James Dondero – Helping Texas with Business man Philanthropy

James Dondero has done enough awesome things to be known well in the field of finance and asset management. He is the founder of well-known investment advisory firm, Highland Capital. Highland offers services across the financial domain especially all kinds of credit strategies like CLOs and hedge funds. The company has offices in United States, Brazil and a couple of developed and mature Asian markets, Singapore and South Korea.

With such a diverse portfolio, it is obvious that James is known for his knowledge of the markets and business acumen. However, that is not the case and for good reason. InsiderMonkey, James Dandero is best known for his contribution to the society. He has been a part of a lot of charities but nothing stimulated him like educations.

As an effort to provide more opportunities to not so resource rich students in Dallas area, James has been a part of a lot of donations and other initiatives in Texas. One of the most important initiatives that Highland capital has taken up is the $ 2 million donation to Southern Methodist University which is available to students across all disciplines and helps them have meaningful internships and opportunities to study abroad.

Some other initiatives that James Dondero supports are Snowball express which is an organization catering to the needs to the children of veterans who died serving the country, Uplift Education, Capital for kids and many more.

As a result of such pedigree in education, James has been named on the executive board of Cox school of Business which is associated with the above mentioned Southern Methodist University. Mr. Dondero highlighted how aiding the university is going to benefit the region in the near future.

Owing to his industry expertise and willingness to participate in various nonprofit programs, Dondero has been selected as a part of the 100+ member team that guides and business school. It is high but well deserved recognition for Dondero from the business school which had started almost a century back.

James Dondero has more than 3 decades of industry experience and he founded highland capital 23 years back in 1993. You can know more about him in this article a prnewswire.

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