Find Inner Peace with Kabbalistic Teachings

What is the Kabbalah Centre?

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit that helps people to apply the principles of Kabbalah to everyday life. The students are taught using spiritual tools based on kabbalistic principles. The students can then use these teachings to improve their lives, thereby making the world a better place.

The Centre instills the Kabbalah teachings on anyone regardless of their faith and wisdom. The teachings entail the origin of creation, both the spiritual and physical laws of the universe including the journey of the soul and human existence. As of today, Kabbalah Centre has over 40 branch offices as well as a solid online presence.

History of the Kabbalah Centre

Formerly, The National Research Institute of Kabbalah, The Kabbalah Centre on was founded in 1965 by Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein and Philip S. Berg. At the time Brandwein was the dean of Yeshivah Kol Yehuda- predecessor of the US Kabbalah Centres.

The Kabbalah Centre is currently headquartered in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles branch was opened in 1984 and is run by Karen and her sons (Yehuda and Michael) who also act as the spiritual leaders. The organization has its major branches in New York City, Los Angeles, London and Toronto.

Studying the Kabbalah?

When an ordinary person studies the teachings of Kabbalah, he opens his mind to new knowledge that was originally hidden from him. The knowledge will remain hidden until the student acquires the sixth sense. We all have the ability to develop this sixth sense, for this reason, Kabbalah instills its teachings of the structure of the upper, spiritual world in us.

At the time when an individual is exposed to Kabbalistic teachings, he may not understand a thing. However, if he opens his mind to the higher knowledge, he will evoke what is called the Surrounding Light. The Surrounding Light corrects the individual and ultimately shows him his spiritual reality.

Who is Philip S. Berg?

Philip S. Berg, whose original name is Feivel Gruberger was born on 20th August 1927 in Brooklyn. Mr. Philip was an American dean and rabbi of the worldwide Kabbalah Centre. He wrote many books on the subject of Kabbalah and its teachings. He advocated for the teaching of the Kabbalah to all humankind instead of a select few Jewish scholars.

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ClassDojo is an Application Moving Forward in the Education World

Class Dojo is a different type of communication platform that is meant to connect teachers, parents, and students in a whole different way. It uses smart technology to slowly build strong connections between all those involved in a child’s education. 2 in 3 schools are now using the application, and it has been creating a community that can communicate a lot easier. The application comes with several tools, like translation tools that help parents who do not understand English talk to teachers.


The application also comes with sharing tools that allow a teacher to share special moments during the child’s day, like a speech that he or she might have given or a project completed. The application is effectively making a ground-up change where everyone gets to participate through better means. Parents do not have to worry so much about parent-teacher conferences, which can be hard to get to at times. Most of their communications seem to be reaching goals of creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools through this Class Dojo.


It is hard to believe that Class Dojo began as just a little startup application with no real connections to the Silicon Valley group of next-level thinkers. The little application was started by a Sam Chaudhary, who had just arrived to Palo Alto on a student visa. He already had a bachelors in mathematical economics and some practical lessons that he had learned on his own regarding the industry. Chaudhary teamed up with Liam Dom and the two worked from a little room for some time on this idea. The two returned to the UK but continued to toy with the idea of making things easier for teachers, parents, and students.


The idea was to create the kind of community you might expect from any other social media, except that it was centered around each school and classroom. The idea has been embraced by schools in the United States but also in about 180 countries around the world. The two focused on pleasing the education industry, and that is how they garnered their popularity. Most of their growth can be attributed to word-of-mouth marketing instead of advertisement, which says a lot about how helpful the application has been to the education community. It is clear to see that ClassDojo has a bright future ahead of it as Businessinsider reports.

Wengie’s Fun Hair Hacks

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wengie. This Chinese Australian Beauty Blogger is one of the most popular beauty guru’s on YouTube. Her popularity has soared to the sky. However, she still thinks of herself as just an ordinary girl that likes to share her views, tips, and advice with the world. Wengie adds that she has tried a lot of things because she is totally obsessed with hair, makeup, fashion, beauty, and DIY type projects. She would love to share her experiences with others.


