Vitamins, oils beneficial in all natural lip balm

Not just any old lip balm will do. Your lip balm needs to go on smooth while also moisturizing your lips and giving your mouth a huge burst of flavor. EOS Lip Balm continues to grow in popularity in part due to their fun and bold flavor combinations like pomegranate raspberry.

The all natural lip balm boasts being 95% organic and gluten free, making EOS Lip Balm one of the best lip balm brands on the market. Other lip balms feel waxy and are heavy on your lips. That is because they contain paraben and petroleum, but EOS Lip Balm doesn’t have these products. Instead, EOS Lip Balm gets its smoothness from beneficial Vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter. All rich in antioxidants, the trio softens your lips naturally, allowing for the smooth feeling during the application of your lip balm. Shop your lip balm here on

All of the benefits are enough to make EOS Lip Balm an industry leader, and the fun element that keeps attracting fans is the huge variety of flavors, refer also to From exotics like passion fruit and coconut milk, to perfectly kissable strawberry sorbet or vanilla bean which is perfect for all occasions, browse products for more. EOS Lip Balm offers a flavor to fit every personality. While the health benefits are important, it’s the innovative flavor combinations that keep people coming back for more EOS Lip Balm.


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