Beneful, a Beneficial Name

For many dog owners Beneful is a household name. It is a brand of dog food which has been around since 2001 and continues to be one of the top selling dog food brands in the country. While seemingly an ordinary name to most not many people take the time to find out what the name Beneful actually stands for.

While it is not listed in Webster’s dictionary with a true definition one can only speculate what the Beneful company was thriving for when coming up with this name. At first glance it seems like a blend between plentiful and beneficial. Both words easily draw up characteristics of being both filling and beneficial for the health of the dog. These two traits are what most dog owners are looking for in a dog food. Qualities which Beneful dog food delivers especially based on their sales and popularity.


IncrediBitesFromBeneful Are Fabulous

When you are the owner of a smaller dog or puppy, you need to be careful what you feed them. They have to be able to chew the food up, and that is why Purina came up with the BenefulIncrediBites. They are made with the smaller breeds of dogs and puppies in mind.

The best flavor that you can get for your smaller dog with IncrediBitesis the beef flavored kind. This is also mixed with peas and carrots making it desirable by the smaller dogs. All of the ingredients are real, and the beef is raised on a farm. Inside one cup of the IncrediBites there are 27 grams of protein that will invigorate your smaller dog. It is also filled with 23 minerals and vitamins plus calcium. With all of these nutrients in one cup of the IncrediBites, your dog will be healthy and happy when you give it to them.

The price that you will pay for IncrediBites is $13.99. This is for 15 pounds of nutrient packed dog food. Look online for coupons for the IncrediBites, and make sure to shop the sales. Your dog will be happier that you bought this wonderful food for him.

Beneful Does It Better!

Your best friend deserves the best. The number one ingredient in Beneful Originals is either chicken or beef. It contains grains and vegetables as well for a well-balanced diet your pet deserves and loves. Is your pet a meat lover? With Beneful Grain Free, they’re getting exactly that. With no grains added and loaded with meat as well as healthy fruits and vegetables, your pet is guaranteed to love it as much as you do. Beneful Healthy Weight is another product Purina has to offer that is worth a second glance. With a healthy balance of lean meats, grains, and vegetables, it is a wonderful product for your older pet that is a little slower these days.

Made with wholesome ingredients, it’s no surprise that Purina Beneful is the leader in the dog food industry. Each product is made with the best ingredients to keep your pet happier and healthier for longer. All of the Purina Beneful products are great for your pet’s coat, teeth, and digestive system. Each ingredient is carefully chosen with your friend’s best interest in mind. Breathe some life back into your pet. Give your dog the best and they’ll thank you for it every day.

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Why Beneful Prepared Meals are Delightful

Beneful prepared meals are a tasty branded kind of dog food. People can buy these in bulk on Amazon, Target, and wholefood markets such as Costco, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club. Beneful prepared meals can cost around an average between $2.00 to $18.00. These prices will vary depending on their variety of flavors and how many ounces that are packaged.

There are many places to find coupons for Beneful prepared meals. People can go online to,,, and Retailers such as Target, Petsmart, Petco, and Kmart carry great Beneful prepared meals at ideal prices for anyone who are on a budget.

Beneful prepared meals are made with real red meat. They take great care in preparation, which is great news for dog owners because their pets will receive a valuable diet. The red meat is mostly mixed with stew along with peas and carrots.

The most popular flavors of Beneful Prepared Meals are Savory Rice & Lamb Stew and Chicken Stew. Many people find these a blessing because for several days, it keeps their pets digestive track healthy. Your dogs will always keep coming back for additional servings. This is good because many dogs can be very finicky by what they eat besides eating table food.

The best flavor of Beneful prepared meals dog food is Purina Beneful Chopped Blends with Beef, Carrots, Peas & Barley. This flavor has many vitamins and minerals to help boost their health, and this food provides everything a dog needs to maintain good nutrition.