Equities First Holdings Has Offices Around The World

Equities First Holdings UK has offices in not only the UK but Australia, South Africa, or New Zealand. There are many people who come to this company to see what they can do to be sure that they can get a personal or business loan. The personal loans that are used through this company are very helpful because they provide people with every chance to get a bit more cash flowing, and it saves them quite a lot of money. The business loans that are taken require very little documentation, and they will be much easier for people to use because they are funded quickly.

This company wants to offer the boutique experience that is good for all customers, and they prefer to give their customers something that will make them feel more in control of their financial future. Equities First Holdings is responsive, and they move quickly to approve all loans.


Giving Back To Communities The George Soros Style

In the recent days, the internet has been awash with a story on how George Soros managed to transfer a significant amount of his wealth to the Open Society Foundations. According to Forbes, George Soros’ transfer that totals to $18 billion to philanthropy is a first in the sector.

George Soros is one of the prominent personalities in the field of business and philanthropy. His impeccable career dates back to ten years. It is attributed to hard work, commitment and a little luck that went a long way. He is also known to use calculated moves that aided his success. Besides his involvement in programs that make him more wealth, George is also useful in international political and philanthropy. Through quality educational programs and motivational talks, George has managed to nurture many future leaders. George Soros became famous in the financial markets when he decided to risk significant fortune against the British Pound but it went well for him, and he earned $1 billion in 24 hours. George is known for his wit and calculated moves in the investment world. He has documented his life and philosophies in many publications such as the Tragedy of The European Union.

George cannot be stopped when he knows that the issue he is pursuing shall be beneficial to the communities around the world. Most of his books talk about the problems faced by the global economy because of over-reliance on capitalistic doctrines. As an individual known to speak fearlessly against lousy leadership, George has managed to spearhead conversations about leadership and democracy. George Soros holds several honorary degrees from some higher learning institutions in the United States for his career in philanthropy and politics. The Yale School of Management and the University of Oxford are some of the universities that have recognized George’s impact on the world’s economy. Visit The New York Times to learn more about George.

George is a mentor to many upcoming entrepreneurs. He nurtures them on how they can take their rightful position in society and offer solutions that will be beneficial to humanity. During apartheid in South Africa, George Soros was on the forefront to support black students who were denied education because of their race. He offered them scholarship opportunities and grants so that they could gain a decent knowledge and later on help their communities. In the United States alone, George is known to be involved with initiatives that seek to uphold and protect the rights of minority groups like the LGBT community, sex workers and drug and substance abusers. Learn more about George at forbes.com.

Currently, George Soros is determined to pursue his quest of nurturing accountable and transparent leaders who can also hold their governments accountable. According to George nothing can be achieved if people don’t learn the importance of open, transparent and accountable governments. Its only by having such administrations that the society can grow. He uses a big part of his fortune to push for initiatives that seek to empower young people so that they can demand better leadership from their leaders.

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Sentient AI Makes eCommerce Personalization a Reality for Every Website

The idea behind Sentient AI’s eCommerce personalization is to allow businesses the chance to show off what they have to offer. They can have the perfect fit for each of their customers no matter what the customer is looking for. This is an important part of business for companies that want to be able to offer different things to all of their customers but it is also something that will continue to change based on the browsing needs and the past history of the people who are in these situations. Depending on when people have looked for different things, they need to make all the right choices for their own companies. It will give them the inspiration they need to make their business better.

Because of all the issues that often come with the eCommerce personalization process, people need to know what they are doing and what they will have as a result of the information they have put into the site. It gives everyone a chance to experience more from the things they are doing because they know they will have a chance to try different things based on their likes and preferences.

Since there have been many changes to the way people do things over the years, it gives everyone a chance to offer different opportunities to the people who are in these situations. Depending on all the different things people can use on their sites, Sentient AI knows what they are doing. They also know just how to make the software work for each of the people who they service. The idea behind the software is to give them exactly what they are looking for so they don’t go elsewhere to shop. They do this to help people stay on each of the sites they are visiting at the time.

Everything Sentient AI does is based on what they can do for their clients. They want to make conversion rates better, product categorization better and people more willing to buy. When Sentient AI first started, they knew they were going to have to make some major changes to the things they did so they continued to offer different opportunities to all the clients they had. This paid off in the end because they knew what they would be able to do to actually help people with the issues they would normally face on their own website and domains.

