Clay Siegall’s Work in Finding Effective and Reliable Cure’s for Diseases

Dr. Clay Siegall, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Seattle Genetics started this company with the intentions of developing targeted therapy medication for diseases that had not shown any improvement for years. Dr. Clay has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and a Ph.D. in Genetics from The University of Maryland and George Washington University respectively. Seattle Genetic began in 1998 and has been working tirelessly towards getting targeted therapies. It has so far come up with over twenty drugs and the first antibody drug conjugate, ADC, which has been approved by the FDA. Dr. Clay Siegall has led the company into partnerships with manufacturers of drugs such as Genentech, Bayer, and Pfizer among others.

Dr. Clay has also managed to grow the company into a major player in the research of cancer. The company has been well positioned to keep growing in the industry through the number of drugs they currently have in the pipeline and the role they are playing in increasing the indications that could potentially be used in making drugs for crucial diseases. Dr. Siegall expresses his hope in finding targeted drugs that will be effective in the treatment of critical diseases such as cancer. Dr. Clay Siegall has always had a passion for medicine. He believes that people should not be condemned to brutal methods of treatment while they are trying to get better. His close family member who suffered from cancer had a great role in Dr. Clay’s engagement and interest to find solutions for such diseases.

At some point in the operations of Seattle Genetics, the company faced some challenges but they were able to pull through. Through this experience, Dr. Clay was able to work smarter towards his goals and so far success has come his way. He has put in place a team of experienced sales executives who assist in selling their products and creating awareness in the industry. The fact that the products they offer are unique and effective, selling is made easier since the product can speak for itself. Dr. Clay Siegall attributes the success of his company to hard work. He believes that as long as anyone works hard towards their goals, they will be successful.

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