ClassDojo is an Application Moving Forward in the Education World

Class Dojo is a different type of communication platform that is meant to connect teachers, parents, and students in a whole different way. It uses smart technology to slowly build strong connections between all those involved in a child’s education. 2 in 3 schools are now using the application, and it has been creating a community that can communicate a lot easier. The application comes with several tools, like translation tools that help parents who do not understand English talk to teachers.


The application also comes with sharing tools that allow a teacher to share special moments during the child’s day, like a speech that he or she might have given or a project completed. The application is effectively making a ground-up change where everyone gets to participate through better means. Parents do not have to worry so much about parent-teacher conferences, which can be hard to get to at times. Most of their communications seem to be reaching goals of creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools through this Class Dojo.


It is hard to believe that Class Dojo began as just a little startup application with no real connections to the Silicon Valley group of next-level thinkers. The little application was started by a Sam Chaudhary, who had just arrived to Palo Alto on a student visa. He already had a bachelors in mathematical economics and some practical lessons that he had learned on his own regarding the industry. Chaudhary teamed up with Liam Dom and the two worked from a little room for some time on this idea. The two returned to the UK but continued to toy with the idea of making things easier for teachers, parents, and students.


The idea was to create the kind of community you might expect from any other social media, except that it was centered around each school and classroom. The idea has been embraced by schools in the United States but also in about 180 countries around the world. The two focused on pleasing the education industry, and that is how they garnered their popularity. Most of their growth can be attributed to word-of-mouth marketing instead of advertisement, which says a lot about how helpful the application has been to the education community. It is clear to see that ClassDojo has a bright future ahead of it as Businessinsider reports.

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  1. Chaudhary and Dom both wanted ClassDojo to be an app that would help people rather than replace anyone else. The two came up with the answer to all the little issues that schools experience, which was Class Dojo. This is exactly the plan that has continued to do for a long time.

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