OSI Group is a global organization that supplies food companies with value added products such as beef patties, sandwiches, sausage links, and pizza. The group boasts of a vibrant network of over 50 businesses in 17 different countries, which serve renowned food dealers such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger King, Papa John’s and Yum. The company has been doing business in China for the last two decades, where it runs a fleet of eight factories.

David Mc Donald, the leader of the organization, contends that the group has made significant progress in poultry production. The steady growth of OSI group’s influence in the Chinese market has seen the company launch DaOSI in partnership with DOYOO Group.

OSI team’ s immense success is attributable to improvements in the processing and production sectors. These entail the launching of a beef processing plant in Poland, a new feeds mill in the Shandong Province and an Indian based frozen foods processing facility. Other improvements include the penetration of different markets such as Hungary and Geneva. With a particular emphasis on consumer’s taste, talent utilization and adherence to government regulations, the company has consistently provided world class products and services to its customers.

The company’s president, David McDonald, has built a vibrant global network of firms and in-house teams across the globe. He successfully ensured that every regional office’s management team has an understanding of the tastes and cultures of local customers. The move has largely contributed to the inherent high consumer satisfaction.

David McDonald is not only the CEO of OSI Group but a valuable member of the company’s board of directors. He is the chairman of the North American Meat Institute and has been serving Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as an independent director since 2008 when OSI’s Europe and Brazil plants were acquired by Margig global.

His prowess in the provision of value added protein products to clients is attributable to his degree in animal science, which he gracefully earned at the Lowa State University. David firmly believes that the delivery of high quality and quantity services and products to consumers is not only dictated by production capacity but product development.

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