How Securus Technologies Avert Crime

Securus Technologies is a firm that is very effective in facilitating calls between prisoners and families members outside the corrections centers. The company was established in 1986, and it has its headquarters is in Dallas Texas. The firm is currently serving over 1.2 million prisoners in 48 states and estimates of 3,400 correctional facilities.

Securus Technologies firm has acquired the legacy of keeping a watchful eye on crime, by observing the incoming and outgoing calls, thus preventing criminal activities. The service of the firm has reduced the illegal activities in both prison and the outside locations.

Screening of the past phone calls discloses the inmate officials who are corrupt. Some of the prison staff are very corrupt to the level of promoting the rate of crime within the prison itself. This official also supports the abuse of drugs within the most cells, and therefore they enhance the development of associations that ruin the community. Securus has been able to bring down those gangs, because of the technologies of the company that progresses on a weekly basis, thus averting the crime.

The experts’ criminals in American prison systems are known to plan crime activities while they are still in jail. Since they communicate using the software of Securus, their outside deals are known in advance. Therefore, the firm employs such essential information in making arrests, thus preventing the wave of criminal activities. These have made many customers who have used the services of Securus to support the firm.

The Securus Technologies uses LBS software to prevent the organizations and gangs that handle illegal items, drugs, firearms, and money. Through the support of the LBS system, the company has been able to retrieve the items and commodities that are a threat to the state security.

Therefore it is right to say that the Securus Technologies is changing the American system by use of modern communication systems, to bring down criminal operations.



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