How Securus Technologies Avert Crime

Securus Technologies is a firm that is very effective in facilitating calls between prisoners and families members outside the corrections centers. The company was established in 1986, and it has its headquarters is in Dallas Texas. The firm is currently serving over 1.2 million prisoners in 48 states and estimates of 3,400 correctional facilities.

Securus Technologies firm has acquired the legacy of keeping a watchful eye on crime, by observing the incoming and outgoing calls, thus preventing criminal activities. The service of the firm has reduced the illegal activities in both prison and the outside locations.

Screening of the past phone calls discloses the inmate officials who are corrupt. Some of the prison staff are very corrupt to the level of promoting the rate of crime within the prison itself. This official also supports the abuse of drugs within the most cells, and therefore they enhance the development of associations that ruin the community. Securus has been able to bring down those gangs, because of the technologies of the company that progresses on a weekly basis, thus averting the crime.

The experts’ criminals in American prison systems are known to plan crime activities while they are still in jail. Since they communicate using the software of Securus, their outside deals are known in advance. Therefore, the firm employs such essential information in making arrests, thus preventing the wave of criminal activities. These have made many customers who have used the services of Securus to support the firm.

The Securus Technologies uses LBS software to prevent the organizations and gangs that handle illegal items, drugs, firearms, and money. Through the support of the LBS system, the company has been able to retrieve the items and commodities that are a threat to the state security.

Therefore it is right to say that the Securus Technologies is changing the American system by use of modern communication systems, to bring down criminal operations.



Larkin & Lacey


PETA is an organization that loves to make a big deal about animals. They should, since countless animals around the world suffer everyday. PETA is the biggest and most well-known group for this cause.

PETA has made its way to becoming a household name that a lot of people know–even people who don’t know anything about the whole animal rights scene. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://james-larkin.com/press/

They have videos and pictures that show the wounds and torment that animals suffer from. The broken limbs, blood and missing body parts on live animals is enough to make many ardent meat eaters sick to their meat-filled stomachs.

Anti-Defamation League

This organization’s core priority is to protect Jews. However, it has its hands in standing up for other types of people, such as people of color and people with alternative sexual preferences.

The Anti-Defamation League follows certain political rhetorics that make them appear horribly biased against some people.


The American Civil Liberties Union is a few steps above the Anti-Defamation League due to the fact that they try to look at the rights of people, and not at people’s political views or lifestyles.

It is quite clear that they obviously take on a liberal stance, though they have a history of fighting for a variety of different conservative groups.

Black Lives Matter

Started by four African American lesbians, Black Lives Matter is an organization that stresses the persecution that Blacks go through at the hands of Whites—particularly White cops. However, spotlights are also shown on the inequities in Black communities between men and women, straight and homosexual, transgender and cis-gender, old and young, and able-bodied and disabled.


Stormfront.org is a a self pro-claimed bulletin for White Nationalists. There are people who post some pretty negative and depressing things on this website. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

However, the website, itself, exists to shine a light on the legitimate issues that affect Whites and lead to the racial struggles that they suffer from. Stormfront does a very good job of this by providing forums where people can openly discuss their minds and their concerns without being labeled “racist.”

The only issue with this website is that if you aren’t completely on the same boat with everyone when it comes to thinking a certain way, you might get banned.

For example, you can be someone who is very concerned that the arrival of Middle Eastern refugees will make your neighborhood unsafe, but if you express liberal views about abortion, or appear to be a “liberal” in any way, you might get kicked off.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Black Lives Matter is for the Blacks, Stormfront.org is for the Whites and the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is somewhat for the Hispanics, but also for immigrants.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey realized that there was a serious problem going on in Arizona, and in this country at large: undocumented immigrants needed to get their bearings straight but were being taken advantage of.

Boraie Development Company Invests In The Growth Of New Jersey

Omar Boraie believes that the future has better opportunities for people living in New Jersey. When everything that a community needs is availed right at the doorstep, then it becomes possible to enhance the growth process. Currently, the working population in the region is forced to travel on a daily basis to different places to access their offices. However, Omar Boraie is working hard to ensure that the idea of commuting on a regular basis among the New Jersey inhabitants comes to an end. All the resources required in the region will be readily available hence creating a closed community.

