Comparative Law in the World Today

Laws are important regulations that govern any society. No matter how chaotic or broken down a society or region might be; there is some type of law that is governing that place. Without any types of law a society literally crumble. Law is important because it helps people to maintain order and it gives a society structure.


All nations might have laws but their need for law is different. The reason why so many societies have different laws is because of the culture and people that they govern. Some cultures or ethnic groups have different types of lifestyles that might require specific types of laws to govern them.

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For example, people that reside within the United States are subject to laws about legally registering their vehicles. Some third-world countries do not have any laws on the books for vehicle registration.


According to, the reason why the U.S. requires vehicle registration is for insurance and identity purposes. In the event that a person has an accident or commits some type of crime with the use of a vehicle; law enforcement can usually figure out who a person is simply by checking their vehicle registration information. In a third-world country; this might not be as important since individuals here might rely on another process to identify people and their possessions.


The point is that some countries have similar laws and other countries do not. There is a professor named Sujit Choudhry and he is a leading authority on comparative law. He specializes in constitutional comparative law. This branch of the comparative law process takes a look at the constitutions of various nations and figures out what they have in common and what are different.  For further reading,  hit


Choudhry has been specializing within the this field for many years. He is from India and has been in the U.S. since the 2000s. He was also a former dean at the University of Berkley Law School. Choudhry is now a tenured law professor at Berkley.  Visit Sujit’s page.


His knowledge and commitment to the comparative legal field is very well respected by his colleagues, subordinate and peers. Comparative law is extremely important in the world. This process simply helps people to understand laws in different parts of the world and how they impact the lives of people at home and abroad.  See

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