The Strength

Nexbank has become one of the most popular banks in Texas, and now it has moved beyond the state of Texas thanks to online accounts. The financial services that are offered by Nexbank are vast, and many clients are going to embrace the services like wealth management and mortgage services.

There is an expansion in the neighborhood banking concept that NexBank has been known for. This company has continued to build a presence in Dallas, and most people know this as the bank for mortgage lending and checking accounts. This company has been able to provide commercial lending services as well as provide corporate advisory. The CEO John L. Holt has managed to help this NexBank financial institution become one of the true leaders in the offering of financial services.

At one time NexBank was known as the Heritage Bank, but the name of this bank was changed in 2005. This bank has had tremendous growth with more than $5 billion in assets. This company has been able to meet the needs of a lot of people from many different walks of life. The middle market companies, along with real estate investors and personal banking customers have been helped by all the services that are offered by NexBank.

James Dondero is the president that has been able to grow Nexbank and help customers through transaction advisory. This is a bank that has all types of competitive rates. People that may be looking for a chance to get better rates for mortgages. Ohers may be looking for a competitive higher rate for their investment accounts. There are a plethora of services available for anyone that is looking for the possibility to acquiring better financial service advice. This company has become one of the top commercial and personal banking options in Dallas.

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