Rona Borre Wants To Change The Face Of Tech In Chicago

Rona Borre, The BusinessWoman Veteran
Rona Borre, The BusinessWoman Veteran

What She Wants To Do

Rona Borre sees a major problem in the tech and finance industries of Chicago. She believes there is a lack of diversity in these industries even though they carry some of the most lucrative and in demand jobs available. In order to combat this Borre leads the Instant Alliance agency and helps companies in these industries develop employee rosters filled with qualified applicants from a variety of backgrounds. So far everyone she works with is satisfied with the quality of her work.



Instant Alliance Is Making A Difference

The Instant Alliance helps these companies by looking at the hiring process as more than a simple check of a resume. In order to find qualified candidates you have to understand how each person applying for the job will interact with others and whether or not you want them representing your company. Instant Alliance looks for these qualities and tries their best to find candidates that match the jobs companies need quickly filled.



About Rona Borre

Rona Borre is the CEO of Instant Alliance and a long term veteran of the human capital industry. She uses her talents to help people find the jobs they like and companies find the employees they need. Thanks to her work at the Instant Alliance the tech industry of Chicago is changing rapidly and new faces are entering the market. She has helped change the face of the tech industry and changed perceptions of tech in Chicago. Hop over related site,


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Doe Deere – article recap

Just a few weeks before Halloween in 2008 Doe Deere released her popular cosmetic line Lime Crime. She originally offered unique products such as eyeshadow, glitter and even makeup brushes. Although her line offers many different products nowadays, it is still one of the most popular cosmetic brands in the industry. Lime Crime offers a variety of products such as lipstick, lip gloss, liquid eyeliner and even eyeshadows and palettes. One of their most unique products is their liquid eyeliner.


Doe Deere created a liquid eyeliner that is very pigmented as well as very long lasting. It is smudge-proof as well as touch proof and won’t bleed or fade. It offers a slim thin brush for precise application. The liquid eyeliner goes on glossy and smooth and dries to a nice soft finish for more lasting power. It is available in electric blue as well as black.


Another one of the most unique products that Doe Deere has created is her up and coming highlighter palette. The soon to be released highlighter palette is a gorgeous palette that is used to highlight and soften the features of the face. It offers neutral and golden tones to complement every skin color. The highlighter palette is a cream product which is perfect for a variety of different skin types and textures.


Over the years Deere has also created many other unique products. Her matte Velvetine lipsticks are a one of a kind liquid lipstick that goes on smooth and dries to a nice soft matte finish. They offer a ton of lasting power and come in a large variety of fun colors.


Aside from offering creative and unique beauty products Deere also strives to offer the best ingredients. Each and every Lime Crime product is vegan friendly as well as cruelty free. No Lime Crime products are tested on animals and they contain no animal or animal by-products. Lime Crime is backed by Peta as well as Leaping Bunny. Deere is committed to offering a product that each and every individual can use. Lime Crime products are available on as well as They are also available in many select retail locations. They are available in Urban Outfitters as well as Asos and many other stores. They offer some of the most bold and expressive colors on the market. They also offer some of the most unique and creative packaging ideas.

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Hair Care The Easy, Healthy Way: One Bottle With WEN By Chaz

If you’re like many of us, we always seem to reach for the shampoo with the biggest lather. We believe the hype and QVC commercials and then get sucked into buying shampoos that promise the world, when all we’re really getting is a large bottle of suds full of chemicals like sulfates.

If you want that healthy, shiny, bouncy hair you see on some Hollywood stars, it’s not coming from the sulfates. Nasty agents might provide a lot of foaming action, but these hidden chemicals are weakening and drying your strands, stripping them of their natural oils and eventually damaging from root to end.

Wen hair is the smart alternative, because it’s a no lather shampoo that uses basic ingredients from nature, like chamomile, tea tree oil, fig, bamboo water complex, rice protein, eucalyptus and many others. Chaz Dean is the genius behind the brand and the quality standards and integrity that go into each item. He’s also a famous west coast stylist who tends to the tresses of A-list clients, and they are faithful to his no lather shampoo way of life.

