Using Securus Technologies for Crime Prevention

Recently we had a huge increase in burglaries in our community. My job as an investigator is to get these suspects in custody as quickly as possible, but although the crimes were increasing, the leads were getting cold. With hundreds of eyes on the street, we try to find anything, but the trail is getting cold despite the suspect hiding in plain sight.


The burglaries were getting more frequent, so we decided we had to step up our investigation because my superiors were starting to get heat, so it was coming down on me. My solution was to try and see if the way these burglaries were being committed similar to any from years ago. It was here that I discovered the exact same pattern in a neighboring community from 3 years ago, but stopped when the suspect was found guilty and spent a year in jail.


Checking records of recently released inmates, it came to light that the suspect from years ago was in fact the one released, and we had out first lead. I decided to go back to the jail because Securus Technologies had recently installed a newer inmate call system and it was supposed to be far more advanced than the system I used years ago. I was quickly trained on the LBS software, and it wasn’t long before the covert alert feature tipped me off the suspect was in town.


Going back and listening to the chatter between this suspect and current inmates, it came to light that he was just warming up. The suspects plan was to reunite with his gang that was getting out this month, then go on a huge burglary spree, and then skip town for good. With the help of the Securus Technologies system, we were able to catch our suspect in the act before he was able to plan his big escape.


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