Jorge Moll Explores the Psychology of Giving

Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman had been studying the brains of volunteers. The volunteers were asked to simple think about a situation in which they either donating a large amount of money to a charity or keeping the funds. Jorge made an exciting discovery, and couldn’t wait to share it with Grafman.


The results from the study showed that when the volunteers put the well-being of others before their own, this mental act of generosity prompted a part of the brain that is normally activated in response to sex or food. This proved that altruism was not a characteristic that was reserved for those who are particularly moral ( Rather, giving to others was based on a primitive function of the brain.


These findings also proved that being unselfish can feel good, and this proves Saint Francis of Assisi’s word: “for it is in giving that we receive.” This also opened up the discussion concerning moral behavior and cause many to explore what it really means to be good.


Grafman and Jorge Moll, along with other neuroscientists are now using experiments and psychological trials to determine whether humans have a moral compass. The results show that many of the studies published are showing that many of the aspects of being moral are mentally hard-wired and is probably the revolution of evolution that started in other species. It’s not exactly possible to say whether animals like giraffes and lions make decisions based on morality the way that humans do because no one has been inside the brain of a giraffe. However, it has been proven that some animals can sacrifice what they want for the good of other creatures. One experiment revealed that if one rat is given food while the rat next to it gets an electric shock, the rat that received the food will eventually stop eating.


Emerging research also shows that morality can be biological and that the reward center of the brain that “lights up” when doing good for others has been around for a while. The more researchers are learning, the more it seems that the basis of being moral is being empathetic. Recognizing and even feeling the experiences of others is crucial to the advancement of healthy social behavior.

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George Soros the Consummate Philanthropist

Did you know that George Soros is one of the most well-known philanthropists in the world? Recently, George Soros freely gave more than $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations. Sadly, giving to specific foundations or organizations often triggers rumors and hate despite the goodness of the giving. The demonization of philanthropy has begun already, and not to mention that large-scale giving has come under scrutiny since Soro’s generous donation. How does this demonization of giving undermine the goodness of those who are giving freely of their own personal funds like Soros?

It has been said in times past, that the act of philanthropy has been criticized largely by those who have not had the ability to give as much. It could be that perhaps those who don’t play a role of any kind in the financial markets perceive that those who do are only giving to be put into the spotlight. Realistically, the promotion of one’s business may not come from giving, but rather from their ability to market their organization or corporation. Large financial donations are now viewed as a way of swaying public opinion rather than viewed as an act of goodness. Could it be that this is simply partisan in nature? On the surface it appears that the hate behind these accusations of giving appears to bring an accusation that some hidden agenda is being met with Soro’s money.

Soros’ paper, The Capitalist Threat, covers a quick education on why these things are so. His point early on is that there is no possession of the ultimate truth. This is because he states that this is something well beyond what humans can process or do. There will always be different views and interests, making it clear that not everyone agrees, but yet there seems to be so little peace in addition to all of this. A few of his main points throughout the paper are that everyone is to live in freedom. The freedom of choice and the freedom of speech make it okay to give the opinion, but that does not make it truth and more

Soros makes reference to Karl Popper, stating that his teaching was consistent with the fact that no one knows or possesses the ultimate truth. The question was why this is so. His point was that everyone is living in a universe that they are attempting to understand. The majority of time is spent trying to understand it rather than doing and being productive. There is no doubt that Soros generates a lot of conversation, but is it fair to say that his giving for ill intent just because his giving is so large?

Rodrigo Terpins Knows What Being a Racecar Driver Can Do

Rodrigo Terpins has always had a lot of dedication when it comes to racing. He knows what it takes to be a good racecar driver and that’s what has helped him work in a way that he is making more money. For Rodrigo Terpins, this means he needs to work to try different things and he has to do his best to make sure he is giving back to the community he is a part of. Rodrigo Terpins knows what it takes and has always had a lot of inspiration when it comes to racing. As the younger brother of one of Brazil’s top drivers, Rodrigo Terpins knew he was going to be able to learn a lot from the racing industry and from what people were doing in the industry. It helped him make sure he was doing things right and doing everything that would bring him back into the industry the same way as his brother.

