Mike Baur Asks, Are You Ready For The Big Leagues?

An accomplished serial-entrepreneur himself, the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur is constantly encouraging newbie entrepreneurs to “get your game face on.” Known for his successful track record of starting, re-starting, and growing businesses, he’s equally skilled in several other disciplines.


Mike Baur began his career in the financial industry at UBS, one of the largest Swiss Private Banks. After leaving UBS, he spent four and a half years at Clariden Leu, serving in managerial positions. In 2015, Baur co-founded Swiss Startup in Zurich, coaching business owners with transformations, including business development, early-stage fundraising, and operational management. Among coaching and development, the Swiss Startup Factory also works as a startup accelerator. Baur says, many times good ideas become tangled in the long process of planning and development. Swiss Startup Factory helps entrepreneurs develop their ideas quickly.


“Accelerators” are considered to be crucial components to enrich the entrepreneurial culture, especially when it comes down to financial strengths. Going through this process with experienced business leaders can become an important trial run for a business model. Entrepreneurs can test whether their concept will really work, and they have help to tweak the problems areas.


Clients of the Swiss Startup Factory often say that all beginnings are difficult but the program helps you identify problems quickly, as well as move on to the next phase. Anyone you talk to agrees that this 3-month program is a game changer.


You Can Overcome Anything


According to Mike Baur, the Swiss Startup Factory shows novice entrepreneurs how to overcome anything during their 3-month intensive program. Entrepreneurs typically make numerous mistakes, but they have a higher tolerance than the average worker bee. They look at their mistakes and analyze what went wrong and how to fix it. An entrepreneur’s perspective is completely different. Undoubtedly, Baur is experienced in developing a well-rounded business. “It’s a continuous learning experience,” says the mastermind who strives for the impossible.


With 20+ years of experience, Baur is an inspiration that continues to thrive. He prides himself on leading new businesses, finding solutions, and being a skilled planner. Internationally recognized, Baur uses his gift of insight to help entrepreneurs realize their potential.


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