Omar Boraie hails from New Brunswick, and his involvement in the construction process has enabled him to travel to different places as he has successfully led the company in providing quality and unbeatable services. Within New Jersey, Boraie Development is known for the unique structures that it has set up within the last decade. Omar has become successful through developing a master plan for the state of New Jersey, and then implementing it in a manner that allows him to come up with unique results.

The global economy is moving at a fast pace, and this can be attributed to the high rate of technological advancement. As more people access suitable jobs, the demand for structures that incorporates technical features continues to grow. Currently, many entrepreneurs in the construction sector are struggling to set up smart homes. Luxury comes at a cost, and since more people are willing to invest in the process of acquiring luxurious homes, the real estate market continues to grow. For more details visit Crunchbase.

At the helm of real estate development is Omar Boraie, and he has massively invested in the construction of apartments within and around New Jersey. The process has helped Boraie Development to stand out as a company that can offer its clients with the most suitable products. Omar Boraie understands the importance of incorporating technology into the structures that are developed by his company.

Structures have a lifespan, and after a certain period, buildings usually lose their attractive appearance due to the effects of weather elements. In the process, old structures become uninhabitable as their structural integrity becomes poor. Omar focused on such instances when he was starting out in the real estate market. He has ended up renovating most of the buildings in New Jersey.

According to Rutgers, construction is a business process just like any other, and Omar always tries to reinvent the construction techniques applied at Boraie Development Company. As a result, this ensures that the buildings that are constructed remain attractive since people love new structural designs. Omar puts much effort in working closely with local governments in different regions. It helps him to quickly identify structures that need to be brought down so that new apartments are established.

See more: http://centraljerseyworkingmoms.com/how-boraie-development-has-managed-to-bring-up-sophisticated-apartments-in-new-brunswick/

Rick Smith Profesional Achievements

Rick Smith is the chief executive officer and the chairman of Securus Company since 2008. The company is one of the best services providing business in civil and justice technology. Rick’s vast knowledge in engineering has seen him the benefit and lead numerous organizations, among them Securus company. Rick Smith acquired his skills from 3 of the leading universities in the United States, where he received a degree and masters in engineering.

The technology used at Securus aims at providing protection and investigating situations caused by inmates against the society. As a result of the service provided, 34 states correctional institutions in North America have opened their doors to Securus Technologies Company due to the telecom services offered to the inmates hence curbing crime committed to the larger society by the incarcerated inmates. The company’s projects and activities are under the management of over 1000 employees led by their chairman and have their headquarters’ in Dallas, Texas. Recently, Securus bought a JPay company that provides electronic payments, emails, entertainment and education apps in correctional institutions. As a result of the transactions of the two companies, they have been able to provide tablets to inmates, and this has led to the provision of high technology and soft wares to correctional agencies for running a modern facility.

There are specific reports about emails and blogs received that relay a string of hope, due to the satisfaction of Securus’ customers, for the services provided by the company. The letters obtained indicate that the inmates and their families are safer compared to previous years and the levels of crime have dropped drastically. The inmates can keep up with the latest development in the outside world and can adjust upon release.

Rick’s curriculum is in short words brilliant. He has been able to create a resume for himself gradually since he graduated with a degree in engineering from the state university in New York. Before becoming the chairman of Securus Company, he worked in different roles before being elected by the board. Before his chairmanship at Securus, he worked in two various companies in the capacity of a CEO, chief financial officer, and the vice president of economic management at Frontier Corp a post he held for 20 years and more


End Citizens United Supporting Non-corrupted Political Candidates

End Citizens United is an American political action committee that was formed a couple of years ago in 2015. The political group rose after the decision made by the Supreme Court called Citizens United.

Citizens United was made back in 2010. The new regulation allowed things such as funneling donations through churches as well as not tracing the money and where they come from. Another change that Citizens United introduced is that is made corporations be recognized as individuals and so a company could freely donate money to a political campaign of a candidate and change the outcome of elections and so on. One thing that the public and End Citizens United wanted to make clear is that a corporation did not equal an individual. End Citizens United arose to fight against the corruption in politics and Big Money that the decision of Citizens United allowed.

