf has done a great deal to help the company grow and advance.


Founded in 1951, the company was among the first enterprises to implement industrial and environmental regulations. Most of the existing companies did not recognize the importance of conserving the environment. However, Eucatex took the initiative to control and lessen environmental damage. They achieved this by producing healthy products. Furthermore, they have been able to make good profits despite producing environmentally safe products.


In 2010, Eucatex established a new factory located in of Salto.This was done under the management of the President. As per Wikipedia, Flavio Maluf is a Bachelor’s degree holder in Mechanical Engineering from the Armando Alvares Penteado. He recently partnered with the Hospital and Maternity LANG Carli to offer philanthropic contributions to the less fortunate in the society.