Business and Life Insights from the FlockU CEO

About is a marketing and publisher company that unites college students with on-campus, online brands. The site is created specifically for college students to share information and college life opinions. The site concentrates on e-Commerce, marketing partnerships, and personalized content. The site was launched in April 2015 by Josh Verne. Josh Verne developed the company using his previous investments from the financial wellness company. The headquarters of is located in King of Prussia, PA. It has several employees and other student contributors. FlockU has united with several large-scale brands, including Clarion, SoFi, Bed Bath and Beyond since its establishment.


FlockU was recently acknowledged as a top millennial demographic influencer on Snapchat and Instagram. Bloomberg specifically recognized the company due to its regular appearances and features on Buzzfeed, Cheddar Life, and Cheddar TV. Other board members at FlockU include Todd Sandler, Scott Thompson, Steve Bornstein, Larry Moneta, Eric Siegel, and David J. Adelman. FlockU conducted its ‘Biggest Group Date Ever’ in February this year in which the company raised multi-million dollar donations for the Ainsworth New York pediatric cancer center.


Josh Verne’s Opinions on Business and Life Success

Josh claims that business owners and individuals should focus on being a leader but not a boss. He says that leaders achieve better team success. Josh Verne also declares that folks need to have the ‘winner’ mentality to overcome every life obstacle. He proclaims that we should never consent for ‘win-lose’ transactions. Josh emphasizes that people should seek to have the succession victories for themselves, the community, the employees, and the clients. He says that there are many ways of creating success despite the prevailing bleak situations. People will always succeed in their life and businesses when they decide to give their best in what they do.


Josh says that it is better to pay attention and speak less. He adds that having the balance between listening and speaking can be crucial in attaining overall life success. He also says that it is more desirable to progress in all life perspectives including health, relationships, personal growth, and wealth. Josh further says that individuals need to identify their passions. He claims that by doing what we love, we gain work motivation. Passion is the key to a high-quality life.


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James Dondero – Helping Texas with Business man Philanthropy

James Dondero has done enough awesome things to be known well in the field of finance and asset management. He is the founder of well-known investment advisory firm, Highland Capital. Highland offers services across the financial domain especially all kinds of credit strategies like CLOs and hedge funds. The company has offices in United States, Brazil and a couple of developed and mature Asian markets, Singapore and South Korea.

With such a diverse portfolio, it is obvious that James is known for his knowledge of the markets and business acumen. However, that is not the case and for good reason. InsiderMonkey, James Dandero is best known for his contribution to the society. He has been a part of a lot of charities but nothing stimulated him like educations.

As an effort to provide more opportunities to not so resource rich students in Dallas area, James has been a part of a lot of donations and other initiatives in Texas. One of the most important initiatives that Highland capital has taken up is the $ 2 million donation to Southern Methodist University which is available to students across all disciplines and helps them have meaningful internships and opportunities to study abroad.

Some other initiatives that James Dondero supports are Snowball express which is an organization catering to the needs to the children of veterans who died serving the country, Uplift Education, Capital for kids and many more.

As a result of such pedigree in education, James has been named on the executive board of Cox school of Business which is associated with the above mentioned Southern Methodist University. Mr. Dondero highlighted how aiding the university is going to benefit the region in the near future.

Owing to his industry expertise and willingness to participate in various nonprofit programs, Dondero has been selected as a part of the 100+ member team that guides and business school. It is high but well deserved recognition for Dondero from the business school which had started almost a century back.

James Dondero has more than 3 decades of industry experience and he founded highland capital 23 years back in 1993. You can know more about him in this article a prnewswire.

OSI Group The Best Food Product Supplier

OSI Group began their family meat market business in Chicago in 1909, they have always been known to satisfy their customer needs with their products.They are one of the top premier global food providers out there. Many companies trust OSI Group to always deliver the best food products. They deliver high quality and have food products at affordable prices.

