Karl Heideck Investigates The Wells Fargo Philadelphia Controversy

The Wells Fargo bank has been through some tough times in recent years and is now facing a further period of uncertainty because of what financial experts with the City of Philadelphia describe as discriminatory lending practices at the nationally known bank. Financial attorney Karl Heideck has been looking at the controversy and what it means for both the people of Philadelphia and the San Francisco based Wells Fargo financial institution.Karl Heideck explains the main allegations made against officials at Wells Fargo are a refusal to provide fair interest rates and loan approvals based on race rather than credit score and employment.

One of the main problems identified by officials for the City of Philadelphia has been the fact applicants from African American and Hispanic communities were offered loans at a higher interest rate than those applying with similar credit scores from white communities.The problems were not limited to taking on an initial loan, but also saw those from minority groups refused refinancing options from Wells Fargo; with the statistics provided by the City of Philadelphia seeming to show these accusations to be correct the onus will be placed on Wells Fargo to prove they were not acting in an unfair way, which they have yet to address in any submitted written response to the court.

Karl Heideck has been gaining a consistently growing number of followers in recent years for his writing that is often based around his blog addressing financial and legal issues; Heideck is a respected attorney in the Philadelphia area and is based in the Jenkintown region of Pennsylvania.After achieving a Bachelor of the Arts degree from Swarthmore College, Karl Heideck went on to achieve a Juris Doctor in 2009 at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law. The main areas of interest for Karl Heideck have expanded in recent years to include product liability and commercial litigation that form the basis of his practice at the Grant & Eisenhower law firm.

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Troy McQuagge and USHEALTH Group: Changing the Health Insurance Industry a Customer at a Time

Troy McQuagge, CEO USHEALTH Group Inc., has won gold in the CEO of the Year category in the prestigious One Planet Awards. These awards honor business and professional excellence in different industries. With global coverage, the awards are open to organizations across the world whether public, private, large, small, for-profit, not-for-profit and new start-ups. One Planet Awards honors industry players in different categories and sections such as teams, executives, corporate communication, new products and services, marketing and PR.

Troy McQuagge says it is an honor to be named to receive the award adding that in reality, the award not only honors him but that it also belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group Inc. According to him, the award is a testament to the firm’s ongoing commitment to providing customers with affordable healthcare solutions using innovative coverage plans.


Troy McQuagge pursued his Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies at the University of Central Florida before beginning his career at the Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. From here work led him to the United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI) where he worked in the student insurance division. He was named the president of UICI’s UGA insurance agency in 1997. In 2006, UICI was acquired by private equity investors and renamed HealthMarkets. Mr. McQuagge worked here until 2008. During his tenure as president of HealthMarkets, the firm’s Agency Marketing Group (AMG)was recognized by the Stevie Awards and Selling Power Magazine as the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year. The firm also surpassed $1 billion in annual premium sales volume during this period. He went on to join USHEALTH Group Inc. in 2010 as the president and CEO of the firm. Troy McQuagge on Facebook.

Since joining USHEALTH Group Inc., he has been responsible for strategic growth and profitability of the organization. His stay at the firm has seen him design a proprietary agency platform for achieving the organization’s growth objectives. Under his leadership, USHEALTH Group has grown into the largest “under 65” health insurance market captives sales organization. Some of the skills that have catapulted him into the limelight are skills in insurance, health savings accounts, sales management, fixed annuities, legal liability, health policy, and underwriting.

McQuagge has volunteered for different organizations and has worked with Phoenix of New Orleans, SemperFi Fund, HopeKids Dallas, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, and Trinity Habitat for Humanity.

About USHEALTH Group Inc.

USHEALTH Group Inc. is a healthcare company dedicated to the provision of insurance plans for small business owners, their employees, self-employed individuals, and families. The firm’s insurance solutions cover life, accident and disability, and specified disease/sickness. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, USHEALTH Group provides healthcare insurance solutions using its subsidiary companies National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom of Life Insurance Company of America.

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Development of Businesses with Equities First Holdings

Through helping, businesses and investor for solution Equities First Holdings are able to assist investors with their stock-based solution hence enabling them to continue doing their business normally. Equities First Holdings has also ensured they expand their services in different part of the country and their main headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Furthermore, they have other branches all over the over the world such as London, Singapore, Sydney, Perth, and HongKong.

Equities First Holding in order to enable businesses to develop they as well give investors and institute capital to improve their businesses but most active investors and institute have more probability to get. The organization also accomplished a lot of income from the day the began to work whereby they had completed 1000 deals and got $1.4 billion. In the year 2002 when the company started Al Christy is the founder and he as well was able to supervise 50 workers and provided them with the good surrounding to work hence they were able to work swiftly and make more profit. Mostly the company helps upcoming investors with small loans which will enable them to develop their business and achieve their objectives.

The company always adhere to their values that what makes them extraordinary which includes satisfying their customers need and making them feel safe, they always ensure they create a good relationship with their clients which will enable them to come back for more of their services. The organization as well ensure their staff member have good ethics and a better bond between them in order for the company to develop. Stock-based loans are very better to compare to margins loans these is because there limit and restriction are way better than margins loans. Lastly, the organization partner with the different organization so they can provide improved services to their clients.


How Jim Tanabaum Invests In The Healthcare Industry

In 2010 Entrepreneur Jim Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital in the San Franciso Bay area. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the company which invests in private equity firms involved in the healthcare industry. Tananbaum and his team identify emerging companies that they want to invest in and then help those companies grow by providing capital, information, and their network of other industry experts.

