Larkin and Lacey Help Minorities With Civil Rights Cases

Many minorities have to go through civil rights cases just because of who they are or the color of their skin. While Larkin and Lacey recognize this is not right, they want to help all of the people who are dealing with these cases. They feel they have an opportunity to make a difference for people so they need to use that to their advantage.

They also feel it is a part of their duty to provide as much help as possible to people who are going through human rights cases because of the way they are able to do things.

When Larkin and Lacey were working as journalists, they could publish information about what was going on in human rights and civil rights. They knew they would be able to make a difference with the publications, but they wanted to do something so much more than that.

They wanted to help protect the minorities and give them something nobody else had ever given them in the past. It was their way of giving back to the community, and they just wanted to do it so they would be able to help all of those who didn’t normally have someone standing up for them.

There was a problem with their goals, though. They were arrested and charged with their own civil rights violation. The police illegally arrested them, and they had to deal with the backlash that came from this.

It was a problem, but they knew they would be able to fight it as long as they were working for something more positive. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

They wanted to show people anyone could deal with a human rights violation instead of having to just take the charges they were given from the police. While they did not necessarily win the case, the sheriff’s department had to pay them over three million dollars.

What originally seemed like a problem with their plan turned out to be just what they needed to get started.

They used the money they had made from the settlement to start the Frontera Fund. With this fund, they could help people who had not had a chance to be successful in the past. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

They could use the money from the fund to help pay for legal expenses and other costs that were associated with human rights cases. It was their way of helping those they couldn’t help in the past.

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