Rona Borre Wants To Change The Face Of Tech In Chicago

Rona Borre, The BusinessWoman Veteran
Rona Borre, The BusinessWoman Veteran

What She Wants To Do

Rona Borre sees a major problem in the tech and finance industries of Chicago. She believes there is a lack of diversity in these industries even though they carry some of the most lucrative and in demand jobs available. In order to combat this Borre leads the Instant Alliance agency and helps companies in these industries develop employee rosters filled with qualified applicants from a variety of backgrounds. So far everyone she works with is satisfied with the quality of her work.



Instant Alliance Is Making A Difference

The Instant Alliance helps these companies by looking at the hiring process as more than a simple check of a resume. In order to find qualified candidates you have to understand how each person applying for the job will interact with others and whether or not you want them representing your company. Instant Alliance looks for these qualities and tries their best to find candidates that match the jobs companies need quickly filled.



About Rona Borre

Rona Borre is the CEO of Instant Alliance and a long term veteran of the human capital industry. She uses her talents to help people find the jobs they like and companies find the employees they need. Thanks to her work at the Instant Alliance the tech industry of Chicago is changing rapidly and new faces are entering the market. She has helped change the face of the tech industry and changed perceptions of tech in Chicago. Hop over related site,


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