Jorge Moll And His Desire to Understand the Human Brain

Jorge Moll is one of the world’s most renowned neuroscientists and, based on his credentials, he most definitely deserves the status of being one of the best in the world of neuroscience.

The scientist Moll, a Brazilian citizen who graduated from the University of Rio de Janeiro, has been elected to the international renowned Neuroethics Society as a governors board member; he’s also the D’Or Institute in Research and Education’s governing board’s President and director. Apart from these roles, he is a senior scientist in the same institute. Follow Jorge on

The Research Fellow NIH nomination also recognized the work of Jorge Moll in the field of neuroscience because of a couple of studies that he conducted on the human brain, with amazing discoveries.

After achieving so many things in the world of neuroscience and gaining a lot of respect, and more importantly knowledge and experience, Jorge Moll is focusing all of his time on discovering more about the complexities of the brain. The main focus is how we understand the way we act and feel, because the more we know our minds, the more we can understand our human nature.

One of Jorge Moll’s discoveries is the relation of generosity to a primitive part of the brain that gives us pleasure when we give to others without expecting anything in return. It is the same pleasure in the mind that provides us with the same kind of feeling that dopamine and Oxytocin. This fact is fascinating as it gives homage to the old saying that it feels good to be good.


The research revolutionizes the way that we think about human behavior. It makes the line between evil and good even blurrier to some. This could be the reason why there are people who have less empathy for others, as this ‘primitive part’ of their brain that affects generosity is somehow different from most people. In the extreme cases, people who don’t feel any emotions at all to the suffering of others may have completely damaged this part of their brain.

To some, this is worrying because it downgrades the value of generosity to nothing more but a scientific technicality of our biology and that it only comes from the brain and not the heart.

Regardless, scientific breakthroughs like this one should be made useful to create a better understanding of the human brain in our society. Watch this video on Youtube.

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