Since inspiration for racing was a big part of his career and a big part of what he was doing to make the career better, Rodrigo Terpins tried to always show people what they could do. He wanted them to realize there were many options and they could get more from the options they had while they were racing. Thanks to Rodrigo Terpins and his dedication, people saw that racing required a lot of hard work and dedication. Rodrigo Terpins knew this and knew he could make things easier if he was working in the right way. Check out mundodomarketing to see more.

As long as Rodrigo Terpins was doing his best and was giving the community what they wanted, he felt confident he could try different things. There were many ways in which Rodrigo Terpins could give back to the community and many ways in which he could give people what they were looking for. Rodrigo Terpins knew this was something that would continue to grow and something that would get better because he was a good driver. Rodrigo wanted other people to realize that and see him making the right moves in racing while he was working.

Organo Gold Provide a Unique Experience for Customers and Distributors alike

Organo Gold is a company as committed to its products as it is to its OG distributors and customers. Using a not-so-secret ingredient, that has been a staple of Asian medicine for centuries, Organo Gold have imbued their beverages, drink mixes, and various array of product, with an herbal component renowned for its wellness promoting effects. Ganoderma Mushrooms, more commonly known by their Japanese misnomer, Red Reishi Mushrooms, are a special type of herb known as an Adaptogen. Adaptogens assist significantly in the mind and body’s ability to adapt to certain stressors and changes in environment. Organo Gold breaks down this unique Mushroom to a powder which not only renders their potent drink line with the Adaptogen’s inherit abilities, but with a deep, rich taste, as well. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

Ganoderma Lucidum has been proven to aid overall health with a variety of wellness boosting attributes. Used in detoxification, as well as to balance hormones, and increase the liver’s ability to function, Ganoderma allows the body to heal from a multitude of different ailments, as it promotes diversity in gut microbiota, leading to overall better health, especially in the areas of intestinal and digestive function. Organo Gold offers over twenty separate products boasting the aid of Ganoderma Lucidum’s powerful health effects, including teas, coffees, various drink mixes, and even toothpastes and soaps. With the company’s impressive line of products, it’s never been so easy as to benefit from this centuries old Adapotgen wellness agent.


With their exceptional distributor program Organo Gold promote an atmosphere of working together, and building with other OG distributor’s on their way to the top. With varying pay structures, Organo Gold allows their distributor’s to choose between the best payment options for them, and how their earnings with Organo Gold will be delivered. The company’s unique set-up, and focus on a family like relationship between distributors, allows for quicker response time for clients, and for orders to be processed and placed without delay. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Talk Fusion Expands Into India With Business Marketing Tools

Marketing is a constantly changing service, and video marketing increases in popularity and effectiveness all the time. Video marketing company Talk Fusion is a leader in the the marketing world and it recently announced that it has opened a new office in India. Direct selling in India is a growing faster than any other type of service offered and with the new office Talk Fusion creating a network of offices the practice is only going to become more popular.


Through video formatting, businesses can now change the way they communicate with customers and reach potential clients. Talk Fusion helps develop those products in order to aid businesses. Everything from video chat to video advertising to live video conferencing is developed by Talk Fusion and available for purchase to businesses that are trying to develop their brands and increase revenue.


Talk Fusion is a marketing company that has found a way to create products for businesses in an already crowded market. Through development and creation, the company has set out to provide an entire suite of cohesive products that businesses can pick and choose from in order to best manage their clientele and sales. What makes the brand and its products even more effective is that they are sold person to person, so everything is customized according to what your business needs guaranteeing that personal touch. Whenever a company needs help with the products they’ve chosen, the salesperson that they are working with are right at their fingertips, ensuring that the user experience is the best that it can be. Leaarn more:


Founder: Bob Reina

Clay Siegall’s Never-Ending Fight Against Cancer

The Never-ending fight against cancer is in full-force and the results have been on the brighter side of things. Some of the most advanced cancer-fighting medications are upon humanity, and they’re creating dramatic results by saving lives at a higher rate. Dr. Clay Siegall, CEO of Seattle Genetics, is one of the most loved figures in this dynamic field of work. He has a long history of working in the medical industry, and he has worked with many high profile names. This includes the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute and Bristol Myers Squibb. The guy has served on the Boards of Directors for Alder BioPharmaceuticals and Ultragenyx.

