Kevin Seawright Has Established A Career Built On A Combination Of Skill And Honesty

When Kevin Seawright entered the world of finances he did not yet realize how successful he would become due to his leadership abilities, goals, foresight, and ability to locate opportunities.

After thirteen years and the expertise he provided to the East Coast communities it became apparent he had indeed become a financial expert. His career has been built with a foundation of his business skill, his ability to be an effective team member, his expertise in both the operations of the government and the private sector, and his willingness to work hard.

PR Newswire revealed that Kevin Seawright is currently devoting his career as the CFO of Newark Economic Development. The strategies he uses in his business dealings have greatly improved accounting and finance divisions.

His ideas in the area of revenue planning have helped companies meet and exceed their financial goals. In his career, he has increased yearly returns by 25 percent, recruited staff and improved retention for businesses, made profitable negotiations, uplifted company performance, handles millions in bond funds, and made his services invaluable.

According to, Kevin Seawright has successfully filled numerous financial positions with prominent businesses and established a reputation as a leader in business capable of immediately bonding with his staff, management, leaders, and clients.

He has promoted efficiency, increased profits, built successful teams, made necessary changes in management structure, incorporated his strategies for the positive outcome of the business, used technological tools to strengthen the capabilities of a business, and done so with honesty and integrity. Learn more about Kelvin Seawright:

His ability to perceive challenges as opportunities have made him unique to the business world while increasing his knowledge and enhancing his capabilities.

Mr. Seawright is unique to the financial world due to his considerable range of abilities. He obtains knowledge regarding general financing on every level and applies this knowledge with precision and passion. He has the capability to be a leader for aggressive teams, maintain progress in accountability and statistics, and develop and manage all aspects of financial business.

His considerable efforts have earned him many awards for his service and dedication. He has been honored for his contributions as a professional in finances, for his responsiveness, and quick and strategic thinking when economic times were difficult.

His MBA was just the beginning of his career and he has used his education and knowledge with precision and accuracy. He has made himself accessible through Tumblr, Twitter, and LinkedIn to better serve his community.