End Citizens United has Tiffany Muller as a leader. She used to be a Kansas official, and she was also the first official to openly come out as homosexual. Tiffany Muller was an active advocate for acceptance and spoke against discrimination. Her efforts inspired a wave of recognition in the community and encouraged other to come out as well.

Read more: As Mueller Probes Russian Facebook Ads, Our Elections Are Vulnerable And Congress Does Nothing)

End Citizens United supported a number of political candidates last year as well as during the elections for Senate this year. The political action group is rather resourceful in promoting the political candidates they support as well as do fundraising for their campaigns. So far, End Citizens United has utilized just about every pipeline for marketing both digitally and on paper. The PAC has been marketing through tv ads and podcast ads, as well as through newspapers, magazines, and mailing.

Most recently, End Citizens United showed their support of Doug Jones for Senate. He has a background working in Law as a lawyer, and he has successfully proven the guilt of any criminals including KKK members. As an opponent for the Senate seat is Roy Moore whose record is far from spotless. Moore has been caught as an extremist on many occasions. He was also exposed for having directed over a million dollars to his personal bank account which were money raised for charity by a foundation last year. What is more, Roy Moore has been advocating for homophobia, and his discriminatory actions go back to his years as a judge. Moore was eventually removed from the position for targeting homosexual client and same-sex couples wanting to marry.

End Citizens United have been reminding of these illegal actions wishing to deer any more corrupted politicians from gaining power especially after the latest change of presidency. The political action group will continue to work against corruption in politics and Big Money.

Michael T. Lacey’s Journey to Becoming One of Americas Most Celebrated Mathematicians

Michael T. Lacey is an American mathematician. He pursued an undergrad course while at the University of Texas, Austin where he graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor’s of science degree.

He later furthered his education at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, it is at this institution that he received his doctorate in the year 1987 under the guidance of Walter Philipp. Before graduating, Lacey spent his time working on various research materials related to probability in Banach spaces, which later formed his thesis.

While at the University of Illinois, his relentless efforts in understanding the law of iterated logarithm for characteristic empirical functions paid off when he was able to solve problems relating to it.

Earlier on in his professional career, Mike Lacey spent a lot of time working on issues associated with probability, ergodic theory and ultimately, Harmonic Analysis. The first postdoctoral position Michael T. Lacey held was from Louisiana State University then later the University of North Carolina.

From 1987 to 1998, Michael T. Lacey was an assistant professor at various institutions for higher learning in America. These schools include; Louisiana State University located in Baton Rouge, University of North Carolina found at Chapel Hill, Indiana University in Bloomington, Georgia Institute of Technology located in Atlanta.

In 19998, It is at Georgia Institute of Technology that he was able to get accredited as a Full Professor. He has been giving lectures at that institution to date.

Lacey has led an exceptional career throughout his adult life; this is self-evident since he has won a lot of accolades and honors throughout his career. The 1st award he got was back in 1990 where he won the Postdoctoral Fellow award.

In 1998, Lacey received recognition while at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Berlin, Germany. His recent honors are the American Mathematical Society Fellow and the Simons Fellow which he won in 2013 and 2012 respectively.

Michael Lacey has made numerous publications throughout his career, and they currently exceed 100. He has also received international grants from various institutions that surpass $5 million. The single most grant he ever received being part of the VIGRE award for the school of mathematics.

Lecturing aside, Michael T, Lacey has an editorial position as the Harmonic Analysis editor for proceedings that take place within the American Mathematical Society. He also doesn’t shy away from delivering addresses the last one being in 2015 where he gave the Plenary Address.

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Beneful, a Beneficial Name

For many dog owners Beneful is a household name. It is a brand of dog food which has been around since 2001 and continues to be one of the top selling dog food brands in the country. While seemingly an ordinary name to most not many people take the time to find out what the name Beneful actually stands for.

While it is not listed in Webster’s dictionary with a true definition one can only speculate what the Beneful company was thriving for when coming up with this name. At first glance it seems like a blend between plentiful and beneficial. Both words easily draw up characteristics of being both filling and beneficial for the health of the dog. These two traits are what most dog owners are looking for in a dog food. Qualities which Beneful dog food delivers especially based on their sales and popularity.