Susan McGalla’s Rapid Rise to Success

Susan McGalla has achieved success in the business world. Susan McGalla rose to the position of President of American Eagle Outfitters overseeing the total operation of the brand. Now she is using herself as a model for American women to follow as they pursue careers in the business and financial world. It is her contention that women have innate skills that translate well into the arena of the business world. Women have the capacity to educate and elevate family members and other executives they come into contact with in business. She fully represents the new woman in the business world on Facebook. There is a list of successful women as CEOs and Presidents; Carly Fiorino, a former head at Hewlett-Packard even ran for President as a Republican in 2016. If she had won her party’s endorsement, she would have run against Hillary Rodham Clinton and the nation would have been assured of a female President of the United States in 2017.

In 1986 she started her career at American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer for womenswear.

She became a consultant for the financial investment and retail industries on Wikimedia. She sat on the board at HFF Inc. and then succeeded Ed Thomas as CEO of Wet Seal Inc. She has recently founded P3 Executive Counseling and is the Director of Strategic Planning and growth of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Susan McGalla has come a long way from her roots in Ohio to climb the ladder of executive success. Susan McGalla serves as a model to young women in the Midwest and elsewhere showing that success in a man’s former domain can be achieved by women. One has only to look outside the United States of America to see women holding important positions in politics, medicine, and law. Women are better suited to understand law and medicine than men and to be the head of a country and be in charge of practically everything is a role woman have been playing for millennia. During the Stone Age, the men were the hunters and warriors, and the women took care of the family, the home, and the community, even then they were in charge. It’s only natural. See:

Taking a Look at Michael Zomber’s Life

Michael Zomber was born and raised in Washington D.C. He graduated from the University of Illinois with bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Psychology. Zomber also graduated from UCLA with his English Literature Master’s Degree. Michael Zomber is known for his literature, films and television appearances.

Zomber is a historical fiction author who takes pride in keeping his stories and facts authentic. He is very knowledgeable about antique weapons, armor and the Samurai era, and his knowledge on the subject has helped him write several books. Zomber started writing screenplays after being encouraged by his wife. The screenplays eventually turned into a series of historical novels. The Shogun Iemitsu, Sweet Betsy That’s Me, Son Of Kentucky and Park Avenue are just a few of the books written by Michael Zomber.

Michael Zomber also has experience in the world of filmmaking. His documentary Soul of the Samurai was produced through his company Renascent Films. This 3D animated film is based on the Samurai era and the invention of the Samurai sword. The Soul of the Samurai can be found on The Cinema Guild.

He was a guest historian on several episodes of the Tales of the Gun, including Guns of the Famous, Dueling Pistols, Shotguns and Million Dollar Guns. The episodes originally aired on the History Channel.

Michael Zomber has been collecting weapons and armor for over 40 years. The collection includes firearms and Samurai swords. He takes pride in keeping the weapons in mint condition, and he hopes to sell them to individuals who will also take care of them. He also studies the weapons and uses the facts in his novels and films.

Michael Zomber currently resides outside of Philadelphia with his wife and two children. When he is not collecting weapons or writing novels, he enjoys art, hiking, tennis and horseback riding. Zomber still shares his expertise on weapons, armor and the Samurai era today.  Read more about Zomber and his collections on CrunchBase.

Securus Technologies Releasing Documentation Highlighting Global Tel Link

Dallas-based Securus Technologies just released documentation from the Louisiana Public Service Commission proving that competitor Global Tel Link (GLS) has committed fraud and integrity breaches against its clients.

Securus has decided to release the PSC findings in weekly reports to the public. Company CEO Rick Smith says his company is putting GSL in the spotlight in an effort to clean up the industry. There has been many calls from a number of consumer groups and citizens demanding investigations into the malfeasance perpetrated by a number of providers in the industry.

