Waiakea Is Changing How We Think Of Bottled Water

The Startup From Hawaii

The bottled water industry isn’t exactly known as a friendly place for startups. However, Ryan Emmons defied this commonplace thinking when he created Waiakea Water. With little funding and little experience in business he managed to create one of the most successful startups today. That success isn’t simply another money grab either. Emmons wants customers remember Waiakea as a company with a purpose. There is something missing in bottled water today and Waiakea delivers that in strides. Learn more about Waiakea Water: https://www.specialtyfood.com/organization/108722/waiakea-inc/

The Massive Growth

The most important thing to understand about Waiakea is the way this company has grown over the course of a relatively short lifespan. In the course of roughly 5 years Waiakea has grown 5000 percent. That means Emmons has gone from selling only a handful of cases to routinely selling 120,000 a year.

This growth has generated millions for the company and proven that Emmons has a certain degree of business acumen to reckon with. Young entrepreneurs are lucky to see any success, but the odds of blowing up on the levle that he did are absolutely unheard of.

Why Waiakea Is Growing

According to Forbes, Waiakea water success boils down to the bold way it defies the expectations of the bottled water market. Normally, bottled water is simply ordinary tap water treated at a facility to take out any impurities. The water used by Waiakea comes fresh from the Waiakea Springs. This spring naturally filters out common impurities seen in natural sources of water, but it also adds many nutrients in the process. You can receive a fairly decent amount of magnesium, calcium, and other essential minerals from Waiakea. There are even less common nutrients such as silica available through the process.

How Ryan Emmons Is Giving Back

Waiakea water is a company with a mission and Emmons wants that understood. He created this company with the goal of helping the people of the world access better and cleaner water no matter where they live. To help bring about this goal Waiakea Water contributes to charities seeking to help better the drinking water of developing nations.

All too often important issues like these are ignored or sent to the backburner. Ryan Emmons wants to make sure that doesn’t happen anymore and it looks as if his customers agree. PR News Wire revealed that the bottled water industry hasn’t had a lot of good press recently, but Waiakea water could turn that around.