OSI Group is known to have a local presence all over the world, they can help businesses grow locally with their loyal following, which gives businesses that join with them many advantages. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or corporate business. OSI Group will work and help to spread the awareness of the product.
OSI Group has partners worldwide so they have a lot of experience. So they would know firsthand what your consumers would need and create a successful outcome. Working with OSI Group means financial flexibility, a business will be able to test before they try.

Regardless of their large size, they have producing centers all over the world.with producing centers all over the world– they continue to be independent, and they run like a small business. A business will understand precisely with whom they are working with and will see a guaranteed fulfillment and satisfaction.

OSI possesses the skills and experience to produce the foods that are requested. They will also create precisely just what preference a customer is starving for. Whether this is actually morning meals, lunch times, entrées, edge treats, meals or even puddings, you may rely on OSI.They have a menu of many different options of food. OSI Group has well-prepared sausage items that are created to comply with the needs of the consumers. They also have the ability to create high-quality sausage items. Below is a list of what they have to offer.

Fully Cooked Bacon
Bacon Bits
Bacon Chips

OSI possesses a comprehensive series of raw/IQF as well as completely cooked/IQF morning meal bratwurst patties and also cooked/IQF hyperlinks. They have been created from premium-quality fresh pig edgings and also a combination of spices, the bratwurst possesses the typical preference as well as appearance most clients definitely adore. Below is a list of the different sausages they offer.

Raw Breakfast Sausage Patties
Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage Patties
Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage Links, Collagen Casing or Skinless

OSI supplies a delicious series of hotdogs and also specialized bratwursts to offer the best food options. OSI’s top quality food items and constant efficiency give terrific value to the consumer. These items are actually fantastic enhancements to any type of food selection request. Below there is a list of the many different hot dogs available.

All Beef Hot Dogs
Pork and Beef Hot Dogs
Poultry Hot Dogs
Cheese Dogs
Italian Sausage

Their purpose is to actually to keep increasing awareness around the world socially, ecological as well as economical. They are constantly researching to find new ways to enhance food products and keep the world a healthy place.

Learn more about Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC here.

Marc Sparks Is Proof You Can Beat the Odds

Marc Sparks is as humble a person you will ever meet despite his success as a businessman. The entrepreneur and venture capitalist has never forgotten his roots and how hard he had to work to get to where he is today. Marcs Sparks is always looking to invest in the next big thing. He isn’t an individual behind a single successful startup. He is a serial entrepreneur who has been a principal of dozens of profitable startups.

Sparks’ staple as an entrepreneur is his ability to build companies from scratch from ideas other professionals wouldn’t think twice about. He is also a great judge of potential. As a venture capitalist his judgement skills may be his best quality, since he is constantly investing his own money into business he believes will become very profitable in the future. Sparks has given startup money to several businesses, in particular ones in the telecommunication industry.

What makes Sparks so relatable is his story. Sparks doesn’t have the average entrepreneurial tale of success. Sparks does not consider himself an extremely smart person. In fact, he was only an average student in high school, with no college degree or formal training as a businessman. So how does a man with all of this going against overcome the odds? Sparks simply chalks it up to the grace of God. He knows he was born with a God given talent to do the things he does.

Sparks wasn’t always so successful though. There were a lot of failures and mistakes on his way to the top. Since he had no formal training Sparks had to do everything on a trial and error basis. Luckily, Sparks was able to learn from his mistakes and exceed everyone’s expectations, as he explains in his book, “They Can’t Eat You.”

Sparks outlined his path to success in his bestseller. Sparks wanted to include his failures as well as his successes in the book. He felt like he could better inspire people if they knew that it’s okay to fail. So many people never pursue their dream because of a fear of failing.

Sparks had a tough time writing the book. He went through many rough patches as he went all out trying to reach his goals. Sparks even wrote about a time when he was so financially stressed he had to buy groceries at a gas station with his Texaco credit card. His book is definitely inspiration for up and coming entrepreneurs who are on the verge of giving up.

Even though Sparks has become very successful and wealthy he doesn’t look down on anyone. He is an avid philanthropist who strongly believes in giving back. He has been involved in various causes to better communities in the Dallas, Texas area.