FreedomPop Sets High Water Mark for Mobile Carrier Service

The world has pretty much been revolving around the big mobile marketing giants for years now. Companies like Sprint or AT&T have dominated the cell phone market. But the times are changing and technology with it. FreedomPop has emerged as one of the big new mobile carriers on the market and they are offering to give people something a little bit different than what they are used to: a completely free service. Does that sound intriguing? We decided to take a closer look at what the company offered for this FreedomPop review.


The first thing that you need to understand is that FreedomPop means what they say they mean: free service at your fingertips. FreedomPop is being considered a ‘freemium‘ carrier because customers can sign up for, at its core, a completely free cell phone plan. The core service that all customers are eligible for includes unlimited texting, 200 minutes of talk, and 500 mb of 4G mobile data. For casual cell phone users this is more than enough service to get them through on a monthly basis. However, if this doesn’t sound like enough then you might need to consider upgrading. Customers who use this plan will never be charged for ANYTHING, no contracts or hidden fees, unless they go over their monthly free allowances.


On the flip side of the coin CEO Stephen Stokols is looking to change how we utilize our cell phones. Stokols wants to turn FreedomPop into something of a ‘WiFi first’ sort of phone. That is why FreedomPop spent much of the last two years establishing a GIGANTIC wireless hot spot network throughout the United States. For just $5 per month users can have unlimited access to all of these WiFi hotspots right from their fingertips. This is one of the core add on services that we’ve found to be almost immediately be worth the money.


FreedomPop is also starting to engage in the hardware side of things. FreedomPop is partnered with Sprint so if you already have your own Sprint compatible phone you can go ahead and bring it right over to FreedomPop without any issue. Otherwise, FreedomPop is offering their own massive library of hardware for you to pick through. Most of these phones are sold at comparable rates to the rest of the market, if not cheaper. This is ultimately one of the biggest hooks to give FreedomPop a shot.

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