The success of Seattle Genetics comes from multiple avenues, whether it’s great leadership, strategic marketing or from licensing. Thanks to his great business sense, Siegall has been able to strike-up multiple strategic license deals with some of the industry’s most prominent names. This includes:



  • Bayer
  • Genentech

With this licensing, the company can distribute the advanced medications to other areas around the globe. This means that 65 different countries around the globe can now use Seattle Genetics’ ADCETRIS drug. ADCETRIS is an antibody drug conjugate, and it is far superior to any other cancer fighting drug of today. It has helped the company bring in over $350 million in which it has helped the company’s stock triple in a span of five years. That’s right! Seattle Genetics is outperforming everyone else at a consistent rate. The 21st century is Seattle Genetics’ playground as the company has 20 more advanced drugs in its pipeline of success.

The great thing about all of this news is that Dr. Clay Siegall is in control of it all. This well-accomplished doctor is setting new trends, and he is changing the status quo.

Dr. Clay Siegall’s Mission to End Suffering From Cancer

Dr. Clay Siegall is the Chief Executive Officer at Seattle Genetics. He is also the founder of the company. Based in Bothell City in the State of Washington, Seattle Genetics is a leading biotechnology solutions provider that dedicates itself to the development of targeted therapy medication for disease types that have not seen significant mortality improvements in several years. Dr. Clay Siegall is a well-educated individual especially in his field of expertise. Dr. Siegall graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s of Science in Zoology. He also holds a Doctor of Philosophy in genetics from George Washington University.

Ever since he founded Seattle Genetics on July 15, 1997, Dr. Siegall has consciously and progressively steered the firm to the summit of the targeted therapy industry. They developed the first FDA-approved antibody-drug conjugate, which now has multiple approved indications. They have also developed a stable pipeline of drugs and an array of strategic partnerships with manufacturers of medicines such as Bayer, Genentech, Pfizer among several others just to mention a few. This, in essence, shows that Dr. Siegall is not done yet, going into the future, Seattle Genetics has positioned itself to be the go-to industry leaders when it comes to matters cancer treatment by use of targeted therapy drugs.

Thanks to Dr. Siegall’s able leadership, Seattle Genetics has grown from a small startup with just a minimal team of scientists to be one of the most sought-after authorities in the cancer research industry. Motivated and inspired by the love of medicine from a tender age, Dr. Siegall was always fascinated by the use of the power of technology to overcome disease and as a result saving lives. His interest was further drawn to cancer treatment while studying Zoology at the University of Maryland after one of his family members got ill and almost died not from cancer but from the brutal treatment regimen of chemotherapy. Dr. Siegall believes that the days of using systematic chemotherapies are over and that it is about time we welcomed the most efficient and effective and more tolerable way of cancer treatment – the use of targeted therapy drugs.

Dr. Clay Siegall in a Personal Quest for Safer Cancer Therapies

Dr. Clay Siegall is motivated by a personal desire to find the cure for cancer. He watched his father suffer for seven years and eventually succumb to cancer. Watching his father’s suffering inspired him to find treatment for the disease. His priority was to attain relevant education. So he studied Zoology at Maryland University before attending George Washing University for a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Genetics. As a culmination of his interest, he founded Seattle Genetics. The company is developing into being the leading cancer research center in the world.

During an interview with Inspirey, Dr. Siegall said that his interest in finding an alternative cure for cancer intensified when as a student at Maryland University he observed the brutality of chemotherapy. The contemporary treatments then besides chemotherapy were amputations and radical therapy. Dr. Clay Siegall saw the need to find safer and less painful alternatives. After amassing sufficient experience in the field, he decided to create his company where he can manage the projects in such a way that met his intended purpose.

Seattle Genetics developed ADCetris, which became the first antibody drug conjugate, ADC, to be approved by the FDA. It has earned the company a lot of revenue. Clay Siegall believes the drug will enjoy its monopoly status for a few more years. It takes a lot of financial risks investing in drug production; in fact, the company took ten years after the Initial Public Offer to become profitable. Therefore the research center has created other sources of revenue through production partnerships and licensing of the process and technologies they have developed.

