George Soros the Consummate Philanthropist

Did you know that George Soros is one of the most well-known philanthropists in the world? Recently, George Soros freely gave more than $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations. Sadly, giving to specific foundations or organizations often triggers rumors and hate despite the goodness of the giving. The demonization of philanthropy has begun already, and not to mention that large-scale giving has come under scrutiny since Soro’s generous donation. How does this demonization of giving undermine the goodness of those who are giving freely of their own personal funds like Soros?

It has been said in times past, that the act of philanthropy has been criticized largely by those who have not had the ability to give as much. It could be that perhaps those who don’t play a role of any kind in the financial markets perceive that those who do are only giving to be put into the spotlight. Realistically, the promotion of one’s business may not come from giving, but rather from their ability to market their organization or corporation. Large financial donations are now viewed as a way of swaying public opinion rather than viewed as an act of goodness. Could it be that this is simply partisan in nature? On the surface it appears that the hate behind these accusations of giving appears to bring an accusation that some hidden agenda is being met with Soro’s money.

Soros’ paper, The Capitalist Threat, covers a quick education on why these things are so. His point early on is that there is no possession of the ultimate truth. This is because he states that this is something well beyond what humans can process or do. There will always be different views and interests, making it clear that not everyone agrees, but yet there seems to be so little peace in addition to all of this. A few of his main points throughout the paper are that everyone is to live in freedom. The freedom of choice and the freedom of speech make it okay to give the opinion, but that does not make it truth and more

Soros makes reference to Karl Popper, stating that his teaching was consistent with the fact that no one knows or possesses the ultimate truth. The question was why this is so. His point was that everyone is living in a universe that they are attempting to understand. The majority of time is spent trying to understand it rather than doing and being productive. There is no doubt that Soros generates a lot of conversation, but is it fair to say that his giving for ill intent just because his giving is so large?

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