Talk Fusion Expands Into India With Business Marketing Tools

Marketing is a constantly changing service, and video marketing increases in popularity and effectiveness all the time. Video marketing company Talk Fusion is a leader in the the marketing world and it recently announced that it has opened a new office in India. Direct selling in India is a growing faster than any other type of service offered and with the new office Talk Fusion creating a network of offices the practice is only going to become more popular.


Through video formatting, businesses can now change the way they communicate with customers and reach potential clients. Talk Fusion helps develop those products in order to aid businesses. Everything from video chat to video advertising to live video conferencing is developed by Talk Fusion and available for purchase to businesses that are trying to develop their brands and increase revenue.


Talk Fusion is a marketing company that has found a way to create products for businesses in an already crowded market. Through development and creation, the company has set out to provide an entire suite of cohesive products that businesses can pick and choose from in order to best manage their clientele and sales. What makes the brand and its products even more effective is that they are sold person to person, so everything is customized according to what your business needs guaranteeing that personal touch. Whenever a company needs help with the products they’ve chosen, the salesperson that they are working with are right at their fingertips, ensuring that the user experience is the best that it can be. Leaarn more:


Founder: Bob Reina

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