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Highland Capital Management, LP is affiliated with its counter part: Highland Capital Management and they recently closed an impressive healthcare deal. Involving private equity funds in the healthcare field, the business agreement amounts to $147 million and includes South Korea’s National Pension service as the main investor that is involved. South Korea’s National Pension service originated in 1988 and is currently valued at approximately 565 trillion dollars in assets. The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute has also joined the agreement with their net worth of approximately $465 billion in assets. Read more about Highland Capital at prnewswire.com.

This business relationship has a set series of criteria that has been agreed upon by all of the investors that are involved. These details are very strategic for China, Korea and the United States so all parties involved benefit. Investment opportunities in the future are also optional. Highland Capital Management has never before taken on the healthcare industry or private equity. Their investments typically came from direct funds or multi purpose funds in the past but this ongoing investment plan is promising. Visit highlandcap.com to know more.

The managing director for Highland Capital’s private Equity group, Carl Moore agrees with the details outlined as well as the fund placement that has taken place. The healthcare industry is booming right now and is the perfect field to target for investment purposes. With currently about $15 million in AUM and focusing largely on credit strategies, private equity, hedge funds, etc. alternative investments will provide additional options in the future that include long equities, short equities and natural resources.

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