Glen Wakeman: Making A Huge Difference in the Business World

Glen Wakeman is a financial services executive. He is the founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings which is a complete, automated software service which enables early-stage businesses to organize ideas into workable plans. Wakeman is also a board member, an executive mentor, and an investor. He has gained over 20 years of management experience from GE in P&L roles and business development. Read more about his interview at Ideamensch.

More on His Roles at GE

While at GE, Glen Wakeman also had leadership roles in operations management and general management as he lived in the international and US markets. His last role at this company was being the CEO. While in this role, Wakeman built a nine-country operation from scratch which exceeded in $100m in annual earnings, $12billion in assets, and 17,000 employees. A plethora of partnerships was signed, more than 1000 branches were built in the network, and multiple new products were produced. In an earlier role at GE as the general director of Global Insurance Ventures, he worked in London, the UK in which he strategized for a group of businesses that resulted in a net income growth from US$2million to US$10million and the addition of US$3bn in assets. While working abroad for GE, he lived in six countries and were responsible for more than 30 countries. He also received the recognition of being a Growth Leadership role model by the GE board of directors. View Glen Wakeman’s profile

More About LaunchPad Holdings

His organization has a tool called the LaunchPad Toolkit. This tool is complemented by a deep and broad array of tips and suggestions to guide entrepreneurs while they are forming their companies. This tool is supported by an extensive network of advisors and capital providers.

His Educational Achievements & Other

Wakeman earned his MBA degree from the University of Chicago. He also earned his bachelor of science degree from the University of Scranton in Economics and Finance. Wakeman is also Six Sigma Black Belt certified. And lastly, he has gained several international, national, and local awards for his commitment to corporate social responsibility and his leadership.


How Oncotarget is Changing the Way Doctors See Cancer Treatment

Because Oncotarget is such a big publication and there are so many doctors who are working together to help each other with the treatment options they have, there are new ways the publication can feel good about what they are doing. They are confident there are different options they can use and that has helped them make sure things are going to get better. It has also allowed them the chance to experience a more positive outcome whiel they are helping other doctors connect with each other. For Oncotarget, this means they have to be able to continue growing. Once they are able to reach new levels of growth, they’ll be able to keep making things better for themselves. All of it comes down to how they can try different things and how they can make sure things are going to get better for them. It will allow them the chance to try more than what they have in the past. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

By bringing attention to things like Oncotarget, Research Gate is making sure they are offering people a chance to see how things can get better. They want their clients to be able to trust what they have to offer and show other people what they can do to be successful. Thanks to Oncotarget, the changes that have happened in the industry have all been positive ones. Most people who are in the industry can see that difference and see how the publication is growing. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

The patients who are getting cancer treatment from doctors who are a part of Oncotarget are also confident they can make the right choices for the industry. As long as they are learning more and doing more, they will be able to try their best. They will also do what they can to help people realize there are different goals they can meet. Helping others is the easiest way for Oncotarget to keep growing and keep making a big difference. They want their doctors to have the best treatment options available so they can help all the patients they have worked with in their practices.


Jorge Moll And His Desire to Understand the Human Brain

Jorge Moll is one of the world’s most renowned neuroscientists and, based on his credentials, he most definitely deserves the status of being one of the best in the world of neuroscience.

The scientist Moll, a Brazilian citizen who graduated from the University of Rio de Janeiro, has been elected to the international renowned Neuroethics Society as a governors board member; he’s also the D’Or Institute in Research and Education’s governing board’s President and director. Apart from these roles, he is a senior scientist in the same institute. Follow Jorge on

The Research Fellow NIH nomination also recognized the work of Jorge Moll in the field of neuroscience because of a couple of studies that he conducted on the human brain, with amazing discoveries.

After achieving so many things in the world of neuroscience and gaining a lot of respect, and more importantly knowledge and experience, Jorge Moll is focusing all of his time on discovering more about the complexities of the brain. The main focus is how we understand the way we act and feel, because the more we know our minds, the more we can understand our human nature.

One of Jorge Moll’s discoveries is the relation of generosity to a primitive part of the brain that gives us pleasure when we give to others without expecting anything in return. It is the same pleasure in the mind that provides us with the same kind of feeling that dopamine and Oxytocin. This fact is fascinating as it gives homage to the old saying that it feels good to be good.


The research revolutionizes the way that we think about human behavior. It makes the line between evil and good even blurrier to some. This could be the reason why there are people who have less empathy for others, as this ‘primitive part’ of their brain that affects generosity is somehow different from most people. In the extreme cases, people who don’t feel any emotions at all to the suffering of others may have completely damaged this part of their brain.

To some, this is worrying because it downgrades the value of generosity to nothing more but a scientific technicality of our biology and that it only comes from the brain and not the heart.

Regardless, scientific breakthroughs like this one should be made useful to create a better understanding of the human brain in our society. Watch this video on Youtube.

The Midwest’s Ultimate Home Renovator: Aloha Construction

Home-renovations can be very fun to partake in, but home-renovation isn’t necessarily the easiest of tasks. If you don’t really have the basic skills to complete the tasks within this industry, then you should hire a professional. General-contractors can and will get the job done, but all aren’t created equal. Shopping around is a great route to take, but this short article is designed for the people in Wisconsin and Illinois. If you just so happen to live in these exclusive areas, then you’re in luck. One of the top general-contractors in the game provides coverage throughout this entire region, and it’s known as Aloha Construction.

Aloha Construction, one of the Midwest’s leading general-contractors, has the knowledge, the skill, the capabilities and the expertise to give your home a wonderful appearance. All of the company’s staff members are well-trained in a wide variety of home-renovation services. For those who reside in Southern Wisconsin and Illinois, the sky is the limit. When it comes to preventative-maintenance, this company will provide you with a ton of informative material. One of the best things you can do for your home is to keep stagnant water away. Water stagnation will ruin your home’s foundation by eroding it away overtime. Some good advice would be to provide proper drainage. This comes in the form of downspout systems as well as gutters. Yes, this company specializes in the subject at hand as well as many more drainage services.

This family-owned company has nine years of existence under its belt, but it has completed over 18,000 jobs. That’s right! Aloha Construction has definitely been putting in the word, and its resume is a direct-reflection of its success. For the ultimate in home-renovation, home-repair and home-restorative services, Aloha Construction should definitely be a serious consideration.