Quality, marketing, negotiating and passion are four strategies that best explains the success of Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall explains that their products’ quality and uniqueness helps it, to a large extent, to sell itself. Nevertheless, the company still employs the most talented salespersons with a background in biotechnology and an extensive knowledge of the product. He points out that closing any luxurious deals requires a lot of negotiating and meetings. Passion is his driving force. It motivates him to focus and work towards his goal; finding effective alternative cancer therapies.


Clay Siegall’s Work in Finding Effective and Reliable Cure’s for Diseases

Dr. Clay Siegall, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Seattle Genetics started this company with the intentions of developing targeted therapy medication for diseases that had not shown any improvement for years. Dr. Clay has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and a Ph.D. in Genetics from The University of Maryland and George Washington University respectively. Seattle Genetic began in 1998 and has been working tirelessly towards getting targeted therapies. It has so far come up with over twenty drugs and the first antibody drug conjugate, ADC, which has been approved by the FDA. Dr. Clay Siegall has led the company into partnerships with manufacturers of drugs such as Genentech, Bayer, and Pfizer among others.

Dr. Clay has also managed to grow the company into a major player in the research of cancer. The company has been well positioned to keep growing in the industry through the number of drugs they currently have in the pipeline and the role they are playing in increasing the indications that could potentially be used in making drugs for crucial diseases. Dr. Siegall expresses his hope in finding targeted drugs that will be effective in the treatment of critical diseases such as cancer. Dr. Clay Siegall has always had a passion for medicine. He believes that people should not be condemned to brutal methods of treatment while they are trying to get better. His close family member who suffered from cancer had a great role in Dr. Clay’s engagement and interest to find solutions for such diseases.

At some point in the operations of Seattle Genetics, the company faced some challenges but they were able to pull through. Through this experience, Dr. Clay was able to work smarter towards his goals and so far success has come his way. He has put in place a team of experienced sales executives who assist in selling their products and creating awareness in the industry. The fact that the products they offer are unique and effective, selling is made easier since the product can speak for itself. Dr. Clay Siegall attributes the success of his company to hard work. He believes that as long as anyone works hard towards their goals, they will be successful.

Sahm Adrangi Continues to Turn Investors Heads

Sahm is a Penn State graduate who through sheer hard work was able to land an internship job at Merrill Lynch’s credit desk in New York. Thanks to his hard work and commitment, he was able to create a name for himself in this company where he spent a total of three years. His experience at this company gave him the expertise to invest in bonds and later ventured into credit business. He joined Longacre which at the time had an estimated credit price of about $3 billion.

Apart from investing in credit and bonds, Sahm Adrangi is also a renowned publisher and author. His latest publication, the Northern Dynasty: The Pebble Deposit Isn’t Commercial Viable, has helped various people in understanding the bond market.

As an investor, Sahm launched the Kerrisdale Capital Management company in 2009 with as little as $1 million. In under a decade, the company has grown tremendously and currently manages over $150 million. Sahm Adrangi made a name for himself by exposing various fraudulent Chinese companies such as China Marine Food Group, Lihua International, and China-Biotics.

As a bond investor, Sam Adrangi has successfully raised $100 million from various investors to bet against the stock market. The new investment in which Sahm has placed the best is a new venture that has taken investors by storm, mainly due to the fact that it is different from other Kerrisdale investments. According to an email sent by Sahm Adrangi to investors, the hedge company will design a video and a website that will not only act as a source of information but also as a way of convincing other people to jump into the investment.

According to the email, the company has already started to buy stock with the hopes of investing in a new company that is yet to be named. This is not the first time that Kerrisdale is placing a bet on a new investment. Actually, the company has placed bets against companies such as Globalstar, and Sage Therapeutics.

Sam Adrangi is the current Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management company. For over a period of eight years, Sam has overseen the growth and eventual success of the company. The Kerrisdale Capital Management company deals with financial modeling, valuation, investments, portfolio management, and investment banking.