Nathaniel Ru, Creating Formidable Brands

Nathaniel Ru ventured into the field of entrepreneurship as result of the need to provide a solution to his local community.

While as a senior year student at the Georgetown University, Washington, D.C, together with his friends, Nathaniel Ru discovered that it was challenging to locate a place where it is healthy and that has fun and easy food.

Nathaniel and his friends observed that if they established a food outlet at the M Street, they would offer services that were unique. To their surprise, the owner of the lounge they wanted to rent a space was the same of the apartment that they resided. When Nathaniel called to explain their intention, she hang up the phone. He did not get discouraged, but rather he persisted on for a month.

When she eventually picked up the phone, she agreed to have face to face conversation with three friends. According to Nathaniel, this was the first time he wore official attire for a business meeting. Armed with a well-laid plan which was hardly three pages and a single page of a financial plan, they met with the landlord. The name that they would give the establishment was Sweetgreen. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

The lounge owner saw a vision in their idea. She requested them to find an architect and a financier before come back to her with a well-developed idea. It was after three weeks that they found backers and architects.

While he was at an event Wharton Marketing Conference, Nathaniel Ru said that the landlord played a critical role in the start of their business by agreeing to offer assistance though they neither had know-how nor experience of running restaurants.

In 2007 Sweetgreen opened doors to its first customers up to now not only does it serve the residents of Georgetown University but it also serves resident of Boston, New York, Washington, and Philadelphia.

According to the Theresa Dold, the head of digital marketing of Sweetgreen, the brand is comparable to apple. She noted that initiators questioned themselves “why” previously “what”. Similar to apple company Sweetgreen want to market its products in an excellent, smart and home-grown manner.

Annually, Sweetgreen has held a music festival. During this event, they displayed their products among them was a line of juices. According to Nathaniel Ru, the best result emanates from those stores has worked together with for a long time. He and his partners are committed to giving his employees and customers a good experience.

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