Beneful Does It Better!

Your best friend deserves the best. The number one ingredient in Beneful Originals is either chicken or beef. It contains grains and vegetables as well for a well-balanced diet your pet deserves and loves. Is your pet a meat lover? With Beneful Grain Free, they’re getting exactly that. With no grains added and loaded with meat as well as healthy fruits and vegetables, your pet is guaranteed to love it as much as you do. Beneful Healthy Weight is another product Purina has to offer that is worth a second glance. With a healthy balance of lean meats, grains, and vegetables, it is a wonderful product for your older pet that is a little slower these days.

Made with wholesome ingredients, it’s no surprise that Purina Beneful is the leader in the dog food industry. Each product is made with the best ingredients to keep your pet happier and healthier for longer. All of the Purina Beneful products are great for your pet’s coat, teeth, and digestive system. Each ingredient is carefully chosen with your friend’s best interest in mind. Breathe some life back into your pet. Give your dog the best and they’ll thank you for it every day.

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