Clients have reported such systematic wrongdoings as clock advancing to fraudulently produce more call time than the caller actually used, frequent double billing and add-on charges that were not authorized. “Clients want to know that they can rely on good service without having to worry about being ripped off,” said Smith.

Smith went on to say that GTL is giving the entire industry a bad name. The inmate telecom industy has already come under fire for gross overcharging. The FCC stepped in and put a rate cap on interstate and intrastate calls. “It was outrageous,” said one customer. “Some of the calls were costing upwards $15.”

Smith insists that everyone has to work above board and with integrity. He says that the weekly reports outlining bad behavior should scare them into doing the right thing.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Brian Bonar and the Bellamy’s Restaurant

When Patrick Ponsaty looks out at the Escondido hillsides, he always thinks of home. he is a Frenchman that is native of Toulouse. He currently work for Bellamy’s, a downtown Escondido restaurant.Read more: Imaging Technologies CEO Brian Bonar Interviewed on

A delightful 1880s structure, appearing as a farm-driven gastronomy, a home for his collection of Armagnac and a place for lyrical cooking. This place gave him the title of Meilleurs Ouvrier de France. He is one of the two who have been give this title in S.D.

The Frenchman is capable of accomplishing celebrity status for his talent. He has a vision of being a master chef and showing off his many masterpiece dishes. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

He enjoys making beet sorbet, which consists of watercress, goat cheese, mushrooms, sea scallops, monkfish,duck, wild boar and basque. When people ask him how he would describe his style of cooking, he simply responds “French.”

Brian Bonar coached the beginning talent of the National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry in 2003. Kaysen took Ponsaty’s job in 2004, which led him to move to new adventures.

He has since enjoyed his time at La Bastide, Mistral at Loews Coronado Bay, MOF and Bernard’O. He credits his time at El Bizcocho for his success at Bellamy’s and The Ranch.

Bellamy’s is a high profile restaurant that is nestled in the heart of San Diego. They offer very tasty food and incredible service to their customers. Bellamy’s offers a classic experience that is a great opportunity for tourists.

Bellamy’s continues to receive positive reviews from their signature dishes. Brian Bonar is the brains behind Bellamy’s. He has been creating amazing restaurants throughout the San Diego area.

Brian Bonar has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and also has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

A Women With Super Powers

Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is a very well-known plastic surgeon. Dr. Walden has been featured on many different new shows, magazines, and radio programs. Dr. Walden was born in Austin Texas, and both her mother and father worked in the medical field. Walden graduated from Anderson high school, and she went on to The University of Texas to attain her undergraduate degree in biology. Walden went on to the University of Texas medical branch and she graduated salutatorian of her class.

Dr.Jennifer Walden had her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, and she went on to get her fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital. She was able to continue to work at the hospital after her fellowship, and she stayed there for over seven years. Walden always had an interest in plastic surgery, and she was able to open up her own practice in Texas in 2011.

Recently did an interview with Dr. Walden, because she has accomplished so much in her short life. Walden mentioned that she was always attracted to surgery, and she knew that she was going to be a surgeon when she was younger. After Walden had already been deep in her career, she decided that she wanted to be a mother, and that was the reason why she wanted to return to Texas to be around her family. Even though Walden is a super plastic surgeon, she tries to live a life that is as simple as possible. Walden wants to focus on her children and on her career without unneeded distractions.

In reality, Dr. Walden is a rarity in the plastic surgeon community. Out of the 8100 board-certified plastic surgeons in the United States, only 851 of them are women. Apart from being committed to plastic surgery, Dr. Walden is also committed to technology.


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George Soros Bearish

Gorge Soros is a philanthropist and founder of the Open Society Foundations. He is also the chairperson of the Soros Fund Management. Soros was born in Budapest in the year 1930 from where he fled due to the World War two. He later settled in England and attended the London School of Economics. After his graduation from the London School of Economics, Soros moved to the United States where he managed to accumulate a lot of fortune though the international investment fund. He is also known to have helped black students from South Africa to attend the Cape Town University as part of his activities as a philanthropist.

