Bruce Levenson Nurturing Future Non-profit Business Leaders

Bruce Levenson, the former owner of Atlanta Hawks, sold the team in 2014 to Antony Ressler-led group at a cost of over $850M, reports After finalizing the sale, Levenson decided to get involved in the non-profit sector. The entrepreneur provided seed capital to Do Good Institute based at University of Maryland. Levenson and his wife Karen invested over $75 million in the initiative with additional funding of $20 million coming from the State of Maryland.

Do Good Institute is a noble initiative that has had profound impact on higher education. The goal of the institute is to build a crop of non-profit business leaders who are capable of competing favorably with those in the private sector. To achieve this, the institute has designed programs that focus on equipping undergraduate students with skills on non-profit and volunteering. This ensures that each student graduating from the campus is sufficiently empowered to participate in community service and charity activities.

Since inception in 2010, the initiative has immensely succeeded in nurturing cutting-edge entrepreneurs who are positively transforming communities. Ben Simon is one of the institute’s alumni who co-founded Food Recovery Network, a movement devoted to reducing waste on campus. The former student is also the brainchild of Imperfect Produce, a project that focuses on reducing produce wastage.

In his interview with Benzinga, Levenson was optimistic that the Do Good model is attractive enough to draw the interest of other players in the higher education. The initiative is a unique education alternative that responds to changing the education landscape.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. He owns Atlanta Spirit LLC and serves as the co-founder and partner of United Communications Group (UGC). Previously, he has worked for TechTarget, Inc, Washington Star and Observer Publishing among others. He holds a J.D. from American University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University.

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