Watch Wengie’s Hair Hacks

Wengie has great looking hair. Therefore, she must have a few insider secrets on great hair care. In this video she shares advice on her favorite vitamins for gorgeous hair too. This is the same vitamin that is favored by a well-known celebrity and Wengie. Some of her hair hacks are just plain common sense. However, common sense is a bit rare today. My favorite common sense hair hack is all about eating nutritional meals to help the hair grow healthy and strong. Wengie shares tips on her favorite nutritious vitamins and food. When was the last time that you cleaned your hair brush? Well, it seems that a lot of people simply ignore this task because it is very difficult to clean out all the hair buildup. Wengie shows an easy way to make sure that your hair brush stays clean. Wengie also shares several other hair hacks. For example, a super easy hack on a way to keep your hair smelling fresh all day without drying out the hair. Check out the video and don’t forget to subscribe to Wengie’s YouTube channel for more fun videos.



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Offering a Genuine Solution to Healthcare with Medicare Advantage Plans

Formed in the United States, Medicare Advantage is a health insurance program that acts as a substitute for “Original Medicare” that covers both parts A and B Medicare benefits. The program covers managed health care which includes the health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Part A covers payments for in-patient hospital, hospice, and skilled nursing services. Part B covers for medically necessary outpatient hospital service including the physicians, surgeons, and top-notch medical equipment and supplies.

The Medicare Advantage Plans, also referred to as Medicare Private Health Plan, integrate with the federal government and are offered a fixed amount per person to provide the numerous Medicare benefits. The most common kind of Medicare Advantage Plans includes Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, and Private Fee-For-Service.

People who use the Medicare Advantage plan still have access to Medicare which means that you still have to pay either your monthly part A premium or part B premium (whichever you have). Both part A and part B services offered under the Medicare Advantage plan of InnovaCare Health come about with different rules, restrictions and costs which can influence when and how you receive medical care. As such these differences also depend on the companies that offer them; therefore, one should directly research a plan and find out how the coverage works.

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An additional premium is often charged to the Medicare Part B premium courtesy of Medicare Advantage Plan. A copayment, which is a fixed amount, is generally charged whenever you receive any of Medicare services. Other plans might also charge a coinsurance, which is a percentage of some or all services offered.

Being a leader in the provision of managed health care services in North America, InnovaCare Health also offers Medicaid, Medicare Advantage plans and physicians practice services. Considering today’s advanced technologies, InnovaCare is unsurpassed in the provision of quality healthcare through sustainable and cost-effective plans. The two Medicare Advantage Plans provided by InnovaCare Health in Puerto Rico, including MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice, has a membership base of close to 200,000 individuals.

Dr. Rick Shinto is the current president and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare since he was appointed in 2008. He has acquired 20-years’ worth of experience in clinical and operational healthcare which makes him fit for the position. Mr. Shinto is supported by the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope joined the company in 2015, and brought in her valued expertise in government programs and managed care industry.

Makari Skin Whitening Cream Can Work Miracles

Makari skin whitening creams are the most-lauded creams in their industry, and they provide a service that customers often think must be performed by a plastic surgeon. The gentle lotion-like feeling that customers get from Makari will help their skin change hues until they are filled with confidence.

#1: How To Apply Makari

Makari is an incredible skin cream that is extremely soft to the touch. The cream will help keep skin moist in the areas where it is not colored properly, and the skin helps remove pigment from the skin slowly. Pigmentation must be altered until it matches the skin in surrounding areas, and users may apply Makari until they see their skin become even.

#2: Where Is Makari Useful?

Users may apply Makari skin cream to any portion of their body where skin complexion is uneven. Makari works slowly to ensure proper results, and users must watch their skin slowly change colors until they are pleased with the results they have found.

#3: What Is The Final Result?

Makari allows users the confidence required to wear clothing that reveals their uneven skin. Users may have covered up for years due to a pigmentation issue, and Makari creates skin that may be shown off to the world. Adding the cream to a daily routine will ensure users are pleased with their results, and the cream offers daily reassurance that skin will no longer be too dark.

Everyone who uses Makari for the first time must ensure they have felt its soft texture. The cream will stop dry skin, whiten skin and increase confidence in every user.

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