WEN By Chaz is so gentle and effective, that he even sells a popular children’s no lather shampoo line called “WEN Kids.”

The beauty of WEN’s unique cleansing conditioners are in their multi-performing tasks. These luxurious blends act as a shampoo, conditioner, de-tangler, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner. Your hair will gain super shine, volume, strength and manageability, because WEN By Chaz is not like traditional hair care systems. WEN looks at hair in an holistic manner. That is why, you will never find sodium laurel sulfate or other damaging detergents in his rich, soothing no lather shampoos. There is no intelligent reason to add those chemicals, and your hair will quickly understand the WEN difference.

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MB2 Dental Solutions; a firm for dentists

Who knew that the desire to turn the dentistry into a respectable practice could lead to the inception of a multimillion company? In 2009, out of frustration from his own dentist practice, Dr. Chris Steven decided to open a company that supports dentists and help them reap the benefits of being a dentist. That was when the MB2 dental solutions company was born.

The main aim of the company is to provide dentists with the channel for the dentists to practice their dental services. These services are offered to the affiliated dentists. They provide offices for them to offer quality services. This is literally a dentist firm for dentists.


There are different services that the company offers. All the services focus on providing quality dental services to all the customers. The services include;

« Human resources; these services are designed so as to provide channels and facilitate the growth of the employees. The human resources services include; payroll, benefits, employee relations, etc.

« Accounting and finance; the company will administer the accounting services to you. All the accounting services will be handled by an accredited accountant

« Marketing services; MB2 dental solutions will help you in growing your business. Whether you are looking to grow your patient capacity or promote your business, you will find plans that will help you with that. Your marketing needs will be handled by the most experienced marketers.

« Training; there is the MB2U that provides all employees guidance and attention to help the dentists achieve success. You will have all the information you need to promote the growth of the business

« Procurement services; in partnership with the different dental suppliers, the company offers you dental supplies that you will need.

« Compliance services; the company will offer you services that will ensure that your dental practice is in compliance with the law.

« IT and data management services; they will provide you with the latest technology that will ensure that the services run smoothly. They offer cloud network solutions, data services, backup, surveillance solutions, disaster management and also maintenance plans.

« Billing services; the company will be responsible for billing the different clients and insurance companies.

« Recruitment, procurement, and business development are among the services offered

The main of the services is to support the normal operations of the dentist practice so that you can focus on being a dentist.

Ricardo Tosto: Choosing Experienced Business Lawyer

Many people go into business without having access to the right resources, including expert legal advice. Sooner or later, an entrepreneur or corporate personnel will encounter disputes or conflicts with other companies or organizations.

Being properly prepared to deal with any legal issue in your business, whether it’s a partnership matter or dispute with another company, will definitely enhance your chances of getting positive outcome.

There are many business lawyers in Brazil that cater to companies, business owners and others who find themselves in need of a well-qualified lawyer.

It is always advisable to take steps to prevent legal problems in your business. When they occur, the expertise of a qualified business attorney should be sought. Business attorneys have a good understanding of business structures, contracts and many other factors and matters that affect the operation of a business.

Legal advice really should be sought prior to entering into any binding contract. Small

establishments may be susceptible to larger business organizations taking benefit of the

entrepreneur’s willingness to complete business functions.

Agreements often include difficult legal terms that many business enterprise owners are unable to understand. Attorneys can render clear information on the benefits of business agreements and whether small organizations ought to agree to certain contractual terms.

He has been rendering superior legal representation and advice in Brazil. He is well known and respected in the Brazilian legal community.

As a competent lawyer and business litigator, Ricardo Tosto has a unique negotiation strategy as well as impressive courtroom style. His courtroom successes have earned him a great reputation around the world.

Ricardo Tosto has what it takes to bring in knowledgeable experts and develop a winning trial strategy that any juror can understand. He has addressed significant cases and obtained excellent results for his clients. Ricardo Tosto also assists clients in organization legal conflicts, LLC conflicts, and other company litigation matters.