Prior to founding Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum co-founded two other companies that invested in healthcare companies. He had also co-founded two biotechnology companies previously in his professional career. One of his companies, GelTex Pharmaceuticals, had two drugs approved by the FDA. HE sold the company for $1.6 billion in 1998 after one of his drugs, Renagel, started producing more than $200 million a year in revenue. His other company, Theravence, Inc., has also proven to be very successful and, along with their partner Innoviva, is now worth $3.2 billion.

Jim Tananbaum has a Partner at Sierra Ventures and put in place this investment company’s healthcare services investment policy. He also led Prospect Venture Partners, another healthcare investment company, for nine years as the Managing Director. This company invested in biotechnology startups.

Tananbaum’s leadership at Foresite Capital has led to their investing in 77 healthcare companies. This includes those that create pharmaceuticals as well as medical services, genomics sequencing, and diagnostic services. His largest and most notable investments have been in Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Intarcia Therapeutics, and 10X Genomics.

As a scientist, Jim Tananbaum has said that in the near future doctors will be able to catch diseases in the earliest stages when they are most treatable by sequencing blood, tissue, and/or saliva that is taken from patients. Genomic sequencing like this will lead to people leading longer, healthier lives.

As an entrepreneur, Jim Tananbaum said that he spends quite a bit of time doing his due diligence before making an investment in a healthcare company. Even though every investment has by its nature an element of risk he finds that operating this business leads to good returns rather than a loss more often than not.

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José Henrique Borghi Builds Advertising Resume

José Henrique Borghi has easily become one of the most successful marketing professionals in all of Brazil. Borghi is someone that has managed to create a very interesting platform in marketing because he knows about the the unconventional ways to get attention.

There are a lot of people that have seen his advertisements because he has worked for so many different advertising agencies. At one time he worked for FCB. That was another time that he worked for Standard Ogilvy. His experience with all of these firms like Talent and DM9DDB has helped him gain a lot of experience. José Henrique Borghi has not always taking the conventional approach to marketing, but this is a good thing. This is what has allowed him to experience and see what marketing campaigns would work the best.

As someone that has been responsible for Brazilian marketing ads José Henrique Borghi has won a plethora of awards. He has been able to win awards at Cannes and the London Festival. These are the awards that have been presented in advertising for excellence in ad creation. People that have become familiar with his ads have stated that he is one of the most influential figures in all of Brazil. Click here to know more.

He has become someone is able to get people to notice what he is doing in the advertising industry because he knows the industry well. José Henrique Borghi has been able to help advertising companies grow. He has been able to partner with people that have been able to keep people interested in what he is saying. Jose has been able to build a resume of work that includes many prestigious clients.

José Henrique Borghi also has been able to train others in the industry. He is well respected for his vision in the advertising community.

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NuoDB-Giving You What You Want

NuoDB is an SQL database that will reduce time to market by helping to leverage any application code already in place and will keep data management logic within the database where it belongs. NuoDB will also lower costs substantially because high availability, disaster recovery, and scale are built right into NuoDB. NuoDb will even deliver better performance, new features at a faster speed, and offer better availability in order to differentiate your application.

NuoDB has advanced architecture that makes it possible to make optimizations around redundancy, storage, replication, and more without having to deal with any limitations. You can run NuoDB in the environment of your choosing and maximize your recourses. Its in-memory caches will automatically adjust for the best workload performance possible and you can add and remove compute power without disrupting database services. NuoDB is able to withstand failure at every level without bringing down your application and you can migrate existing applications to NuoDB’s cloud database easily. NuoDB gives you the flexibility, availability, and elasticity that you deserve and need without having to sacrifice anything. Tat’s the way it should be and that’s the way it is when your use NuoDB. So why settle for anything less?


A high yielding profitable company is the dream of every investor. The Highland Capital Management is an investment adviser company that assists individuals to reach this goal.

Highland Capital Management has more than 15 billion assets under investment. The company is the leading world option of credit managers.


The company deals with distressed and special situation private equity, credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations, long-only funds and separate accounts. In addition to this, the investment company also performs the following services; natural resources, emerging markets, alternative investments and long and short equities.


The financial investment company clients include high-net-worth individuals, fund of funds, pension plans, foundations, corporations, endowments, governments and financial institutions.


The investment company deals with more than financial markets; the company also invests a lot in philanthropy. Through its various investment projects, the company funds provide advice and volunteers in numerous community-based projects and even non-profit organizations. In fact, since 2005, the financial firm has managed to entrust more than nine million dollars to various establishments around the globe.


Although the company’s headquarters is in Dallas, Texas it has other offices in Sao Paolo, Seoul, New York, and Singapore. In fact, the Seoul office was able to launch a powerful medical fund deal which was to the tune of 147 million dollars with the backing of the South Korea National Pension Service. This was the company’s first acquisition of a major medical deal in the Asian region. Currently Highland Capital has more than 1.5 billion dollars invested in the medical field.


Highland Capital Management Philanthropic Project


As mentioned above, the company has managed to donate heavily to philanthropy causes from all over the world. Through the Dallas Foundation, Some of this charity causes include The Dallas Foundation partnership which aims to improve the lives of North Texas communities. The Dallas Foundation is one of the oldest community-based foundations in the area.


The one million challenge grant towards The Family Place 16.5 million dollars fund to build the Ann Moody Place. This was done in support of The Legacy Campaign. The Family Place is a family abuse recovery center which is also based in Texas.The Highland Capital Management establishment was started 20 years ago. However, over the years it has grown to be one of the biggest global credit managers in the world.