George Soros is an investor who used to make huge bets on the trends of the financial markets. He used to describe the financial markets as being chaotic because the market’s prices are dictated by traders both professional and non-professional. The traders could act out of their emotions rather than being logical. Soros also stated that market participants usually reasoned using the herds’ mentality. According to him, market participants moved with the crowd but always keen on finding an opportunity to get out in front and make a kill. Before retiring back in 2000, Soros had spent much of his career life doing speculations with billions of money belonging to other people. Through his Quantum Fund, Soros managed to make himself and others very wealthy through the profits he accumulated. Soros’ net results have made him one of the most recognized and most affluent investors around the globe.

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George Soros Trading Again

Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

The idea behind leading the series was inspired by the outlook of the global economy which seems to be heading in a wrong direction. It was also reported that Soros Fund Management had sold its stocks and bought gold and shares from gold miners. The move was made with the anticipation of weakness in various markets. Gold is always considered a haven during times of turmoil. The decision to purchase gold and shares is significant to Soros after winning a bet against the British Pound back in 1992. The trade earned Soros profits amounting to one billion U.S Dollars. Lately, Soros is more interested in public policies and philanthropy. He is also known to be backing Hillary Clinton bid for the presidency and he has also donated to groups that support Democrats.

George Soros is reported by his employees to be intimately involved in the management of his investments. Senior executives working at his investments has stated how Soros has always inserted himself into the firm’s activities usually after the company has suffered losses. Since the beginning of 2016, Soros began spending much time in office directing trades.

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FreedomPop is a new cheap wireless Service Provider.

FreedomPop is a unique cell phone carrier which runs all the three in one voice, text and data connections through sprint data on data services at cheap cost to help reduce the cost of data usage and promote saving. Moreover, the FreedomPop has free service plans which will enable customers to save a lot of money where one will be able to get free phones numbers and data. Such Free service plan encompasses 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages and 500 MB of data. In addition to that, the customer will be able to get free WI-FI hotspots access of 500 MB of data every month. These plans are means to get the cell phone consumers buy their products and at lowered price and save money the extra money they use in using cell phone services.

Interestingly, though, FreedomPop has ensured that the cheap plans of free calling, free texting and free short message service (SMs) is available to anybody by making it easy for FreedomPop app downloadable over their 4G/3G network on smartphones and tablet AppStore and play stores. More free benefit still is attached and awaits those who downloads the app. That is the package the FreedomPop is giving out to anyone who downloads the FreedomPop app one free real United State mobile number to talk, chat and send free text messages to anyone anywhere in the world.

Among the several advantages that the FreedomPop clients have included first the $5 Wi-Fi monthly service which allows the user of the app to connect to any hotspot and get the voice, text and data all from a giant network built from over 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the United States. All the services are enjoyed for a little fee of $5 a month regardless of whether it is a business or people living in an urban setup. However, considering the volume of connections and communications that business persons make this plan is good for them.

To add to cheap services, FreedomPop has an Unlimited plan, where the cellphone career is charging as low as $19.99 monthly for unlimited talk, text and data anywhere. This is a plan which resonates well with many people with major coverage on populated areas and to this end and to make people are connected to the network; the FreedomPop uses Sprint network service provider a leading US network service provider.

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Sanjay Shah and What Often Breeds and Entrepreneur

Sanjay Shah is an entrepreneur who has become successful. There are a lot of people who seek to become entrepreneurs. Often times, entrepreneurs are born out of hard times. For one thing, some people lose their jobs because of their economy and find that they are unable to get another one. Therefore, they set out to start their own type of job. They find a skill and a passion, then they pursue it. Often times, it takes a while for them to achieve financial independence with their entrepreneurial pursuits. However, the persistent workers achieve their goals, and eventually find that the circumstances were the best for them.

