Taking a Look at Michael Zomber’s Life

Michael Zomber was born and raised in Washington D.C. He graduated from the University of Illinois with bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Psychology. Zomber also graduated from UCLA with his English Literature Master’s Degree. Michael Zomber is known for his literature, films and television appearances.

Zomber is a historical fiction author who takes pride in keeping his stories and facts authentic. He is very knowledgeable about antique weapons, armor and the Samurai era, and his knowledge on the subject has helped him write several books. Zomber started writing screenplays after being encouraged by his wife. The screenplays eventually turned into a series of historical novels. The Shogun Iemitsu, Sweet Betsy That’s Me, Son Of Kentucky and Park Avenue are just a few of the books written by Michael Zomber.

Michael Zomber also has experience in the world of filmmaking. His documentary Soul of the Samurai was produced through his company Renascent Films. This 3D animated film is based on the Samurai era and the invention of the Samurai sword. The Soul of the Samurai can be found on The Cinema Guild.

He was a guest historian on several episodes of the Tales of the Gun, including Guns of the Famous, Dueling Pistols, Shotguns and Million Dollar Guns. The episodes originally aired on the History Channel.

Michael Zomber has been collecting weapons and armor for over 40 years. The collection includes firearms and Samurai swords. He takes pride in keeping the weapons in mint condition, and he hopes to sell them to individuals who will also take care of them. He also studies the weapons and uses the facts in his novels and films.

Michael Zomber currently resides outside of Philadelphia with his wife and two children. When he is not collecting weapons or writing novels, he enjoys art, hiking, tennis and horseback riding. Zomber still shares his expertise on weapons, armor and the Samurai era today.  Read more about Zomber and his collections on CrunchBase.

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