Rocketship Education: Striving Hard for Every Child’s Education

Established in 2007 in the Bay Area, the Rocketship network has expanded to 25 schools in three regions. The schools are located in Milwaukee, Nashville, the Bay Area, and Washington DC. Being a non-profit, public elementary charter school network, they serve mainly low income students living in areas where there are only limited access to excellent schooling. They believe that every child should have the same opportunities of getting the highest standard of education, and they are determine to continue to grow throughout the US to ensure that.

Rocketship gained national attention with it’s blended learning approach and its first strong test scores. The blended learning approach includes a combination of computer-assisted and online instruction and traditional teaching. This combination keeps reduced administrative costs.

Recent News in San Jose

It was recently reported that op-ed is creating equity in the land of opportunity. The article reported how the middle class is eliminating, and the future of the poor is not looking as it once did. Because of that the Rocketship network and very wealthy people, such as the founder of Facebook and his wife, are teaming up to invest $100 million for children’s education.

Recent News in Washington DC

In 2013, the Public Charter School Board of D.C. voted that Rocketship can open up to eight schools in their district. The first one will be in Ward 8. The regional director of Rocketship, Jacque Patterson, stated that the charter is working to operate the charter unlike the district’s other charters. They are working on operating it like a neighborhood school. The school started accepting applications earlier last year for any child in DC who wants to apply; however, their main focus is recruiting Ward 8 neighborhood’s students. The start of that application process was for the 2016 to 2017 school year.


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