Sanjay Shah is one of those people who have found himself unsatisfied with the work and market conditions. Therefore, he sought to start his own firm called Solo Capital. He of course had his own set of challenges that he needed to figure out. However, he was able to establish his company thanks to his skills of being an accountant from other banks. He has seen plenty of advantages to being an entrepreneur that he has never gotten from working a regular job for someone else.

Sanjay has experienced a lot of freedom with his own company. For one thing, he gets to work anytime he wants. He does not have to travel very far to work. He also earns a lot more income than he did when he was working for other banks. He also has more income to give to different charities and research such as autism research. He runs his own nonprofit called Autism Rocks.


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An Apartment Fit For the Cute Beauty Blogger, Wengie

It is okay to admit that you have wondered about an icon’s living arrangements. Though you have never met a celebrity in person, you feel as if you know them from following them on social media, the tabloids, and other news outlets. Wengie is an Australian beauty blogger with countless followers, so it is no secret that her fans love catching a glimpse of her real life. Her flawless complexion and style are no different than her pristine living conditions, and a 2015 video tour of her apartment left viewers feeling a bit jealous at how immaculate she keeps her living quarters.

Stating that it took her a year and a half to decorate her apartment, she deemed it ready to be viewed by her followers. A walkthrough immediately brought the viewers into a very bright, white space adorned with matching decorations that offered elements as whimsical as Wengie herself. A clean, white kitchen is complete with plenty of storage. To the right is a massive shoe rack, and straight ahead is the living room that doubles as a sun room.

A cozy couch is accented with plenty of cushions, none of which are the same, of course. A beautiful white, double ladder storage unit adds both practicality and decor to the room, and Wengie boasted of her beloved decorations that sat atop the creation. Plenty of candles, knickknacks, diffuser oils, and flowers adorn Wengie’s shelves and home in general.

A brief tour was given to the bathroom, simply because it is a standard restroom that is, of course, spotless. The bedroom offered sweet elements rich in royal aspects, such as her favorite French chair tucked quietly in a quaint corner. Her white bed has silver metallic pillows and a pink throw. Wengie’s cute apartment matches her personality perfectly, and subscribers cannot wait to see if she has any updates in the future!


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Class Dojo is Building Classroom Connections

“Class Dojo” sounds a bit like exotic martial arts instruction, but it’s actually something more of us can relate to – especially those who are students, parents, or teachers. Class Dojo is a digital platform that helps teachers and parents build a positive, interactive classroom culture.

Would you like to better understand what happens in your child’s classroom? Class Dojo helps you do just that. It creates a culture where student, teacher, and parent work together to improve the learning experience for all the children in the classroom.

Class Dojo has been well-researched by education specialists, and universities, and is now used in half the schools in the United States, and in 180 countries. Let’s face it, the old methods of “classroom management,” are just not efficient, and do not work well anymore. Times of changed, and we (students, parents, and educators) must adapt. The technology of Class Dojo can help.

Class Dojo can help by getting everyone on the same page. Teachers and parents can set up class goals. Do students need to share more? Solve problems together? Cooperate? Class Dojo makes this all possible with an objective means to track and improve the social dynamics of the classroom.

How does Class Dojo work? It starts with your child’s teacher who sets up the easy-to-use platform – identifying the strengths and weaknesses of students. Does this group of students socialize well together? Great, that will be noted as a strength to build on during the school year. Do they need to show more respect, or do better completing their homework on time? Those items can become part of the Class Dojo profile, so that parents and teachers can target improvements.

Here’s the great part. Instead of relying on your child’s teacher to tell you what is happening in the classroom, you can see it yourself through videos, pictures, and messages via Class Dojo. All of this becomes part of the “Classroom Story,” that develops over time – a story that you become a part of.

Students participate with their personal “Dojo Monsters” that earn (or lose) points based on their performance and behavior. With everyone on the same page, there is no miscommunication, time lags, or confusion. Ask your local school whether Class Dojo might become part of classroom success for your child and community.


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